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Piaget: The Beauty of Complexity in Luxury Watches

With its long history and heritage in jewelry and watchmaking, Piaget prides itself in its ability to manufacture various types of luxurious watches that are never quite simple in design, function, and mechanism. Their varying watch collections reflect their ideals and standards towards art and horology. 

For instance, for the Piaget men’s watches, the Piaget Polo S collection showcases elegant sports watches. The Piaget Polo collection, on the other hand, offers some of their famous tourbillon watches, such as the Piaget Emperador Cushion Watch Tourbillon, which truly defines beauty in complexity. It is ultra-thin in shape and movement with a self-winding tourbillon skeletonized model that is complicated yet impressive. 

Another collection that highlights their love for intricacy is the Piaget Limelight Gala for women, specifically, the Rose Gold Limelight Gala Watch which has the most beautiful diamond-studded designs with two elongated lugs. The collection has other available designs with different diamond colors. A Piaget diamond watch is another example of how the brand expresses their artistry and craftsmanship. These are just some of the watch collections that Piaget has to offer. The Swiss watch brand has a variety of luxurious watches that really show off their creativity, originality, and beauty. 

How much is a Piaget watch?

Model Price (approximate)SizeFeatures
Piaget Polo Skeleton Watch$ 28, 500 USD42mm
  • Steel case and strap with Ardillon buckle
  • Cushion shape
  • Skeleton with sapphire crystal case back
  • Automatic mechanical
Piaget Polo S Chronograph Blue$ 12, 539 USD42mm 
  • Stainless steel
  • sapphire crystal back
  • cushion shape
  • guilloche finish 
  • 100m water resistance

Piaget Limelight Gala Watch (G0A41213)


$ 41, 700 USD32mm
  • Rose gold case and strap with an integrated clasp
  • Round shape
  • Roman numeral indexes
  • Diamond precious stones
  • 30m water resistance
Piaget Limelight Gala Watch (G0A41181)$ 32, 800 USD32mm
  • Rose gold case 
  • White satin strap with Ardillon buckle
  • Round shape
  • Diamond precious stones
  • 30m water resistance
Piaget Altiplano Watch$ 26,000 USD40mm
  • White gold case
  • Sapphire crystal case back
  • Round shape
  • Alligator strap with an Ardillon buckle
  • 30m water resistance
  • Automatic mechanical movement
Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Automatic Watch$ 30, 500 USD41mm
  • White gold
  • Ultra-thin automatic mechanical
  • Round shape
  • Alligator strap with Ardillon buckle
  • 20m water resistance
Piaget Possession Watch$ 22, 433 USD29mm
  • Rose gold case
  • Alligator strap with an Ardillon buckles
  • Round shape
  • Mother-of-pearl white dial
  • Diamond rotating bezel
  • 30m water resistance
  • Diamond precious stones
Piaget Gouverneur Watch$ 59, 500 USD43mm
  • Rose gold case
  • Sapphire crystal case back
  • Alligator strap with folding clash
  • Round shape
  • Guilloche dial finish
  • 30m water resistance
  • Perpetual calendar
  • Automatic mechanical movement
Piaget Emperador Cushion Watch$ 74, 500 USD42mm 
  • Rose gold case
  • Sapphire crystal case back
  • Alligator strap with folding clasp
  • Cushion shape
  • Automatic mechanical
  • Diamond precious stones
  • 30m water resistance
  • Gem-set dial finishing
Piaget Emperador Cushion Watch Tourbillon$ 282,000 USD46.5mm
  • Rose gold case
  • Sapphire crystal case back
  • Cushion shape
  • Alligator strap with folding clasp
  • Skeleton tourbillon
  • Self-winding mechanical
  • 30m water resistance


Piaget Watch Collections

How much is a Piaget watch? Well, with the Piaget watch price list and accompanying features we have listed above, it is reflective of the kind of watches to expect from a luxury brand with excellent and high-end quality. When purchasing a Piaget watch, the complexity behind its design and mechanism is what most brand loyalists admire. These intricacies in design are seen throughout their famous collections: Piaget Solo S, Piaget Altiplano, Piaget Limelight Gala, and Piaget Possession. Each collection has its own innovative concept which reflects their brand motto of always doing more than necessary

Prices for the Piaget Polo S: The Sports Collection

With the Piaget Polo S released in 1979, it became an icon of its time and generation, and is now recognized as Piaget Polo sports collection of luxury steel watches for men. The concept behind the watch was inspired by the dynamic spirit of a polo sport game. They released a luxury watch that is crafted entirely and exclusively in gold — from its dials to its clasps — which gained huge following in the ‘80s. 

Years after the success of their 18K gold watch, the design of the watch developed into the more recognizable watch that we know today. The classic cushion shaped dial with a round case that we can see with the recent Piaget Polo S collection.  

From this collection of Piaget men’s watches, they have the steel Polo S Chronograph Blue watch that has a self-winding mechanical movement with chronograph and date. It retails for approximately $12, 539 USD. Its design is reminiscent of the polo sport game concept which captures the elegance and standards of the sport. 

Lastly, they released an even more complex design of their classic Piaget men’s watches ‘Polo S’ collection with its skeletonized movement available in two colors: slate grey and glossy blue. These two new versions are more refined in terms of details and mechanisms. For instance, the grey-hued self-winding mechanical watch has the features of its predecessor and the aesthetic of the new skeletonized movement. It has their ultra-thin features which makes it distinguishable from any other luxury brands. For this product, prepare to shell out approximately $31,123 USD. 

Prices for the Piaget Altiplano: World’s Thinnest Watches

Another iconic and revolutionary product is their thin watches from the Piaget Altiplano collection. The Piaget thin watches of the Altiplano collection is recognized as the quintessential design and the ultimate expression of Piaget’s philosophy towards watchmaking. With this collection, they unleashed the world’s thinnest watch in 1957 with its Piaget Calibre 9P that is only 2mm thick. With this release of the 9P, Piaget saw a whole new realm for their watch designs and mechanisms. 

The Altiplano collection continues this legacy of Piaget by creating more complex versions of their thin watches. They have released ultra-thin watch mechanicals that vary in colors and designs. Their Piaget Altiplano Ultra-thin Automatic in white gold watch, for example, embodies the brand’s vision of thinness and design complexity. This watch retails for $30, 500 USD. It has an 18K white gold case with a 4.30mm thickness. The watch has an off-center black dial with a suspended barrel design.

This is one of the many ultra-thin watches that Piaget has in their collection. It is truly a marvel that the Piaget thin watches collection embodies the brand’s legacy and achievement as a watchmaking manufacturing company. The ultra-thin movement serves as their distinguishable feature that continues to leave its mark in the realm of horology. 

Prices for the Piaget Limelight Gala: The Exquisite Diamond Watch Collection

For the Piaget ladies’ watches, they have the exquisite and elegant ‘Limelight Gala’ collection. The Piaget Limelight Gala features the brand’s diamond watch collection that appeals to women’s femininity and refined taste for beauty and sophistication. 

The concept for this collection is another innovative approach of Piaget as they become more daring with the design. For instance, the Limelight Gala rose gold diamond watch represents the Limelight Gala collection with its natural malachite dial, rose gold set and bracelet. This watch highlights the brand's knowledge of jewelry making with the detail-oriented techniques required in horology. 

In general, the Limelight Gala collection focuses on the curvatures, asymmetry, and rare jewelries that define Piaget’s overall watch craftsmanship over the years. Their collection is a variety of ladies’ watches that are beautifully adorned with precious stones like malachite and diamonds. From the shape and design, the Piaget diamond watch collection became another specialty of theirs which continues to be admired by its loyal customers. 

Prices for the Piaget Possession: Precious and Feminine

For the last featured collection, the Piaget Possession is another line of luxury watches for women. They enhanced their design and mechanism even further with the Possession collection which showcases another innovative use of other precious stones like the bright turquoise, red carnelian, green malachite, and deep blue lapis lazuli. 

It is another Piaget diamond watch collection that emphasizes on the movement instead. The concept is to have the diamonds spinning around the dial. The Possession rose gold diamond watch has a quartz watch movement with a rotating bezel and a white mother-of-pearl dial material and color. It is retailed for approximately $22,433 USD. The distinctive rotating bezel is diamond encrusted, and the watch also comes with interchangeable straps. 

The idea behind the design and mechanism is the playfulness, functionality, and versatility of the watches which is said to liven up the beauty and spirits of those who wear it. In this collection, Piaget continues to exceed their own expectations by creating more witty designs to showcase the brilliance of their craftsmanship. 

Piaget Watches’ Milestones and Innovations

With the company’s motto of "always do better than necessary”, only one word comes to mind to describe Piaget’s successful history of innovation: ingenuity. Their watch collections are proof of their philosophy and creativity that continue to leave footprints in the history of horology. From pioneering the world’s thinnest watches to creating complex mechanisms in design like their Piaget Emperador watches, they have created a lot of milestones and innovations that are worthy of recognition. 

Their milestones are evident in the evolution of their designs and movements. The Piaget Emperador released in 1999 was regarded as a mechanical masterpiece for its sophisticated and elegant movement which combines ultra-thin and tourbillon features. They have continuously enhanced and refined their watchmaking mechanisms to prove their ability for innovating unique watches for both men and women. Piaget’s success story is a journey towards excellence and further development of their calibers while incorporating their evolving eye for aesthetics. 

Piaget’s Ultra-Thin Watches

It is important to reiterate and remember that Piaget revolutionized the ultra-thin movements which they are highly known and valued for. These ultra-thin watches started the Piaget Altiplano collection and continue to influence the way they create comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing watches. From the introduction of the 9P 2mm thinnest watch, they continued to create more daring designs by adding color to their dials from simple monochrome to bright shades of green, red, and purple. 

In 1976, Piaget released another ultra-thin watch with a quartz watch movement. Quartz watches became more popular as it provided horology with more accuracy in time telling. Ever the ingenious brand, Piaget creates a 3.1mm-thick 7P which is considered as the world’s thinnest quartz movement. However, in 1998, Piaget themselves broke their own thinnest watch record with the 2.1mm thick 430P. It has a greater performance rate than any of their predecessors. Hence, they were named as ‘Altiplano’ and the collection continues to grow and be recognized as the ‘Piaget Ultra-Thin Collection.’

Piaget’s Jewelry and Diamond Watches

Given that Piaget has a know-how skill in jewelry making, it is not surprising that Piaget incorporates expensive and beautiful precious stones into their watches to elevate their design and creativity. The Limelight Gala and Possession collections are some of the Piaget diamond watch varieties that have its loyal customers gazing at the elegant details of the watch. 

Aside from these two notable collections, Piaget also has two more designs under the jewelry watch category: the Limelight Stella and Limelight Tonneau-Shaped Watch. These two designs also feature the classic Piaget diamond watch aesthetic. In other words, they have diamonds encrusted into the watches as well. 

For the Limelight Stella, they have the rose gold diamond automatic moon phase watch which has a red moon phase indicator and rose gold decoration. It is round in shape and 36mm watch with a self-winding mechanical movement. The concept of the design is inspired from the lunar phases of the moon. It is a Piaget diamond watch with a sapphire crystal case at the back. 

Meanwhile, the Limelight Tonneau-Shaped Watch has varying designs in terms of the diamond encrusting. They have watches that cover the whole dial while the others only cover the edges of the dial. For instance, the rose gold diamond ultra-thin mechanical watch combines both ultra-thin and hand-wound mechanical movement.  It is 2.1mm thick with elegant rows of 86 diamonds. 

With Piaget’s jewelry watches, we see how their innovation and design are continuously showcased for women to indulge in. It is truly a marvel in terms of aesthetics and movements. 

Piaget Watches on the Red Carpet

In general, Piaget watches are a perfect fit for any special occasions since they are a brand with a reputable history. From their Piaget men’s watches collections, for instance, the skeletonized and tourbillon movement showcases the intricacies of their craftsmanship which is suitable for events that require sophistication. 

On the other hand, the Piaget ladies’ watches carry with them the beauty of modern elegance. Their Limelight Gala collection are suitable watches to flaunt for their iconic curvatures, asymmetry, and precious stones. It is a watch that glints and shines bright with every move of the wearer’s wrist. You can even switch up with the Possession collection and its masterfully crafted rotating diamond-encrusted bezel that is also perfect for those formal to high-end occasions.

History of Piaget Watches

Since the founding of their company in 1872, they have continuously revolutionized watch movements. From their ultra-thin movement, they pursued even greater heights with other noteworthy movements that reflect their company’s motto and philosophy. Piaget has a long history of watchmaking expertise that other luxury watch brands cannot disregard. 

Piaget lists the different iconic movements they have produced and developed throughout the years. The designs for each movement are meticulously prepared and interpreted to align with their watch’s aesthetics. They have the Ultra-Thin 9P movement, the Skeleton Movements, the Movements with Small Complications, the Movements with Major Complications, the Self-Winding Mechanical Movements, and the Hand-Wound Mechanical Movements. 

Over time, it is evident that their movement designs get more complex and intricate. From the semi-simple mechanisms of an ultra-thin movement to the tourbillon self-winding mechanism, we can see how Piaget has always strived to include their legacy and traditional features and designs with the current technological trend in horology to create a watch collection that always stuns its admirers. 

Five Reasons to Get a Piaget Watch

With the discussion of Piaget watches, we are here to tell you five reasons why you should consider getting a Piaget watch and adding it to your list of watches to collect. 

1. Long History and Reputation in Horology

Piaget and its long history of being a Swiss watch manufacturing company is enough reason for them to gain their reputation as an established luxury brand. When you get a Piaget watch, you’re buying both the quality and the brand that has proved itself innovative in creating an abundance of complex watch designs. Hence, the Piaget brand and its achievements are part of the reasons why it is among the popular choices for eager buyers. 

2. The Iconic Piaget Thin Watches

For those who are interested in ultra-thin watches, Piaget has an official record of developing the world’s thinnest watch with its 9P model. The thin watches are not only elegant and intricate in concept, but also, they are functional. The Altiplano collection contains a varying design of ultra-thin watches that are perfect for minimal to elegant formal wear. 

3. The Intricacy of its Tourbillon and Skeleton Watches

With the advent of Piaget’s thin watches, they developed their designs with the ultra-thin in mind. Hence, the intricacy of their tourbillon and skeleton watches are a beauty in horology that is made to be admired. Aside from its aesthetic value, these ultra-thin tourbillon watches have a minute-repeater or sometimes a perpetual calendar. These features can be seen with their Piaget Emperador, Piaget Altiplano, and Piaget Gouverneur watch collections. 

4. The Luxury of its Diamond Watches

For the ladies’ watches, Piaget’s diamond watch approach is an innovation in itself since it gives the watches another layer of expensiveness and elegance. The diamonds are carefully placed and designed throughout the Limelight Gala and Possession collections. The precious stones present in these watches are perfect for those nighttime events where the diamonds will shine the most. The creative placement of the diamonds is playful yet functional which makes take for these watches stand out from the other ladies’ watches that Piaget has to offer. 

5. Serious Watchmaking Technology 

Overall, when we talk about the quality of a Piaget watch, we always look back to its achievements and its present innovations. They continue to surpass their previous designs with new watch collections that are filled influenced by their variety of movements. Their ultra-thin watches are ahead of their time, and the fact that they managed to incorporate these with their other revolutionary watch movements. Buying a Piaget watch is also knowing that their watches are unique and made through years of meticulous research and attention to detail. They always have their own specialized watch features that carry their brand reputation into the history of horology. 

Famous Patrons of Piaget Watches

Tom Holland 

For the 2018 Oscars red carpet, famous “Spider-Man'' movie star Tom Holland wore a stunning Altiplano Skeleton watch that is part of the ultra-thin and self-winding movement. It is also part of Piaget’s limited series editing for the Altiplano collection. Tom Holland pairs this elegant white gold skeleton watch with a classy black suit and bow outfit. 

Oscar Isaac

Another famous leading man in the Hollywood industry is Oscar Isaac who also wore a Piaget men’s watch for the 2018 Oscars. While presenting the awards, the “Star Wars” actor was seen wearing a Piaget Polo S Automatic watch with an elegant grey dial. It is a 42mm, self-winding mechanical movement watch that has a steel case with a folding clasp and Guilloché dials. This classic Piaget watch design proves that age and excellence are part of a watch’s aesthetic. 

Michael B. Jordan

As an International Brand Ambassador of Piaget, Micheal B. Jordan showcased his collection of Piaget watches in the 2019 Oscars, and the 2019 Annual Golden Globes Awards. At the 2019 Oscars, the “Black Panther” actor and presenter was wearing a Piaget Polo white gold tourbillon watch encrusted with diamonds. Meanwhile, at the 76th Annual Golden Globes Awards, he wore a Piaget Polo tourbillon diamond watch during the red carpet event. This stunning actor continues to grace the red carpet with Piaget’s aesthetic collection of tourbillon watches. 

Boyz II Men 

Iconic music groups Boyz II Men took the stage of the 2020 Grammys with their red stylish suits, and a Piaget Polo rose gold diamond watch, Altiplano ultra-thin watch, and a Piaget Emperador tourbillon watch. They performed a rendition of “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye” with Alicia Keys as a tribute for Kobe Bryant. The Piaget watches they wore belonged to three of the major watch collections which really showcased Piaget’s long history of complexity and innovativeness. 

Piaget: Pioneer of the Ultra-Thin Movement

Piaget is a Swiss luxury watch and jewelry brand that has established itself as an innovative manufacturer, offering innovative designs and movements. From their famous ultra-thin movement to their diamond-studded watch collections, it is not surprising to see that the watches that they continue to create are all part of their company motto of always exceeding their own standards of beauty and watch designs. 

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