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NOMOS Glashutte Metro: Modern Aesthetic Watches

The NOMOS Glashutte Metro helps you by telling the time in the most modern way. Its designer, Mark Braun, has amassed a number of significant design prizes such as the German Design Award and the Green Product Award, a testament to the gorgeous elegance of the NOMOS Glashutte Metro’s own design. A few of Metro’s contemporary features include the tips of its hands, which remind every wearer of the Empire State Building in New York. The delicate diamond knurling in the crown also adds to the watch’s modern profile, and provides wearers with a better grip on the dial. All of the NOMOS Glashutte Metro pieces are available in four dial colors: champagne, urban gray, white silver-plated, and midnight blue.

Price List at a Glance: Most Popular NOMOS Glashutte Metro Watches


Price (Approx.)


NOMOS Glashutte Metro Neomatik 39 Ref.1180$9,700 USD
  • Galvanized, white silver-plated dial
  • 38.5mm diameter
  • Rose gold hands
  • Horween genuine shell cordovan brown strap
NOMOS Glashutte Metro 33 Ref. 1170$5,399 USD
  • Galvanized white silver-plated dial
  • 33.0mm diameter
  • Rose gold hands
  • Velour leather beige strap

NOMOS Glashutte Neomatik 41 Update Ref. 1165


$4,660 USD


  • Galvanized, white silver-plated dial
  • 40.5mm diameter
  • Oxidized black hands
  • Woven, textile strap dark gray strap
NOMOS Glashutte Metro Neomatik 1st Edition Ref. 1104$3,699 USD
  • White silver-plated dial
  • 35.0mm diameter
  • Oxidized black hands
  • Horween genuine shell cordovan black strap
NOMOS Glashutte Metro Neomatik Ref. 1115$3,249 USD
  • Midnight blue dial
  • 38.5mm diameter
  • Rhodium-plated, neon orange seconds hand
  • Horween genuine shell cordovan black strap
NOMOS Glashutte Neomatik Ref. 1106$2,979 USD
  • Galvanized white silver-plated dial
  • 35.0mm diameter
  • Oxidized black, red seconds hand
  • Horween genuine shell cordovan black strap
NOMOS Glashütte Metro Datum Gangreserve Ref. 1101$2,939 USD
  • Galvanized, white silver-plated dial
  • 37.0mm diameter
  • Oxidized black hands, red seconds hand
  • Horween genuine shell cordovan black strap
NOMOS Glashutte Metro 38 Date Ref.   

$2,689 USD


  • Galvanized, white silver-plated, dial
  • 38.5mm diameter
  • Oxidized black hands, red seconds hand
  • Horween genuine shell cordovan black strap
NOMOS Glashutte Metro 38 Date Urban Gray Ref. 1103

$2,619 USD


  • Galvanized, ruthenium-plated dial
  • 38.5mm diameter
  • Rhodium-plated hands, red seconds hand
  • Horween genuine shell cordovan black strap
NOMOS Glashutte Metro Chronometer Limited Edition for Hodinkee Ref. 1109

$2,560 USD


  • Double-radiused dial
  • 38.5mm diameter
  • Oxidized black hands, red seconds hand
  • Black shell cordovan strap

How Much Does a NOMOS Glashutte Metro Cost?

Countless reviews of the NOMOS Glashutte Metro collection can be found today, all from different sources. Many consider these to be luxury watches. However, luxury does not necessarily mean exorbitant prices. The Metro collection has fairly affordable price points, ranging between $2,000 USD and $10,000 USD for brand new pieces. 

One of its cheapest models in this collection is the NOMOS Glashutte Metro 38 Date Urban Gray Ref. 1103, which has a price of just $2,619 USD. It is a cosmopolitan-designed timepiece which forgoes the date display and the power reserve function. The Ref. 1103 gets straight to the point of what you essentially need with a wristwatch: a reliable timekeeper. The most distinctive feature that everyone loves about this timepiece is its unique and galvanized ruthenium-plated black dial. 

The Ref. 1103 also has a minimalistic design complemented by small dotted mint green indices at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock. In addition, a red seconds hand and thin, rhodium-plated hour and minute hands are encased in this watch’s slim 38.5mm stainless steel case. 

The NOMOS Glashütte Metro Datum Gangreserve Ref. 1101 is a highly sought-after watch from this collection. It is priced at $2,939 USD and comes with a small date display at six o’clock. It has a power reserve indicator in vibrant mint and red, which marks this watch as a statement piece from NOMOS Glashutte. Its slender and durable case is paired with a domed sapphire crystal glass, which encloses the clean white silver-plated dial. 

If you are going for a casual look, this 37mm watch is perfect for you. It gives off a smart and relaxed impression, especially with its comfortable Horween shell cordovan black strap. This type of strap is especially popular for being one of the finest leathers in the world, because it is smooth, thick, and nearly indestructible, no matter where you might bring it. 

This collection also consists of Neomatik pieces that are sold at prices between $3,600 USD and $7,000 USD. The NOMOS Glashutte Neomatik 41 Update Ref. 1165 is a simple, standout version model from this sub-collection. When you look at the watch closely, you can see a unique, patented NOMOS date ring that comes in neon orange. It is a symbol of the brand’s forward-thinking innovation. That said, the iconic designs of this sub-collection remain unmistakably Metro, with its minimalist dial layouts and solid, clean colors. 

Another Neomatik piece is the $3,699 USD NOMOS Glashutte Metro Neomatik 1st Edition Ref. 1104. This watch features the familiar Metro dotted hour indices and is powered by the in-house DUW caliber. One of the few differences between this model and the Ref. 1165 is that the Ref. 1165 has a woven textile dark grey strap that matches its 40.5mm case. This timepiece, on the other hand, boasts a vintage black leather strap with a smaller case that measures just 35mm in diameter. 

The newest additions to the Metro collection are the rose gold watches which are also made with unique features. One of them is the NOMOS Glashutte Metro 33 Ref. 1170, which retails at around $5,399 USD only. This is a ladies’ watch with a slender 33mm rose gold case. It features a hand-wound caliber Alpha, which is proven to be reliable and precise. The tasteful elegance of the watch can be seen from its gorgeous rose gold hands, indices, and even the purple minute markers. All these elements are fixed on a galvanized, white silver-plated dial with reserved colors. 

The Ref. 1170 also comes with a winged clasp, made from 18K rose gold, which fastens its beige leather strap. Every lady who wears this timepiece will not need to worry about looking for special tools to change the straps with, as these watches come with quick-change spring bars that allow the straps to be quickly changed without any hassle. 

NOMOS Glashutte Metro’s History and Design Details

NOMOS came from Glashutte—a small town found in the South of Berlin, Germany. This town is well known in the world of watchmaking, for it has a 175-year long history in creating fine timepieces. 

The word “Glashütte” is a special label and is reserved for bands that pass certain strict quality standards: specifically, at least 50% of the watch’s movement must be made in the town of Glashutte. NOMOS Glashutte, in particular, passes these requirements with flying colors, as it crafts 95% of each of its movements in Glashutte. 

NOMOS Glashutte’s Metro collection is designed to give wearers the perfect balance between a classic and modern time display. It was conceived by award-winning designer Mark Braun. Braun used his own unique aesthetic standards and the quintessential image of a watch to create the NOMOS Glashutte Metro, making it one of his best-selling achievements. The Metro aims to tell the time more smartly by using advanced mechanics such as an automatic or hand-wound movement. The automatic movement used in the Metro collection is the DUW 3001, and it is what the Neomatik pieces run on. The rest of the watches in the collection are powered by either the Caliber Alpha, the DUW 3301, or the DUW 4101. 

One particular statement piece, the Metro collection’s NOMOS Glashutte Metro Neomatik Ref. 1115 features accents of red and neon orange. This model stands out among the rest and is a great choice for those who enjoy more colorful watches. On the faces of the NOMOS Glashutte Metro watches, perfect proportions of sub-dials and date displays can be seen along with the subtle details of the hands and the hour markers. All of the watches also have beautiful side profiles, showing how elegant and slender a Metro watch can be. In addition, the newly-added rose gold Metro timepieces are also the remarkable models that earned the Goldene Unruh Award in 2020. 

Five Reasons to Buy NOMOS Glashutte Metro Watches

NOMOS Glashutte has been a best-selling brand of watches for years. Some of its other collections like the Club and Zurich are also incredibly popular among watch connoisseurs. The Metro collection, in particular, is worth buying for the following reasons:

Award-winning designs and technology

NOMOS watches have been recognized by local and international experts for their great craftsmanship and advanced technology, being awarded more than hundreds of prizes. Indeed, the Metro watches are critically acclaimed for their remarkable contributions to the watchmaking industry. Some of the awards the NOMOS Glashutte Metro has won include the Red Dot Design Award by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen; the German Design Award by the German Design Council; the Goldene Unruh (Golden Balance) Award by the Uhren-Magazin; the Good Design Award by the Chicago Athenaeum, Museum for Architecture and Design, and more.

Reliable automatic and manual in-house calibers

All the movements used in the Metro collection are outstanding in-house calibers with robust features. For instance, the Caliber Alpha is a slender, handcrafted and manually wound movement with a stop-seconds mechanism, 17 jewels, rhodium-plated surfaces, and more. An innovative Swing System is featured in NOMOS Glashutte’s in-house calibers, and it cannot be easily produced and imitated by other watchmaking companies. 

Made with high-quality standards

The majority of the watches’ manufacturing processes are skilfully done by hand. The crowns and dials are intricately and delicately crafted to achieve the best results possible.

Smart and modern features

The features in this collection are designed in Berlin. All are laboratory-produced and designed by hand. The Metro collection watches all feature a slim modern profile with their slender in-house movements and the domed sapphire crystal glass. 

Sustainably manufactured

Some of the Metro models have won a Green Product Award from Daimler and the Institute for Ecological Economic Advancement, recognizing them for their outstanding designs, innovative technology, and sustainable manufacturing. The NOMOS Glashutte Metro has also been awarded the Red Dot Design Award for its innovativeness, practical functionality, and ecological sustainability. 

Nomos Glashutte Metro: Modern Bauhaus Pieces

The NOMOS Glashutte Metro watches are perfect state-of-the-art luxury watches. From stainless steel timepieces to rose gold watches, they have a wide variety of pieces made from absolutely top-notch materials. And most importantly, the NOMOS Glashutte Metro is offered at affordable prices, so you can easily purchase one of these quality luxury timepieces without having to break the bank. 

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