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Introduction to Rado Tradition Watches  

The Rado Tradition started out with the Captain Cook edition in 1962, and at the time, it became a must-have for every wrist. The buzz about the wristwatch continued even throughout the decade. The pieces came in several colours ranging from green, blue and brown dial/bezel combos. The Captain Cook Rado tradition featured an addition of a sapphire crystal in place of the original's acrylic glass. Groundbreaking innovations came off the edition. The then-popular feature in Rado automatic watches that alerted the wearer of the need to service their watches whenever necessary, was introduced in the captain cook edition.   

But then, the production of the Captain cook edition got cancelled a few years after its invention but resurfaced decades after. 1968 was the year when the production of the wristwatch took a pause, but it got restored in 2007. Now, the main Tradition Captain Cook Automatic collection features an ETA automatic movement with an enhanced 80-hour power reserve fitted inside a stainless steel 42mm case.  

The unisex wristwatch brand, always has touches of sapphire crystals on all their pieces, whether on convex, facetted or flat wristwatches. The crystal in the wristwatch has now become its signature. It highlights the uniqueness of the brand and gives the wristwatch a look of perfection as it transitions from the crystal to the bracelet and case. The application of metallisation on the surface of the crystal is another aesthetic, yet functional innovation that contributes in giving the brand an outstanding place among the rest.  

Presently, Rado Tradition has been featuring several comebacks. Reappearances of traditional pieces have been the move for now. Take for instance, the Rado Captain Cook MkII. It was first introduced in 1962 but is presently being brought back, but with a better outlook; a 21st century look. With Rado’s EasyClip System which allows you to change the bracelet or strap quickly and easily without the need for any tools.  

Closer Look at the Rado Tradition Collection  

The Tradition 1965, is also another comeback. This new model has so much in common with the original piece. It was crafted with stainless steel, just like the original. It features the automatic movement and date function and was produced in a limited quantity of just about 1,965 pieces. All of the several reappearances of Rado's designs are just Rado's way of reminding us of the past and celebrating the roots. They are a bunch of thoroughly modern timepieces, with a vintage feel. The Rado Tradition Golden Horse Limited Edition is not left out too. The wristwatch is perfectly set on a black calf leather strap, on a 'rice grain' bracelet. vintage but vibrant yeah?  

But soon enough, Rado will begin to produce innovative pieces around high-grade ceramics, but for now, we are still savouring the beauty of the past times. Shapes, colours, quality materials, and enduring designs all combined to give a soothing modern look and feel. 

Now talking about quality materials, there's none better in this game. Rado even offers a 24-month warranty package on all their wristwatches. This is to say the extent to which the quality is guaranteed. Innovation is another distinctive feature of the designs at Rado Tradition. The use of hard metal for a scratch-resistant effect was introduced as far back as 1962. Rado Design is indeed a distinct piece. The perfect marriage of modernity and timelessness; of simplicity and beauty; of innovation and style. Rado Tradition is a classic!

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