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Strong and robust, always great looking, the NOMOS Ahoi is a truly special looking timepiece.    

The Ahoi’s textile strap continues to be handmade in France and remains both highly elegant and rugged. Boasting a stainless steel clasp, this strap has a certain style to it and wears close to the wrist, meaning it fits beneath either cufflinks or a wetsuit, perfect men’s watch for all gentlemen.   

NOMOS Glasshütte is a brand that has managed to carve its own niche in the international watch market in less than thirty years. Facing stiff competition from Swiss rivals, the brand blazed its own trail to combine centuries of German watchmaking intelligence and skills with a clear sense of design. The result is a collection of highly technical and elegant timepieces that grace the wrist of many a connoisseur from the black forest to Berlin. Shop our selection of elegant Nomos Glashutte Ahoi watches for sale from  

The small town of Glasshütte is tucked away in eastern Germany, not far from the city of Dresden in the famous Ore mountains. A regional centre of watchmaking for centuries, the settlement was traditionally a mining community until necessity transformed Glasshütte into a centre of horology.    

In 1845, Saxon King Friedrich August II sent master watchmaker Ferdinand Adolph Lange to the town to usher in a new era of industry after it had become apparent that the silver and copper ore in the land surrounding Glasshütte had run out. This caused a panic in the local population, who were now desperate for a new way in which to make a solid living. The plan succeeded and Glasshütte was transformed into a hotbed of horological expertise and production, with a model based on that of the great Swiss centres.    

Although the following century presented Germany with unprecedented turmoil, WWI, II and the GDR years having something of an adverse effect on the town’s watchmaking industry, the spirit of creation remained alive in the region.’s selection of Nomos Glashutte Ahoi watches for sale will match any classic and elegant style.  

More History Behind NOMOS    

In 1990, when the Berlin Wall finally fell and communism in Germany crashed to a halt, Glasshütte would really come into its own as a watchmaking centre.    

Roland Schwertner, an IT expert and photographer from Düsseldorf, created the brand with the intention of reestablishing Glasshütte as a global centre of watchmaking now that Germany was once more united under capitalism. By 1992, the first NOMOS watches had been released to widespread acclaim, they were named Tangente, Orion, Ludwig, and Tetra. Each of these was a hand-wound watch based on simple design and highly complex inner mechanic movements that displayed the exceptional skill of Glasshütte’s workers.    

Over the next decades NOMOS would go on to establish itself as one of the premier German watchmakers and by far the most highly esteemed in the region. The question is, what was it about NOMOS timepieces that propelled the brand to the peak of the industry in such a short space of time? Well, let’s take a closer look at some of the company’s marquee creations.    

All in all, The NOMOS Glasshütte Ahoi watch is focused on making a splash. With a strong and gorgeous look that’s almost unheard of in the leagues of high end timepieces. Made for watersports, this model is waterproof and very potently engineered. Shop for your next Nomos Glashutte Ahoi watches for sale from the best online watch store,

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