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Introduction to Montblanc Boheme Watches  

There are 33 variants of the Boheme range of wristwatches from Montblanc. One of them is the Montblanc Boheme Automatic Date 28mm. This is the first Boheme to come in a size of 28mm, a soft culmination of years of dedication to chronograph examples of femininity and glamour. This watch shows hours, minutes, and seconds, which are indicated with leaf-shaped hands, coloured blue. It also shows the date through a small eye-shaped opening at the 6 o’clock point. It has a polished silvery-white guilloche or engine turning, which is a precise engraving technique, used to produce, repetitive yet intricate designs on dial faces.   

On the Boheme, this technique is applied to achieve floral-like Arabic numerals and diamond indexes, as well as the black dots which represent minutes. The Montblanc Boheme is made with high-quality stainless steel, while its back is made from sapphire crystal, a worthy alternative to diamond which is almost as hard. It is thus scratch and shatter-resistant while being transparent.   

ExoTourbillon Slim  

Another member of the Montblanc Boheme family is the Montblanc Boheme ExoTourbillon Slim. With a diameter of 38mm, this watch exudes boldness, sophistication, and style, without losing its feminine touch. The movement or calibre of this watch that enables it to operate, mark time and perform other functions is designated MB M29.24 It exemplifies the best standards of Swiss watchmaking with the stop-seconds functionality. With the utmost attention to finesse and quality craftsmanship, the watch is well-decorated to enhance its aesthetic appeal.   

The design is composed of a Cotes de Geneve ‘en eventail’ decoration on its bridges which make movement visible. This decoration is also found on the micro-rotor, which can be found inside the movement. It doesn’t stop there either. The dial of this watch is made with silvery-white mother-of-pearl and a guilloche or engine turning, that is used to engrave designs that are repetitive, yet precise and intricate. This watch has a whopping 58 diamonds that are set in the bezel. It comes in a rose gold case that has a slim height of 9.37mmm making it suitable for the average female wrist.  

Day & Night   

And that’s not all from the makers of the Montblanc Boheme. There’s also the Montblanc Boheme Day & Night which comes at 30mm in diameter. This watch is top of the line in its interpretation of femininity and distinction. It is simple to look at yet features a timeless design that will resonate with today’s independent woman. This watch has a timeless case from highly durable stainless steel which is corrosion-resistant.   

The case has silvery-white guilloche dial. It also has a day/night indicator that ensures that the user knows when it is day or night when she glances at the dial. When it is daytime, the dials show a light blue sky and golden sun, while the night time is indicated by a smiling golden moon, against a background of a dark blue sky adorned with stars. It also features aesthetic elements with rose gold-coated elements on the dial. The strap is made from calf leather, coloured blue-green. This watch is the perfect romantic gift while remaining practical. It is easy to adjust via the crown which you can use to adjust the hour and minute hands, without accidentally changing the date while you’re at it.

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