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New Patek Philippe Twenty~4 Watches

Patek Philippe Twenty-4: An Opulent Yet Versatile Choice for Modern Women

Patek Philippe is always right on target whenever they release a new collection of wristwatches. True enough, when the Patek Philippe Twenty-4 collection was launched in 1999, the brand took elegance to a whole new level with a wide selection of diamond-studded women’s wristwatches. To make things sweeter, each model in the Twenty-4 collection is equipped with Patek Philippe’s self-winding technology so the wearer won’t have to manually wind it. The collection has a variety of models to choose from, making it difficult for watch connoisseurs to pick one. From this point forward, Patek Philippe will consistently release topnotch wristwatches that will surely bedazzle its competitors.

Price List at a Glance: The Most Popular Patek Philippe Twenty-4 Watches


Patek Philippe Twenty-4 7300/1200A-001


$27,790.00 USD 

Self-winding mechanical movement


Caliber 324 S C


Date in an aperture 


Sweep seconds


Blue sunburst dial

Patek Philippe Twenty-4 4910/1200A 


$10,949.00 USD 

Quartz movement


Caliber E15

Patek Philippe Twenty-4 7300/1200A $27,790.00 USD

Self-winding mechanical movement


Caliber 324 S C


Date in an aperture


Sweep seconds


Gray sunburst dial

Patek Philippe Twenty-4 7300/1201R $60,320.00 USD

Self-winding mechanical movement


Caliber 324 S C

Patek Philippe Twenty-4 7300/1450R 


$385,568.00 USD

Self-winding mechanical movement


Caliber 324 S


Sweep seconds hand


Fully paved with diamonds, random setting


How much does a Patek Philippe Twenty-4 watch cost?

There are currently 12 available models in the Patek Philippe Twenty-4 collection. Each model is crafted using different materials to give the models their own identity. Knowing Patek Philippe’s average price range, the Twenty-4 collection is no stranger to having a luxurious price tag. With that being said, it should not be much of a surprise to see a million-dollar Patek Philippe watch from this range.

Prices for the Patek Philippe Twenty-4 Quartz Watches

First on the list is the classic Patek Philippe 4910/1200A Quartz model. This manchette-style ladies’ watch is a timeless classic released way back in 1999 as part of the first Twenty-4 collection. Patek Philippe revisited the 4910/10A-12 model and offered two new versions of it: the classic steel variant and the rose gold variant.

The Patek Philippe 4910/1200A is equipped with the traditional quartz movement to stay true to its predecessor as well as provide a more accurate and dependable time display. It is fitted with 36 ~0.42 ct diamonds on its case that go well with either the blue or gray sunburst dial. It also has a water resistance of 30 meters, the same goes with all the other watches in the Patek Philippe Twenty-4 collection.

Despite its vintage heritage, the Patek Philippe 4910/1200A is still marketed at a cheaper price. For as low as $10,949.00 USD, this ladies’ watch can look good on anything and still provide the same luxurious look way back in 1999. 

As for its rose gold variant, it has the same internal and external features as that of its counterpart. The only difference is that it is made with rose gold and a chocolate brown sunburst dial. It truly is a redefined version of the 4910/1200A. 

The 4910/1201R currently has a retail price of $47,000.00 USD. It is an expensive version of the original model, but the rose gold exterior added a lot more value to it.

Prices for the Patek Philippe Twenty-4 Automatic Mechanical Watches

At a glance, the Patek Philippe Twenty-4 7300/1200A-001 looks like an average stainless steel mechanical watch. But it is more than what meets the eye. Its steel bracelet pairs perfectly well with the blue sunburst dial and its luminescent-coated, gold-applied numerals. Aside from its distinguished exterior, its diamond-fitted bezel is what makes the 7300/1200-001 a luxurious pick. Fitted with exactly 160 pieces of ~0.77 ct diamonds, it truly is a social status symbol.

The 7300/1200-001 has a self-winding mechanism, which allows the watch to accumulate energy from the wearer’s movements. This diminishes the need for manual winding. It also has an aperture for the date and its location replaced the 6 o’clock numeral. To top it all off, it is also fitted with a sapphire crystal case at the back instead of the generic steel case that most watches have.

The approximate price of the Patek Philipe 7300/1200A-001 starts at $27,790.00 USD. Compared to other models in the Twenty-4 collection, the 7300/1200A-001 is the second cheapest choice. All in all, it is a great choice for starters.

Prices for the Patek Philippe Twenty-4 Gold Watches 

The third featured model in the Twenty-4 collection is the rose gold Patek Philippe 7300/1200R. This model has the same structure as that of the 7300/1200A. That said, it still has a few major differences — specifically the materials used in designing this watch.

The Patek Philippe 7300/1200R has a rose gold bracelet, giving it a more extravagant design that complements the 160 fitted diamonds around its bezel. The ~0.77 ct diamonds blend perfectly well with the 7300/1200R’s rose-gilt sunburst dial. It also has a luminescent coating on all of the gold applied numerals. 

Much like the other models in this selection, this model is also equipped with the same self-winding capabilities as well as the same date aperture at 6 o’clock. It has the same features as the other watches in the Twenty-4 collection, but the difference is focused more on its external design and materials used.

This watch, the Patek Philippe 7300/1200R, has a retail price of $48,500.00 USD. The price jump is mainly due to its rose gold exterior. Definitely a great piece to go with any dress or formal outfit during a prestigious event.

Prices for the Patek Philippe Twenty-4 Diamond Watches

The Patek Philippe 7300/1201R also has the same internal features as well as the external structure of the aforementioned models, but this time, the number of fitted diamonds was increased and placed aside from the bezel. 

In addition to the rose gold bracelet and sapphire case, it is now fitted with 208 ~1.01 ct diamonds along the bezel and lugs, 13 ~0.6 ct diamonds on the crown, and 248 ~0.81 ct diamonds on its straps. The distribution of the diamonds gives the 7300/1201R the dignified elegance that Patek Philippe was going for when designing this wristwatch. The satin-finished dial helps provide emphasis on the embedded diamonds as well as the gold applied luminescent numerals.

The Patek Philippe 7300/1201R is marketed at $60,320.00 USD. The fitted diamonds are a huge addition to the design of their predecessors, making it an easy pick for philanthropists or those who wanted more gemstones on their watches.

Prices for the Patek Philippe Twenty-4 Full Pavé Diamond Watches

The Patek Philippe Twenty-4 collection consists of ladies’ wristwatches that are fitted with diamonds around their bezels, lugs, and straps. In this collection, there is one model that stood out the most, the Patek Philippe Twenty-4 7300/1450R.

The Patek Philippe 7300/1450R is full paved with diamonds throughout its exterior. There are a total of 3238 diamonds which amounts to a total of ~17.31 carats. It is Patek Philippe’s En Haute Joaillerie version of the staple ladies’ watch in the Twenty-4 collection. It has a rose gold bracelet that is studded with ~12.7 ct diamonds and an 18K gold dial that is fully embedded with ~2.51 ct diamonds. 

The Patek Philippe 7300/1450 went beyond extravagance and elegance. With a price of $385,568.00 USD, it truly is a piece meant for a queen.

Vintage Patek Philippe Twenty-4 — Is it a worthy investment?

Released in 1999, the Twenty-4 collection is Patek Philippe’s first attempt at marketing wristwatches that are specific to the ladies. The Patek Philippe 4910/10A-01 is the design that became an instant classic due to its sleek, diamond-studded design. This version had Roman numerals and diamond hour markers, which were replaced with Arabic numerals and trapeze-shaped hour markers. 

That said, the 1999 Twenty-4 still holds the same value it had during its debut. It can still be regarded as a vintage collection, but the newer versions are far superior in both style and utility. An avid collector will surely be happy to get their hands on the 1999 versions, but getting one for fashion purposes is not a worthy decision.

As for the redefined Twenty-4 collection, getting one is a great investment if you are planning on collecting them.

History Behind the Patek Philippe Twenty-4 Watch

As mentioned before, the Patek Philippe Twenty-4 collection that was released in 1999 is Patek Philippe’s first watch collection that is dedicated to women. Its name is a reference to the watches’ versatility in whatever occasion or outfit it is worn on. The initial slogan used to market the Twenty-4 collection is “Who will you be in the next 24 hours?” alludes to its flexibility to match any outfit. And with that, the Twenty-4 collection remained a staple in Patek Philippe’s product line, which prompted them to redefine the collection as a whole and pay homage to their predecessors. 

Reasons to Buy a Patek Philippe Twenty-4 Watch

There are several reasons to buy one of the Patek Philippe Twenty-4 watches. It is understandable to have a difficult time deciding on a model or whether you should consider buying one. Here are a few pointers to help you out:

1. Patek Philippe watches, in general, are simple yet elegant.

The designs of Patek Philippe watches have a subtle simplistic design, which is often overshadowed by diamonds and gold cases. Owning a Patek Philippe piece will surely get you hooked on how perfect it feels on your wrists.

2. The Twenty-4 models are versatile.

No matter the occasion, you can never go wrong with wearing a Patek Philippe Twenty-4 watch. The 4910/1200A and 7300/1200A-001 are the best choice for an all-around wristwatch.

3. It is a good investment.

The retail prices of Patek Philippe watches are already high and will only go higher. With that, the resale value of each model will go higher as well.

Patek Philippe Twenty-4: A Luxurious Watch for Women

The brand’s redefined Patek Philippe Twenty-4 is the ultimate watch collection for the modern woman. Not only do they exude class, but it also allows for a versatile usage that can be paired with several outfit choices. Patek Philippe has always produced top-notch luxurious watches that are worth every penny, and the Twenty-4 collection is definitely among the best. It does not matter which model you choose, you will still get the same amount of comfort and satisfaction the moment you put it on your wrist.

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