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In the short time since it was first launched, the much loved Rado True Thinline is once more adored by watch lovers across the world. All the more loved than ever, the True Thinline has been constructed from high-tech ceramic and this modern day icon displays that harking back to basics can be totally great. The True Thinline is the modern model of a typical round watch face, with a clever creation process that appears to go in contrast to the simplicity of its amazing shape.  

There is plenty that makes the True Thinline stand out. Whilst this style has barely altered at all, this simplified stunner is now bulging with the latest in high end ceramic technology. A slickly reimagined case with flowing lines that seamlessly meld into the bracelet give the True Thinline a new sophistication. Today crafted from a revolutionary monobloc case style, the True Thinline is also as light as anything else around, not to mention just as if not even tougher.  

Rado will be Official Sponsor of Madrid Design Festival and will launch the first edition of the Rado Star Prize Spain. The competition will invite young designers to present projects that explore the relationship between design and time. The top ten projects will be shown in an exhibition during Madrid Design Festival.  For its third edition of Rado Star Prize UK, Rado has partnered again with designjunction for 2019’s competition. 

Searching for innovative, cutting-edge design pieces that relate to the concept of ‘Re:Imagine’, entries were welcome from young British designers from the fields of interior, industrial, product and technology design. The 10 shortlisted finalists were exhibited on the Rado stand during designjunction, where the Judges’ Winner was announced and the Public could vote for their winner.  

Rado Throughout the Years  

Down the decades Rado has made use of innovative materials of its own, bringing on an ability to make scratch-resistant yet amazingly designed watches that were entirely special. Gold, sapphire and, by the late 80’s, hi-tech ceramic was becoming increasingly key to Rado watch designs, which were proving immensely popular with enthusiasts the world over.   

Today, Rado carries on making some of the most innovative watches around, melding innovations in material with traditional Swiss watchmaking techniques that can be traced back to the brand’s founded in the early 20th century. Undoubtedly, the release of the ultra thin True Thinline timepiece back in 2011 represented a new milestone for the brand, doing away with a stainless steel core for a sleek new approach to casing known as ‘monobloc.’  

Without a doubt, Rado is today one of the most innovative Swiss watchmakers around. With a perfect blend of modern and traditional, function and form, Rado manages to remain relevant at a time in which competition has never been more fierce. The brand itself is proof that quality will always shine through, with Rado’s use of innovative materials and cutting edge design concepts ensuring that the company remains key players are the horological table.

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