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Introduction to NOMOS Glashutte Club Watches  

The Club is far from your average watch and indeed, it is unique among NOMOS models. That’s because this is a sportier, more powerful, and younger watch. In the Campus and Aqua series, Club has hands lacquered with superluminova—so you can tell the time anywhere and in any light conditions. Accurate times, gorgeously packaged. The stunning stainless steel casing and strong sapphire crystal glass show the Club to be a watch not to be taken lightly.  

A lovely touch with this watch comes with the chance to make a lifelong memory. An engraved message on the back of the watch offers you a personalisation of the watch, whilst the NOMOS Glashütte ethos is clear to see with the high-tech, high performance handcraft on show. Club also arrives in models boasting a date display and as a self-winding type.  

As a company that has been adept at creating its own niche in the international watch business in less than thirty years, NOMOS Glasshütte is an uncommon brand. Noticing great competition from huge brands, the company went with its own ideas to mix years of German watch ability and ingenuity with a firm concept of aesthetic. 

The blend is a variety of highly able and top watches that sit on the wrist of many an enthusiast from Berlin to Beijing.  

Background on NOMOS Glashutte

The small settlement of Glasshütte is hidden away in Germany’s ambient Ore mountains. A local area of watchmaking for years, the settlement was forever a mining community until need made Glasshütte into a centre of watches.  

When in the 1800’s, the Saxon ruler Friedrich August II asked master watchmaker Ferdinand Adolph Lange to start an entirely fresh time of business after it had become obvious that the silver and copper in the land around Glasshütte had come to an end. This of course presented a worry for the local population, who were now in need of a fresh method in which to make a new way of life. The plan worked and Glasshütte became a centre of watchmaking talent and making, with a model similar to that of the great Swiss centres.  

Though the next century gave Germany some unprecedented turmoil, WWI, II and the GDR years having what is a devastating impact on the town’s horological business, the wonder of creativity stayed alive in the area.  The Berlin Wall came down in 1990 and communism in Germany ended quickly, Glasshütte would truly come into its own as a watchmaking area.  

An IT expert and photographer from Düsseldorf, Roland Schwertner created NOMOS with the requirement of reestablishing Glasshütte as a world centre of horology now that Germany was again united under a new banner of capitalist ideas. Quickly, the first NOMOS timepieces had been launched to total adoration, they were called Tangente, Orion, Ludwig, and Tetra. All of them were hand-wound watches based on minimal design and very intense mechanical movements that show the high ability of Glasshütte’s workers.  

Over the next decades, NOMOS would make itself one of the top German watch brands, by far the most successful in the area. It was the NOMOS watches that made the brand so vital to industry in such a short spell of time. 

The NOMOS Glashütte Club is a seriously strong NOMOS timepiece. A model that’s as robust as it is beautiful, the Club is just as suited to the office as it is the cocktail bar or hip new nightclub.

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