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Wonderfully drawn minute markers, the hour indexes just a bit further in, it is things like this that make things transparent. A very stylish partner will be tough to find. Its lines give Orion mass appeal: The lugs flow beautifully into its shape, while the domed sapphire crystal glass on its front and back sides make a constant line that is gorgeously lovely to see.  

Boasting an automatic caliber, Orion neomatik stays as slim as a hand-wound timepiece, thanks to DUW 3001, the tenth in-house caliber from NOMOS Glashütte. A large amount of heritage and simplicity with high-tech, where this has accuracy: that is NOMOS Glashütte. With the most amazing of all NOMOS calibers, the hand-wound Alpha movement, Orion also stays with the caliber DUW 4101, so with a date window. With the ultra-thin neomatik calibers DUW 3001 and, with a date function, DUW 6101.   

Golden hands, a stainless steel case and white silver plating, the Orion 33 duo goes with any jewelry, and its 33 millimeter size suits slimmer wrists quite well. With just two golden hands, the design is even more simple and lovely than the normal version of Orion.  

Orion is the real favorite of lots of the team at NOMOS, simple and beautiful, brought down to the basics: a model showing the cream of the Deutscher Werkbund and Bauhaus styles. This style, self-winding, with golden indexes and tempered blue hands on a white silver-plated dial, will long remain a great friend forever.  

Watch Options With the Orion Collection   

For many years, Orion was just available with manual winding, because only a very slim mechanism would go into its simply domed stainless steel case. Our neomatik calibers brought the watch to a simple timepiece and a date feature has made the still very slim Orion pump up to a diameter of 41 millimeters. Now it comes in a trendy midnight blue hue, too.  

As a company that has been adept at creating its own niche in the international watch business in less than thirty years, NOMOS Glasshütte is an uncommon brand. Noticing great competition from huge brands, the company went with its own ideas to mix years of German watch ability and ingenuity with a firm concept of aesthetic. The blend is a variety of highly able and top watches that sit on the wrist of many an enthusiast from Berlin to Beijing.  

An IT expert and photographer from Düsseldorf, Roland Schwertner created NOMOS with the requirement of reestablishing Glasshütte as a world centre of horology now that Germany was again united under a new banner of capitalist ideas. Quickly, the first NOMOS timepieces had been launched to total adoration, they were called Tangente, Orion, Ludwig, and Tetra. All of them were hand-wound watches based on minimal design and very intense mechanical movements that show the high ability of Glasshütte’s workers.

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