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New Piaget Piaget Polo S Watches

Piaget Polo S Watches for Sale

The Piaget Polo is a high end steel watch that is masculine and elegant at once, setting new standards of quality informed by iterations from the Maison’s famous collection. Subtle, intense and perfectly formed, with stylish cases and polished or satin look bracelets, these gorgeous watches symbolise the elegance and top standards of the sport from which their name comes. Endlessly chic, these watches have been redefining masculine timepieces since 1979.  

The guilloché dials of a Piaget Polo is complemented by sapphire case backs that show the inner movement and cases that use both round and cushioned styles. These high end timepieces have inscriptions in stainless steel with this family in the storied tradition of Swiss watch creation. A history, nonetheless, that allows for room in Piaget Polo luxury watches for gentlemen to tell their personal story, loving every moment.  

Piaget helps to develop the most incredible concepts of its designers. Thanks to unique skills that have been maintained and intensified from one generation to the next, the incredible way in which every day in passes in its ateliers. Each high end watch and jewellery creation is made like a piece of art, adding meaning to the philosophy of the brand founder.  

With stunning movements, including the legendary thin calibres, are crafted with the utmost care in isolated surrounds. This natural beauty is the perfect backdrop to the beauty of the work that happens at Piaget. Symbolising the core of this amazing watch, the movements created in the ateliers of La Côte-aux-Fées is renowned for closely guarding the secrets of creation and for the beauty of its surrounds. For Piaget creators, not a single element of the watch that the brand’s much loved buyers wear is too little to be given the closest attention and love.  

Indeed, from the days that Piaget created workshops dedicated to goldsmiths and jewellery, the Maison has settled in Plan-les-Ouates. Here, Piaget shows true creative freedom and design knowhow in its use of gold and precious stones. With precious metals used by top artisans, suave cases, chic bracelets and gorgeous jewellery are changed into a unified piece of great complexity. In the workshops of Plan-les-Ouates on the edge of Geneva, the raw material is made into some of the most stunning artworks in horology. The central mastery of creation is deeply anchored in the world of Piaget. It shows the depths of its freedom, ability and need for beauty.  

For Piaget, gold is a truly special material. At the Plan-les-Ouates Manufacture, the brand has for years been working on developing a deep seated ability with gold, this most legendary of metals. Piaget artisans craft using this material to make the cases that will give a home to the brand’s stunning movement. They pull the gold out until it becomes super thin, crafting mesh out of the metal to craft astonishing bracelets. Polishing, satin finishing, accentuating, diamond-finishing and engraving are all key elements. In the workshops of top jewellery and high jewellery, gold mixes with gems and pulls together a range of skills using frequent collaboration with designers of all types.

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