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Introduction to NOMOS Glashütte Minimatik Watches  

Minimatik champagne offers the wearer a bit of fun with every look at the wrist because an automatic watch that is so slender, precise, and lovely at the same time is a strange thing indeed in the business of fine timepieces. Strong neon accents on the dial and a thoroughbred of German engineering underneath; namely the automatic NOMOS caliber DUW 3001, measuring only 3.2 millimeters in thickness.  

A modern classic watch, a present day interpretation and truly NOMOS Glashütte. Due to the ultra-thin, highly accurate automatic caliber, Minimatik is not only an horological sensation, yet it is also a beauty to see. With details in green and neon orange on a deep blue dial, pearled hour indexes, and a case that slopes gently on the wrist, this is a watch to adore forever more.  

A watch that is perfectly suited to both male and female wrists, the Minimatik boasts a 35.5 millimeter diameter. Strangely slim, highly accurate, and equipped with the NOMOS swing system (which makes sure there is outstanding precision), the automatic caliber DUW 3001 is setting a new level. What’s more, it’s thinness allowed automatic watches to stay slimline and elegant.  

Designed in Berlin with complex production and finished by hand, the NOMOS winged clasp shows off elegance through its perfect minimalism. Shortly after its release, the Minimatik received the most important design prizes to be had. So fresh and yet so highly esteemed.  

Exclusively for the watches of the neomatik series, the NOMOS remborde strap, crafted from Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan, is a special thing. The leather is generous, smooth, and strong, meaning these NOMOS straps are particularly hardy to wear.  

More on NOMOS’ History  

NOMOS was created with the idea of reestablishing Glasshütte as a global centre of watches now that Germany was once more united under a new form of capitalism. 

Soon, the first NOMOS timepieces had been released to worldwide acclaim, they were called Tangente, Orion, Ludwig, and Tetra. Each of them was a hand-wound watch designed on minimalist concepts and extremely strong mechanical movements that represent the top ability of Glasshütte’s staff.  

NOMOS would soon show itself as one of the top watchmakers not only in Germany, but globally. Indeed, it was NOMOS timepieces that forced the brand to take a vital role in the industry in such a quick amount of time. Today, the brand is a recognised institution across the world watchmaking industry.  

As a brand that has been great at making its own niche in the international watch world in less than thirty years, NOMOS Glasshütte is a one-off name. Seeing competition from huge names, NOMOS went on its own terms to mix years of German watch knowhow and ingenuity with a strong concept of looks. The blend is a mix of stunning and high tech watches that sit proudly in the pantheon of top pieces around. The Nomos Glashütte Minimatik is both precise and pretty in equal parts. Ideally made, truly precise and, thanks to the NOMOS caliber DUW 3001, as slim as any hand-wound watch.

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