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More About Oris ProDiver Watches  

There should be no doubt in your mind about the fact that this Oris ProDiver watch is professional divers’ trusted sidekick. It is 51mm in diameter and water-resistant up to 1000 meters. The straps are built with 2.008 inches of titanium, a metallic element that enhances its strength and lightweightness. This element is not common in watches, whether for diving or everyday purposes.  

The dials for registering time in the watch are black. The purchase of the Oris ProDiver comes in a waterproof box that is attractive enough to enhance its appeal if you’re making a gift out of it. In this box, you’ll find the watch with an additional rubber strap, in case you don’t want to see the titanium strap. It also comes with quality tools for changing the straps.  

Building of the Oris ProDiver  

The Oris ProDiver was developed in response to the needs of professional divers like Roman Frischknecht, a commercial diver and Oris ambassador. In his line of work, Roman spends as much as 28 days underwater at a stretch, going as deep as 180 meters. To mitigate the fatigue that this routine brings, he has to employ a tactic known as saturation diving, where he stays in a pressurized chamber breathing in helium-enriched air, right before its time to dive in. This routine might be right for him, but it can be damaging for the wrong kind of gear. Underwater gear must be rugged, safe, and precise, all of which the Oris ProDiver satisfies. That’s why it comes with the patented Oris Rotation Safety System (RSS), which comes with the security of a bezel to track elapsed time for divers. Without it, time spent underwater can be underestimated. In some instances, this can be a dangerous error. That’s why this watch has won respect and endearment of divers alike since it hit the market in 2009. It is widely considered one of the most innovative timepieces since the development of watches.  

Oris’ Locking System  

It has a locking system that secures its unidirectional rotating bezel so that it can only rotate anticlockwise to track elapsed time in minutes. The locking system ensures that the bezel cannot be accidentally moved, affecting time tracking. It also gives the diver the added confidence as he times his dive.  

‘In the high-pressured world of diving, you need a watch you can rely on. If you can’t trust your watch, you don’t dive’. Anna Von Boetticher, Freediver.  Anna knows her stuff. She has been diving since 2007 and started using the Oris ProDiver in 2013. Since then, there has been no turning back. Diving is a harsh sport, and not once has her Oris ProDiver let her down in the chilly waters. Her determination, drive, and dedication are matched well complemented by her watch. So next time you’re freediving, swimming, snorkelling, or going into the water, don’t take the plunge without your Oris ProDiver.

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