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New Michael Kors Slim Runway Watches

Michael Kors Slim Runway: Runway-Ready, Everyday Watches

Michael Kors boasts a stylish line of fashion watches. These watches may not be for extreme situations the way tool watches are, but they’re definitely runway-ready. The Slim Runway collection proves exactly that with its sleek designs and stylish approach to watches. With various sizes available — 42mm, 43mm, and 33mm cases, you can rest assured that there’s a Slim Runway watch from everybody. Offering in different colors, you can freely express yourself with this collection.

Prices at a Glance: Most Popular Michael Kors Slim Runway Watches


Price (approximate)

Key Features

Michael Kors Slim Runway MK3418

$149 USD

  • 42mm rose gold-tone stainless steel case and bracelet
  • Sable-color dial with rose gold hands and indexes
Michael Kors Slim Runway MK3674

$139 USD

  • 33mm cerulean-tone stainless steel case and bracelet
  • Silver dial with blue hands and indexes
Michael Kors Slim Runway MK3222

$139 USD

  • 42mm gold-tone stainless steel case and bracelet
  • Champagne dial with gold-tone indexes
Michael Kors Slim Runway MK2322

$129 USD

  • 42mm rose gold-tone stainless steel case
  • Rose gold dial, hands, and indexes
  • Black leather strap
Michael Kors Slim Runway MK8507

$119 USD

  • 44mm black ion-plated stainless steel case and bracelet
  • Gunmetal dial with steel indexes and black hands
Michael Kors Slim Runway MK3650

$119 USD

  • 33mm gold-tone stainless steel case and bracelet
  • Rose dial without indexes
  • Crystal-set inner bezel
Michael Kors Slim Runway MK3590

$119 USD

  • 42mm gold-tone stainless steel case and bracelet
  • Gold crystal-set dial with gold-tone hands
Michael Kors Slim Runway MK3587

$109 USD

  • 33mm black ion-plated stainless steel case and bracelet
  • Black dial with applied gunmetal indexes
  • Quartz movement
  • 50m water resistance
Michael Kors Slim Runway MK3493

$109 USD

  • 42mm gold-tone stainless steel case and bracelet
  • Pink dial with gold hands and indexes
Michael Kors Slim Runway MK3479

$109 USD

  • Gold and steel dual-tone case and bracelet
  • Dark blue dial with gold-tone hands and indexes


How much is a Michael Kors Slim Runway watch? 

Price and Features of the Michael Kors Slim Runway 42mm Models

The Slim Runway collection is one of Michael Kors’ most iconic collections. It’s been in the market for as long as MK has been producing timepieces. The launch of Slim Runway became a hit for the brand and many people favored its incredible aesthetic. A typical Slim Runway watch, albeit marketed as a women’s watch, has a fairly unisex approach to design. It features a 42mm case with only an 8mm case. This is very impressive and appropriate for a fashion brand like Michael Kors. Such a thin and average-sized watch works wonders when it comes to styling.

Overall, the design of the Michael Kors Slim Runway leans on the more casual side. It’s not as grand as other dress watches but it can definitely hold up with cocktails. This is a great timepiece to wear every day or for a night out with friends. It’s casual wear that can also transition to more corporate settings. It comes in various colors that make it perfect for people who prefer a pop of color in their daily outfit. Aside from the typical colors — black, silver, gold, and rose gold — the Slim Runway 42mm comes in stunning shades of pink, red, violet, and blue. Moreover, some models come with crystal studs alongside applied markers for a little bit of glitz.

It’s a lot more affordable versus other Slim Runway models due to the lack of gold markers and/or hands. Generally, they’re also not as glamorous as other models. For less about $100 USD, you can cop a brand new Slim Runway 42mm watch. It’s one of MK’s most affordable timepieces.

Prices and Features of the Michael Kors Slim Runway 44mm Watches

If you prefer a bigger timepiece, the Michael Kors Slim Runway has a bigger size available. MK would label this 44mm watch the Oversized Slim Runway. However, you can find it online by looking up the men’s watch iteration of this collection. This watch, as expected, is directed to the masculine market. It comes with a bigger 44 mm diameter case, but it remains true to its name with just a 9mm thickness. Not a lot of watches can have such a slim case.

Just like the 42mm Slim Runway, the 44mm version is just as great for casual settings. However, if you do prefer to wear it on more formal events, it should work just fine as well. With such a refined thickness, it can easily slide under the cuffs of a man’s shirt. The colors available for this watch also vary greatly from the typical silver and gold to gunmetal gray, black, red, and green. There’s also a variety of straps you can avail of for this watch. You can choose a typical three-link bracelet or a mesh stainless steel bracelet. If you’re feeling a lot fancier, a leather strap should suit your needs. These timepieces are a lot simpler with just applied markers with matching hands.

As expected, this watch cost a lot more than the 42mm Slim Runway. So, how much is this Michael Kors Slim Runway watch? You can get it for only $195 USD. This will get you a brand new timepiece. However, you can find watches in mint condition for almost $100 USD less.

Prices and Features of the Michael Kors Slim Runway 33mm and 22mm Models 

People with slimmer wrists also have an option in the Slim Runway collection. At 33mm, this watch is perfect for people who prefer a smaller timepiece. Mostly leaning towards the female market, there are various designs for this watch that suits the feminine taste. Aptly nicknamed the Mini Slim Runway, it boasts a small frame and the same 8mm thickness.

One of the most prominent designs mirrors that of the Michael Kors Parker watch. It has the large MK logo embossed on the dial of the watch. On top of that, it also has a crystal-set inner bezel that adds even more glamor to the watch. This costs around $160 USD, but you can get it for much less in mint condition.

Aside from this design, simpler designs for this watch also exist, such as with just simple applied markers. The colors don’t differ much with only yellow gold, rose gold, and two-tone models available. This makes the timepiece perfect for more formal settings. However, you can wear the timepiece as you please as it also fits more casual settings. For around $140 USD, you can buy a brand new model of this timepiece.

If 33mm is still a little too big for you, you can opt for an even smaller model at just 22mm! Now, this timepiece is a typical fashion watch for women. It has an 8 mm bracelet that matches the gold-tone case, and it sits at just 6 mm of thickness.

History Behind Michael Kors Watches

Michael Kors, as we all know, is a prominent fashion designer. Kors started his career as a young designer at the tender age of five! He began by designing his mother’s wedding dress for her wedding with Bill Kors. At the time, Kors still carried his original name, Karl Anderson Jr. Only after the marriage did he change his name to what we know today.

As a teenager, he opened up a boutique where he sold items and clothes he designed. At the time, he called it Iron Butterfly. The setting was Long Island, New York and this is where he formally began his journey as a designer.

To further his learnings as a designer, he enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology, also in New York City. However, he dropped out only nine months into the year to take a job at Lothar’s as a sales representative. With hard work, he became a designer for the brand as well as the visual display head.

With the help of an executive at Bergdorf, Kors launched his first-ever women’s line. It became a hit only three years after its launch. His line became available to large retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

His career as a designer met with ups and downs. In 1990, he launched the KORS brand but only three years later, he filed for bankruptcy. However, the fashion industry stood by his side as he landed jobs designing for brands. In 1997, he led Celine to an iconic phase when it came to their design. After his Celine stint, he left to rebuild his brand with the help of various investors.

Michael Kors x Fossil Group

The partnership between Michael Kors and Fossil Group began in 2004. The company signed a 10-year licensing with the watch industry giant. This allowed Fossil to design, develop, manufacture, and distribute watches for the brand. Alongside MK, Emporio Armani, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, and Tory Burch also all trust Fossil to manufacture timepieces on behalf of the brands. This partnership led to many wins for MK.

In the beginning, the sales of Michael Kors watches were at a plateau. This was until 2013. During that year, the company hit a peak with a burst of sales. This is partly due to the varied designs that the company came up with during the year. Among its greatest hits include the Slim Runway, which — to this day — is a constant in the brand’s catalog.

That’s why in 2014 when the licensing agreement between MK and Fossil signed another 10-year agreement to continue the manufacture of MK watches. In the following years, MK looked to expand its men’s watch collection.

How to Spot a Fake Michael Kors Slim Runway Watch

Slim Runway is one of Michael Kors’ most popular timepieces. This led many to counterfeit the watch. You wouldn’t want to spend your hard-earned money for a fly-by-night timepiece, right? So, we gathered simple ways to identify a fake Michael Kors watch. These are generally an overall look that should apply to any and all Michael Kors watch.

The Details to Consider

Starting with the dial of the watch, an indication that you have an MK watch is its logo. It’s easy to spot the logo on the dial, however, it will take great scrutiny to know if it’s fake. A genuine MK watch should come with the proper font and excellent finishing. That means, there shouldn’t be a sign of glue anywhere around it. Remember that this timepiece is developed and manufactured by Fossil, a top-tier watch manufacturer. You can trust Fossil to take great care of its products as much as it does with licensed items.

Flipping the watch’s face over, you’re greeted with a very detailed case back of an MK watch. A lot of counterfeit manufacturers forget that there are fine details engraved there. Among those, the model number is something you should be looking at. It should come with a four-digital code attached to the letters MK. The words “All Stainless Steel” should also be engraved at the top part of the case back in a semicircular pattern along with the model number.

Another fine detail that makes MK watches unique is their second hand. Right, you need attention to detail with this one. At the end of every MK watch’s second hand is an inverted, solid letter “M”. While some manufacturers easily copy this part, it’s not a bad thing to take a look at this detail

Other details to take a look at include the MK logo on the crown as well as proper application of crystals on the watch. Since Slim Runway models have crystal-set dials or bezels, it’s best to check if there are any signs of glue where the crystals sit. Moreover, the bracelet should come with high-quality PVD or ion plating. Fake MK watches usually have tin alloy bracelets coated with latex just to achieve certain colors.

5 Reasons to Buy a Michael Kors Slim Runway Watch

Buying a Michael Kors watch is one of the greatest fashion choices you can do. These are incredibly stylish watches made by a trusted manufacturer. Here are some reasons you need to consider before buying a Slim Runway watch.

1. Michael Kors Slim Runway remains a popular choice from the brand due to its overall design.

2. It’s also relatively affordable despite coming from a luxury watch brand.

3. The watch is designed, developed, and manufactured by Fossil Group, one of the most prominent names in the watch industry.

4. Slim Runway features different watch sizes (44mm, 42mm, and 33mm) that make them perfect as men’s and women’s watches.

5. The design of the watches is varied, which makes it perfect no matter what your personality is.

Michael Kors Slim Runway: Stylish Timepieces for Everyday Wear

Michael Kors watches are great choices for people who prefer a stylish timepiece for everyday use. They may not come with great water resistance or a mechanical movement but they’re all perfect for a fashionable statement. MK still is a reputable fashion brand and the fact that they entrusted Fossil Group with its line of watches means that they want to come up with not only gorgeous but also functional watches. These timepieces indeed provide the necessary information without the need for any fancy movements. After all, that’s why timepieces are all about.

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