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New Panerai Table Clock Watches

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Panerai Table Clocks

Officine Panerai combines quintessential Italian designs with advanced Swiss technology to create its line of table clocks. This family of Panerai clocks is housed in 65mm steel cases that are reminiscent of a pocket watch, with just the hint of a bezel on each timepiece. These table clocks run on the Panerai P.5000 caliber, the brand’s entry-level in-house caliber which boasts a power reserve of eight days.

However, the true artistry in a Panerai desk clock can be found in the perfect sphere of mineral glass that encompasses its inner mechanisms. This mesmerizing design will have you thinking that the Panerai Table Clock collection has two faces: the signature Panerai-style dial and the brilliant in-house movement. Additionally, for these Panerai clocks to sit upright, they are set on a round steel ring. You can also see the Italian company’s branding delicately engraved on one side of the ring.

Price List at a Glance


Price (Approx.)


Panerai Table Clock Ref. PAM00641

$3,000 USD

  • Stainless steel case
  • Fixed bezel
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • Black dial 
  • Transparent case back
Panerai Table Clock Ref. PAM00651

$3,000 USD

  • AISI 316L steel case
  • Black dial 
  • Hand-wound mechanical movement
Panerai Table Clock Ref. PAM00581

$4,849 USD

  • Stainless steel case 
  • Domed mineral glass 
  • Black dial 
  • 8-day power reserve
  • Hand-wound mechanical movement 

How Much Does a Panerai Table Clock Cost?

Prices for brand new Officine Panerai Table Clocks start at around $3000 USD. 

For instance, you can get your hands on the Panerai Table Clock Ref. PAM00641 for approximately $3,000 USD, excluding tax. This Panerai desk clock features a minimalistic dial that’s reminiscent of Panerai wristwatches from the 1930s. The sharp black analog dial comes with tasteful gold-toned hour markers and hands with luminous fill for better visibility in the dark.

Meanwhile, the Panerai Table Clock Ref. PAM00581 changes things up by featuring mixed hour markers. The 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock positions utilize Arabic numerals, while the rest are thin baton-style indices. Similar to the Ref. PAM00641, this Panerai clock also comes with the brand’s trademark luminous fill for better readability, even under poor lighting conditions. This Panerai timepiece has a retail price of $4,849 USD.

The black dial on the Panerai Table Clock Ref. PAM00651 comes with a handy minute scale around the rim. It uses a mix of Arabic numerals, Roman numerals, and geometric shapes as hour markers. In place of numerals, the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions utilize dashes instead. Meanwhile, the 12 o’clock position uses an inverted triangle in place numerals or dashes. Dubbed the “California dial,” Panerai first utilized this style when they first started supplying Panerai watches and other instruments to the navy back in 1936. If you want to get your hands on this Panerai desk clock, you will have to shell out around $3,000 USD. 

All three of these table clocks feature a crown at the 12 o’clock position. Thanks to the impressive 8-day power reserve of the caliber P.5000, you will only need to rewind a Panerai table clock once a week.

Be wary that there is a considerable supply of overpriced Panerai replica timepieces for sale on dubious websites. If you find table clocks bearing the Panerai name that cost much more than the prices stated above, they are most likely Panerai replica clocks.

Panerai Table Clock's History and Design Details

Introduced in 2014, the first model that was unveiled in this collection is the Panerai Table Clock ref. PAM00581. This Panerai clock features the traditional Panerai signature dial with both baton-style and Arabic numeral hour markers. Shortly after, Panerai introduced the Ref. PAM00641 and Ref. PAM00651. Both follow-ups featured similar overall designs and utilized the same powerful mechanical movement. However, they differed in having completely distinct faces.

The Ref. PAM00641 features the brand’s S.L.C. dial. This minimalistic dial comes in matte-black with alternating baton and dot-shaped hour markers. This type of dial was inspired by the Siluro a Lenta Corsa, the human torpedoes that the Royal Italian Navy used during World War II.

On the other hand, the Ref. PAM00651 comes with a California dial, which rose to popularity back in the 1980s. This dial consists of half Roman and half Arabic numeral hour markings, with dashes replacing the remaining numbers. There is usually some variation in the layout of the California dial, depending on the brand. This Panerai clock, in particular, features dashes at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions, with an inverted pyramid at 12 o’clock. This style allows the timepiece to exude a more playful and quirky character that blends well with its classic origins. This makes the Ref. PAM00651 the perfect desk clock for the modern era.

The hour markers and hands of these Panerai clocks all contain luminous fill, which makes them easy to read no matter the time or lighting conditions. Even the plate behind the dial is luminescent! This makes it one of the most reliable and functional timepieces on the market.

All three Panerai clocks also come with sturdy stainless steel cases, with a shackle-shaped crown. For those not familiar, a shackle is a metal loop used on sailboats to secure ropes. By incorporating this detail into the crown, the brand pays homage to its rich heritage and partnership with the Italian Royal Navy, to which the brand supplied Panerai watches and other precision instruments.

Powering this Panerai desk clock collection is the in-house Panerai caliber P.5000, which can be viewed through the dome-shaped mineral glass that is used in all three models.

All in all, regardless of whether it’s on an office table, study desk at home, or even just on a shelf, a Panerai desk clock will make a stylish addition to any room. Its 65mm size makes it seem like just an oversized pocket watch. But you can creatively incorporate these Panerai clocks on any surface thanks to the round steel ring that serves as its display stand. 

Reasons to Buy a Panerai Table Clock

  1. 1. Over the years, Officine Panerai has established an identity of its own when it comes to the overall design of its timepieces. This, of course, includes the Panerai Table Clock. These timepieces boast simple designs that still stand out even from a distance. Admittedly, more complex dials may seem more desirable up-close, but the simplicity of the dials on these Panerai table clocks can be easily admired from across the room. This aspect is truly an undeniably Panerai trait.
  2. 2. The eight-day power reserve of the in-house Panerai caliber P.5000 allows users to rewind their Panerai desk clocks just once a week. The company cleverly utilizes two coupled spring barrels with toothed rims in series to achieve this lengthy power reserve.
  3. 3. Officine Panerai has a long-standing history of providing precision instruments to the military. This has certainly influenced its current lineup of timepieces. Panerai watches and other Panerai instruments are consistently robust, bold, and reliable.
  4. 4. Adding an analog clock gives a classic feel to any room. The Panerai Table Clock family of timepieces takes us back to the basics and lets us disconnect from the digital world, even for just a brief moment, while checking the time. 5. 
  5. 5. Panerai has a cult-like following of avid enthusiasts. Known as Paneristi, these superfans are from all over the globe and have shown an unmatched level of enthusiasm and passion towards the brand and its timepieces. If you are a Paneristi, then you definitely do not want to miss out on the Panerai Table Clock.  

Panerai Table Clock

Panerai produces the best and most reliable timepieces, and this applies to its range of table clocks as well. These table clocks by Officine Panerai not only command attention but respect as well. Regardless of whether it’s on your work desk, study table, or even on a bookshelf, a clock from this collection will surely be a sight to behold. This is especially thanks to their distinct Panerai design that is understated but still eye-catching.

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