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The barrel in the C07 automatic movement has been switched so it is able to hold more energy in the barrel spring. With Swiss quality guaranteed, the C07 provides an extended power reserve of up to 80 hours, which means that you don’t have to reset your timepiece if you choose not to wear it for a while. This style has a silicon hairspring and is so accurate, it has been officially certified by the COSC as a chronometer, which means that it is accurate to within +/- 6 seconds per day.  

First established under the name of Schlup & Co. back in 1917 the company that would go on to be called Rado went under a tough beginning before growing to one of the globe’s top makers of watch movements by the mid 1940’s. Founded by the three siblings Ernst, Fritz and Werner Schlup, Rado has long been a family business.  

The brand very quickly changed names to Rado and by the 1950’s they were making more timepieces than before, launching the legendary Golden Horse collection in 1957. By the turn of the decade, Rado had a brand presence in over 61 countries worldwide and was undoubtedly one of the global leaders in the industry.  

Everything was going well for the Swiss company launched by three siblings of simple means, yet in 1962 things would get even more amazing. That year saw the release of the DiaStar 1, said to be the world’s first scratch-proof watch. The product went down a success and to this day it is looked upon as a genius piece by those in the industry. This unique approach to materials would become typical of Rado’s watchmaking for years to come, with the brand deciding to use hard metal and sapphire crystal at a time when this was by no means de rigueur.  

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In the next decades Rado would make the use of innovative materials its own, honing an ability to produce scratch-resistant yet stunningly designed watches that was entirely special. Gold, sapphire and, by the late 80’s, hi-tech ceramic was becoming increasingly important to Rado watch designs, which were proving immensely popular with enthusiasts the world over.   

These days, Rado pursues making some of the most innovative watches around, blending changes in material with traditional Swiss watchmaking techniques that can be traced back to the brand’s founded in the early 20th century. Certainly, the release of the ultra thin True Thinline timepiece back in 2011 represented a new milestone for the brand, doing away with a stainless steel core for a sleek new approach to casing known as ‘monobloc.’  

Undoubtedly, Rado is these days one of the most exciting Swiss watchmakers around. With a perfect blend of modern and traditional, function and form, Rado manages to remain relevant at a time in which competition has never been more fierce. The brand itself is proof that quality will always shine through, with Rado’s use of innovative materials and cutting edge design concepts ensuring that the company remains key players are the horological table.  

When a watch enthusiast gets their hands on a Rado watch, they are not only buying a timepiece. Instead, they enter a family with over a hundred years of love, a brotherhood made up of those who look to promote high-end engineering and aesthetic principles in an era when the sub-standard style has become all too widely accepted.

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