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The initial dial presents the time at home, a simple click and the time zone travels further, from Berlin to Athens and onto Moscow. The NOMOS Glashutte Zürich’s case is a stunning thing, extremely complex and strong, expertly crafted forms made from steel, with robust sapphire crystal glass. Holding it all together is the top leather that money can buy, namely Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan.  

Smart angles, unusual breaks—the shell of this model is held together by its case like a rock. A great amount of history and craft along with high technology concepts, this is what NOMOS Glashütte does best and the Zürich is an automatic timepiece that symbolises this ethos.  

As a brand that has been great at making its own niche in the international watch world in less than thirty years, NOMOS Glasshütte is a one-off name. Seeing competition from huge names, NOMOS went on its own terms to mix years of German watch knowhow and ingenuity with a strong concept of looks. The blend is a mix of stunning and high tech watches that sit proudly in the pantheon of top pieces around.   

Tucked away in Germany’s stunning Ore mountains, the small settlement of Glasshütte has been a hotbed of watchmaking for many years. Indeed, the settlement was for many years a mining community until necessity made Glasshütte into a hub of watches. Glasshütte became a centre of watchmaking talent and making in the 1800’s when the town’s natural resources ran out. With a model not unlike that of the great Swiss watchmaking towns, Glashütte became a key regional player.   

More History Behind NOMOS Glashutte  

WWI, II and the GDR times took their toll on the town’s ability to create timepieces, having a terrible impact on the town’s watch business. Still, the spark of creativity remained alive in the area. When the Berlin Wall came down in 1990 and communism in Germany with it, Glasshütte would re emerge as a powerful force of watchmaking in the area.  

Hailing from Düsseldorf, Roland Schwertner made NOMOS with the idea of reestablishing Glasshütte as a global centre of watches now that Germany was once more united under a new form of capitalism. Soon, the first NOMOS timepieces had been released to worldwide acclaim, they were called Tangente, Orion, Ludwig, and Tetra. Each of them was a hand-wound watch designed on minimalist concepts and extremely strong mechanical movements that represent the top ability of Glasshütte’s staff.  

In the next few years, NOMOS would go on to show itself as one of the top watchmakers not only in Germany, but globally. Indeed, it was NOMOS timepieces that forced the brand to take a vital role in the industry in such a quick amount of time. Today, the brand is a recognised institution across the world watchmaking industry. The Nomos Glashütte Zürich is a stupendously beautiful timepiece. For lovers of minimalist, northern European style design, these stunning watches are an absolute must purchase.

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