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Introduction to Rado Original Watches  

The use of the C07 automatic movement is an inspired one here. Indeed, the barrel has been changed so it is capable of holding more energy in the spring. With Swiss quality a certain, the C07 offers an extended power reserve of up to 3 days, which means that you don’t have to reset your watch if you decide not to wear it for a bit. This style has a special hairspring and is so cool, it has been totally certified by the COSC as a chronometer, which stands for it being precise to within +/- 6 seconds per day.  

Initially registered under the banner of Schlup & Co. back in 1917, the brand that would become Rado went through a hard start before becoming one of the globe’s top developers of watches by the mid 1940’s. Created by the three siblings Ernst, Fritz and Werner Schlup, Rado has long been a family company.  

The brand very soon switched names to Rado and by the 1950’s they were creating more models than ever, launching the famous Golden Horse collection in 1957. By the end of the decade, Rado had a company presence in over sixty countries across the globe and was surely one of the world leaders in the game.  

All was going well for the Swiss company launched by three siblings of simple means, yet in 1962 things would get even more stunning. That year saw the launch of the DiaStar 1, billed to be the world’s first scratch-proof watch. The model went down as an icon of the age and to this day it is seen as a genius watch by those in the business. This special approach to materials would become a signature of Rado’s watchmaking for years to come, with the brand choosing to use hard metal and sapphire crystal in an era when this was by no means the norm.  

In the next years Rado would use innovative materials of its own, developing a love of being able to produce scratch-resistant yet amazingly designed watches that was surely special. Gold, sapphire and, by the late 80’s, hi-tech ceramic was used increasingly by Rado watch designers, who were proving immensely talented and this showed with the approval of enthusiasts the world over.   

Rado Watches Continue to Shine  

Nowadays, Rado makes some of the most amazing watches around, mixing changes in material with legendary Swiss watchmaking ideas that can be rooted back to the brand’s beginnings in the early 20th century. Indeed, the release of the very thin True Thinline watch back in 2011 showed a new milestone for the brand, moving away from a stainless steel core for a smooth new approach to casing known as ‘monobloc.’  

Certainly, Rado is today one of the most respected Swiss watchmakers on the planet. With a winning blend of modern and traditional, function and form, Rado looks to stay relevant at a time in which rivalry has never been more intense. The brand itself is showing that quality will always come through, with Rado’s use of top materials and avant garde design ideas making sure that the company stays as key players at the watchmaking table.  

When a watch lover buys a Rado watch, they are not only buying a watch. Rather, they enter a family with over a century of knowledge, a brotherhood made out of people who look to push high-end quality and aesthetic designs in a world when the subpar style has become the norm.

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