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The Orient Star was unveiled back in 1951, a family of watches that shows classic beauty as well as highly sophisticated, accurate movements. Indeed, the Star came into fruition featuring a mechanical inner and was so named because of its high status in the brand’s oeuvre. To this day, the watch is presented in a beautiful, diminutive case and is given added weight by a minimalist yet elegant face. The watch can be identified with ease due to its famous blue hands.  

With that said, the Star is a truly diverse watch too, one that works in any kind of situation whether it be a day at the office or a night on the tiles.  From the very start, Orient has been the kind of company that pays homage to classical techniques whilst pushing boundaries to create some truly high end timepieces. The story of the company stretches all the way back to 1901 when Shogoro Yoshida created a store in Tokyo and called it "Yoshida Watch Shop". The brand then settled on making and vending pocket watches but it was not until 1934 with the creation of their first wristwatches that the brand truly came into its own.    

Orient Finds Success  

For years, this company created a range of timepieces and Orient achieved no little success  until in 1949 they had to close in the wake of World War II. The brand would experience a resurgence however just one year later in 1950 when it would be reestablished under the title Tama Keiki Company. Just a year after this, the Orient Watch Company was born and the journey of this famous company began in earnest. Finally able to further its creation of timepieces in addition to its current arsenal, the brand would go from strength to strength.  

It is plain to see that, because the Orient company has outlasted dark times, this resilience is mirrored in the brand’s products, which are rugged and yet always expertly crafted and elegant.  One of the finest heritage watchmakers around, Orient is famed for the reliability of their watches that pack in some serious levels of precision, beauty and traditionalism. Clearly, the brand provides some of the finest heritage made watches around, blending Japanese sensibilities with classical horological techniques.   

The true quality of the Orient company and the Orient Star family lies in the brand’s commitment to producing high quality, diverse timepieces for any situation. Whether dress watches or casual options, the Orient range is home to a wide variety of models to suit all tastes. Featuring an extremely wide and gorgeous variety of timepieces, the Orient selection is an undeniably high end range.  


All in all, the Orient Star is a legendary watch that is famous for suiting the needs of many an enthusiast. No matter if its the office or a party, the brand produces some of the finest timepieces of any in the modern era and there can be no surprises as to the Orient Star’s enduring popularity. Blending the best of classic style with high end manufacturing, the Orient Star is an unusually high quality timepiece in an era of cheap imitations.

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Sara West
Associate Editor
Orient Star Watches
Orient said it best when they called the Orient Star collection their most distinguished and exquisite timepiece collection. The collection made its debut back in 1951, but immediately drew in buyers who were looking for something with amazing quality but still elegant at the same time. With a clean and detailed design, the collection is fit for anyone who is looking for some sophistication.
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