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Used Rolex Milgauss Watches

Rolex Milgauss: Honoring Science

The Rolex Milgauss is described by the brand as the "pioneering anti-magnetic watch designed to meet the demands of engineers and scientists''. The Milgauss collection is a combination of exceptional aesthetics and advanced technology. It was created during a peak in scientific development, when scientists needed their watches to be resistant to magnetic fields in their working environment. Hence, Rolex created Milgauss as a response to this problem.

Price List at a Glance: 


Price (Approx.)


Rolex Vintage Milgauss Ref. 1019

$42,000 USD


  • Automatic movement
  • Black dial
  • Sapphire crystal case
  • Stainless steel bracelet material
Rolex Vintage Milgauss Stainless Steel Ref. 1019

$28,000 USD

  • Automatic movement
  • Silver dial
  • Plexiglass crystal case
  • Stainless steel bracelet material
Rolex Milgauss Ref. 116400

$10,000 USD

  • Automatic movement
  • Black dial
  • PVD/DLC coating
  • Stainless steel bracelet material
Rolex Vintage Milgauss Ref. 6541

$345,000 USD

  • Automatic movement
  • Black honeycomb dial
  • Stainless steel case
  • Self-winding
Rolex Milgauss Titan Black Ref. 116400GV

$14,995 USD

  • Automatic movement
  • Black dial
  • Stainless steel case
  • Black stainless steel bracelet
Rolex Milgauss Ref. 116400

$9,850 USD

  • Automatic movement
  • White dial
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Stainless steel bracelet 
Rolex Milgauss Oystersteel Ref. 116400GV

$12,000 USD

  • Self-winding mechanical movement
  • Z-blue dial
  • Oystersteel case 
  • Oystersteel bracelet 
Rolex Milgauss Ref. 116400GV

$12,000 USD

  • Self-winding mechanical movement
  • Black dial
  • Oystersteel case 
  • Oystersteel bracelet 


How Much is a Rolex Milgauss Watch?

A Rolex watch can cost anything from $9,000 USD to $40,000 USD depending on the features it offers and the demand for the specific model. 

For instance, the most popular model from this collection is the Milgauss Stainless Steel Automatic Blue Z-Dial Oyster Ref. 116400 GV Blue costs around $12,599 USD. Pre-owned pieces might be purchased at a cheaper price; but in general, Milgauss watches tend to appreciate in price over the years.

The Milgauss Z-Blue Dial features an electric blue dial, with an emblematic lightning bolt-shaped seconds’ hand. It is powered by the self-winding caliber 3131 mechanical movement, which is developed and manufactured in-house by Rolex. This innovation guarantees the highest possible resistance to magnetic fields. Furthermore, it is a certified Swiss chronometer, a designation reserved for the most precise of watches, and is a testament to the reliability and accuracy of this timepiece. 

The Milgauss Steel Automatic Black Dial Oyster Bracelet Ref. 116400 GV Black is another standout timepiece from this collection, which can be purchased at around $10,499 USD. This timepiece features a sleek black dial that is interspersed with white hour markers, along with luminescent orange hour markers at 3, 6, and 9 o'clock. Beyond that, it features the same movement and functions as the Ref. 116400 GV Blue. 

Vintage Rolex Milgauss Watches

The Rolex Milgauss collection also includes some vintage models. These versions of the Milgauss feature classic black and white dials. As vintage pieces, these watches come with higher price tags, ranging from $19,000 USD to $45,000 USD depending on the watch’s condition. One excellent representative of the Rolex Vintage Milgauss is the Rolex Vintage Milgauss Ref. 1019, which is priced at $32,500 USD. Measuring 38mm in diameter, the Ref. 1019 comes with a classic CERN dial. It does not possess the usual luminous hands, so as to prevent the radioactivity of the tritium compound from interfering with the radioactive testing of these vintage models. 

Rolex Milgauss – Is it a Good Investment?

Rolex has always been on the list of luxury watch brands that are worth investing in. The brand's well-respected reputation has only become more impressive to behold throughout the years. As of today, the most expensive watch that you can purchase is the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona which retails at $123,799 USD. However, more affordable Rolex watches, like the Rolex Milgauss, can also be very good investments. 

In particular, professionals consider the Rolex Milgauss a good investment, especially since many models in this collection have been discontinued. As a result, they are quite rare, which drives up the demand for Milgauss pieces. Furthermore, with its robust mechanical features and aesthetics, it also works as a great substitute for vintage sports watches. Indeed, the Rolex Milgauss is a watch that has never been undervalued and has only continued to gain popularity in the market. This is especially true of the Rolex Milgauss Oystersteel Ref. 116400GV with a Z-blue dial, which is currently priced at $12,599 USD.

What are Anti-Magnetic Watches

Anti-magnetic watches such as the Rolex Milgauss are made to withstand environments that have extreme levels of magnetism such as X-ray machines, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines, and induction motors. In fact, even a cellphone's magnetic waves can affect the accuracy of a mechanical watch. Anti-magnetic watches are therefore considered a handy solution to this, providing wearers with more precise timekeeping that cannot be hampered by magnetic fields. 

Watches are given anti-magnetic properties through their balance spring, which is made from silicon and other nonferrous materials such as steel or nickel-iron alloy. Over the years, Rolex has innovated their own anti-magnetic balance springs, which include the blue Parachrom hairspring that can be found in Rolex’s Caliber 3131, and the Breguet overcoil balance spring. These hairsprings are finer than a human hair, and provide more stable temperature variations and greater precision than traditional balance springs used by other brands

Rolex Milgauss's High-Caliber Movement

Rolex Milgauss timepieces use the high-performance Caliber 3131 movement that features 31 jewels, 28.800 BPH frequency, a 48-hour power reserve, and Microstella regulating system. According to Rolex, this high-caliber movement is certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC), a testament to its precision and quality. Like all Oyster watch movements from the brand, the Caliber 3131 promises high resistance to magnetic fields, demonstrated through 15 days and nights of testing by COSC.

Rolex Milgauss' History and Design Details

The Rolex Milgauss collection was first released in 1954. It was specially created for the workers assigned to medical laboratories, research laboratories, and power plants, areas which had significant magnetic fields. Rolex’s primary intention was to provide workers with a timepiece that could continue to operate smoothly even within these magnetic fields. As such, the Swiss brand released the first models of the Rolex Milgauss, which they equipped with 1,000Gs of anti-magnetism. In 20087, the brand relaunched the Milgauss collection with the Rolex Milgauss Ref. 116400 GV. Today, the Ref. 116400 GV is the only Rolex Milgauss watch still in production, as the older, non-GV variants were later discontinued by Rolex. 

These most recent Rolex Milgauss editions feature Rolex’s signature Oystersteel material in their cases. Oystersteel was developed by the brand itself, and is a particularly hardy, corrosion-resistant material that guarantees all Rolex Oystersteel watches a long shelf-life. This kind of steel is part of the 904L steel family, which is commonly used in producing high-technology wristwatches and in the aerospace and chemical industries. 

The modern Rolex Milgauss stands out for its orange seconds hand, which is intentionally shaped like a lightning bolt. This design is inspired by the vintage Milgauss models released in 1956, which featured the same lightning bolt seconds hand. The Rolex Milgauss is aesthetically drawn, with clean lines and a solid profile. In addition, modern Rolex Milgauss watches have hour markers that are coated in a luminescent material that gives it a unique blue glow in the dark. 

Five Reasons to Buy a Rolex Milgauss Watch 

Have you ever wondered why famous and wealthy people are into Rolex Milgauss watches? Now, we'll give you the reasons why it is always worth every dollar.

1. Great Collector’s Value

Most watch collectors would certainly agree that the Milgauss watch is not just your average time-telling accessory but it is also a unique collection that every enthusiast would go for. It goes beyond the typical features that Rolex has. For instance, the Rolex Milgauss Ref. 116400 GV can be collected in two variants with two different, outstanding dials, the Z-Blue and Black.

2. Continuous Growth In Value

From 1994 to 2016, the Rolex Milgauss has appreciated in value by 221%. This means that its price has essentially tripled over the years, with an average growth rate of 4.6% per year. Even the resale value of a second-hand Milgauss watch has an average annual gain of 3.3%. Therefore, investing in a Rolex Milgauss is definitely worth it, as it promises a higher rate of return. 

3. A Classic Collection

The Rolex Milgauss watch has been around since the 1950s. It goes together with the Submariner in terms of being a quality timepiece which offers elegance and an understated look.

4. Built with Purpose

This watch goes beyond aesthetics; it is also built with a purpose in mind. The Milgauss collection, in particular, is primarily built for engineers and scientists who require protection from magnetic radio waves. As such, it is equipped with superb anti-magnetism capabilities. 

5. Versatile

Whether you are wearing streetwear, a formal ensemble, or sports attire, a Milgauss watch will perfectly suit whatever style you are currently in. In addition, it has a modern and classic look that is easily recognizable and distinct from other collections and brands. 

Famous People Who Wore a Rolex Milgauss Watch

Rolex Milgauss has always been an in-demand item for famous individuals. Celebrities who have been seen sporting watches from this collection include Jennifer Aniston with the Rolex Milgauss Stainless Steel Black Dial with a customized PVD case; Tom Brady with his Milgauss Ref. 116400, paired with both a stainless steel Oyster bracelet a leather strap; Ashton Kutcher with the Milgauss White Dial Ref. 116400 40 mm Stainless Steel; and Usher who wore a stainless steel Milgauss with the exceptional green sapphire crystal.

Rolex Milgauss: Luxury and Technology Combined

Anyone who has dabbled in horology knows that Rolex has maintained its reputation of producing high-quality timepieces throughout the years. The Rolex Milgauss is another instance of the exceptional watches Rolex has produced, this time with top-notch quality and state-of-the-art anti-magnetism technology. 

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