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New Nomos Glashuette Tangomat Watches

NOMOS Glashutte Tangomat Watches

Introduction to NOMOS Glashutte Tangomat Watches  

The case and face alike have no frills yet are never, ever too minimal. Rather, they are simple but not uninteresting. Yet things are still straightforward despite the complications of this watch. Indeed, the Tangomat ticks beautifully. The caliber inside moves motion into time, with high accuracy and reliability and only requires a bit more space to do so; resulting in this watch being stronger.  

Blending a huge amount of history and creativity, along with high end luxury where it serves accuracy. These are the NOMOS Glashütte ideas, with Tangomat the first ever NOMOS watch that the company blessed with an automatic movement and it comes only as an automatic.  

NOMOS Glasshütte is a company that has been able to make its own lane in the international watch industry in under three decades. Addressing great competition from big rivals, the brand pushed its own agenda to blend years of German horology knowhow and talent with a strong idea of design. The combination is a range of highly able and great watches that grace the wrist of many an enthusiast from Munich to Dortmund.  

The Beginning of NOMOS  

The small town of Glasshütte is tucked away in eastern Germany, not far from the city of Dresden in the famous Ore mountains. A regional centre of watchmaking for centuries, the settlement was traditionally a mining community until necessity transformed Glasshütte into a centre of horology.  

When in the mid 19th century the Saxon ruler Friedrich August II requested master watchmaker Ferdinand Adolph Lange to begin an entirely fresh era of business after it had become clear that the silver and copper ore in the land around Glasshütte had ended. This naturally made a worry in the local population, who were now in need of a fresh method in which to make a new way of life. The plan worked and Glasshütte became a centre of watchmaking talent and making, with a model similar to that of the great Swiss centres.  

Whilst the next century gave Germany some unprecedented turmoil, WWI, II and the GDR years having what is a devastating impact on the town’s horological business, the spirit of ingenuity stayed alive in the area.  In 1990, the Berlin Wall fell and communism in Germany ended abruptly, Glasshütte would truly come into its own as a watchmaking area.  

Roland Schwertner, an IT expert and photographer from Düsseldorf, made the brand with the need of rebranding Glasshütte as a global core of horology now that Germany was once more together under a new system of economics. Soon, the first NOMOS timepieces had been launched to total love, they were called Tangente, Orion, Ludwig, and Tetra. All of them were hand-wound watches rooted in minimal design and very complex mechanical movements that show the high skill of Glasshütte’s craftsmen and women.  

In the next few years, NOMOS would cement itself as one of the top German horological brands, easily the most highly respected in the area. The thing is, what was it about NOMOS watches that made the brand so key to the industry in such a little amount of time?  

The NOMOS Glasshütte Tangomat watch is dedicated to minimal beauty. With a great and beautiful image that’s close to unique as is possible for a timepiece. Created for lovers of modern day horology, this watch is truly special.

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