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More About Monblanc Heritage Spirit Watches

Back in 1906 Alfred Nehemias, a Hamburg merchant, and August Eberstein, a Berlin engineer, paired up with trader Claus Voss to create a company producing a non-leaking pen featuring a piston convertor that was essentially the very first contemporary fountain pen. They named their company Montblanc.  

Since then, the name has become synonymous with quality, whether in the brand’s pens, accessories or, indeed, their watches, everything Montblanc does is symbolic of their commitment to aesthetic beauty and high functionality.  

In 1997, Montblanc Montre S.A took residence at the core of the Swiss watchmaking business in Le Locle, joining some true giants of horology. The brand’s first watch, the Meisterstuck, garnered plenty of attention on its release in the same year, with connoisseurs pleasantly surprised at the sophistication and attention to detail displayed by this newcomer to such a traditional industry.  

Montblanc Keeps At It

By 2006 Montblanc had established itself as a creator of truly exceptional watches, with the brand celebrating its 100th anniversary by creating special Anniversary Editions throughout the year showcasing the Montblanc Diamond. In what was an industry first, Montblanc actually patented a diamond cut inspired by their distinctive logo and used this decorate a range of items including watches. 

The following year, in 2007, Montblanc took over the Minerva de Recherche en Haute Horlogerie at Villeret, Switzerland. Known the world over for it’s complex handmade movements, Minerva was founded in 1858 and the move represented a new frontier for Montblanc in their development of in house movements. Indeed, this was confirmed when, in 2008, the brand presented the MBR100 calibre, their very first in-house manufactured movement - created exclusively at Minerva.  

Two years later, in 2010, Montblanc unveiled the Metamorphosis, a revolutionary watch that changed faces thanks to more than 50 parts working in unison to completely transform the appearance of the watch face. Clearly, the brand was growing into its role as an innovator in the watchmaking world. The following year, the Tourbillon Bi-Cylindrique was the globe’s first ever wristwatch to feature a tourbillon with two cylindrical balance springs. Next came the ExoTourbillon Rattrapante, a highly complex timepiece with a split second chronograph and the brand’s patented four minute ExoTourbillon.   

Polished in all the right places and set beautifully on a sleek black Alligator strap, all elements of this watch manage to compliment one another perfectly. Powered by an impressive automatic movement and boasting sapphire crystal protection over the dial, the case is 9 mm thick and the dial is adorned with Roman numerals and batons. The Heritage Spirit offers water resistance up to 30 metres and comes with a two year guarantee from Montblanc.  

Truly, this is a watch of the utmost sophistication, a seamless blend of modernity and tradition that manages to tick all of the boxes for a stylish day to day timepiece. Classic yet cool, the Montblanc Heritage Spirit is a stunning watch that symbolises the brand’s ultra modern and yet timelessly stylish aesthetic.

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