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New Michael Kors Petite Darci Watches

Michael Kors Petite Darci: Women’s Sophisticated Everyday Watch

The Michael Kors Petite Darci collection boasts dainty watches with round cases that measure 26mm to 33mm in diameter. They come in a variety of stainless steel metals such as gold, rose gold, silver, or even two-toned versions combining rose gold and silver. The eye-catching signature feature of this collection is the bezel, which is embellished with gorgeous crystals, while its durable stainless steel bracelets maintain the color scheme of the specific model’s case. Powering the Michael Kors Petite Darci is a quartz movement, which provides a water resistance of up to 50 meters, making this a perfect everyday three-hand watch. 

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Petite Darci Ref. MK3364

$250 USD

  • 33 mm round silver casing and 16 mm strap
  • Bezel set with crystals
  • Silver dial and silver stainless steel strap
  • 50 meters water resistance
  • Quartz movement with three-hand analog dial display

Petite Darci Ref. MK3294

$119 USD

  • 26 mm round silver casing and 16 mm strap
  • Bezel set with crystals
  • Silver dial and silver stainless steel strap
  • 50 meters water resistance
  • Quartz movement with three-hand analog dial display

Petite Darci Ref. MK3295

$225 USD

  • 26 mm round gold casing and 14 mm strap 
  • Bezel set with crystals
  • Champagne-colored dial and gold stainless steel strap
  • 50 meters water resistance
  • Quartz movement with three-hand analog dial display

Petite Darci Ref. MK3832

$154 USD

  • 26 mm round rose gold casing and 14 mm strap 
  • Bezel set with crystals
  • Mother of pearl dial  and rose gold stainless steel strap
  • 30 meters water resistance
  • Quartz movement with three-hand analog dial display

Petite Darci Two-Tone Watch Ref. MK3298

$129 USD

  • 26 mm round rose gold casing and 16 mm strap 
  • Bezel set with crystals
  • Silver dial and two-toned (silver and rose gold) strap
  • 50 meters water resistance
  • Quartz movement with three-hand analog dial display

How much is a Michael Kors Petite Darci watch? 

The Michael Kors Petite Darci collection features a variety of small quartz watches for women in stainless steel cases and straps, paired with minimalistic colored dials to suit its elegant finish. The slimmer casing of the Michael Kors Petite Darci provides the users with a comfortable and lightweight profile. On top of that, it also comes with 30 to 50 meters of water resistance, making it an ideal partner for your everyday activities Despite carrying all these features and the iconic Michael Kors brand name, this Michael Kors Petite Darciwatch collection is relatively affordable, with prices ranging from $119 USD to $250 USD.

Petite Darci Silver

Among the selection of Michael Kors Petite Darci watches are their silver models, in particular, the Michael Kors Petite Darci Ref. MK3294 and Michael Kors Petite Darci Ref. MK3364. Although they boast a similar design, with their clean analog dials, perfectly round cases, slim link bracelets, and silver finishes, the two variants differ in terms of their sizes and bezel used. Aside from the physical specifications, both watches also share the same water resistance capacity of 50 meters. 

The Ref. MK3294 comes in a slender 26mm silver stainless steel case, with a silver sunray dial that features matching silver-toned hands and baton-style indices. Its bezel is embellished with round crystals peppered all around it, giving the watch a look of delicate elegance. The extra-petite Ref. MK3294 is priced at $119 USD. 

On the other hand, the Ref. MK3363 has a slightly larger size, weighing in with a 33m silver stainless steel case. It has the same silver sunray dial, with slim baton-style hands and indices. However, its bezel is markedly different, and is decorated with striking square-shaped crystals instead. This watch retails at a slightly more expensive price of $250 USD. 

Petite Darci Gold

The Michael Kors Petite Darci Gold Ref. MK3295 and Michael Kors Petite Darci Gold Ref. MK3832 give the ladies a greater selection of colors with their gold and rose gold finishes respectively. With similar 26mm round cases, 14mm straps, and round crystal-embedded bezels, these two models are almost identical in terms of their exteriors. The difference between them, however, can be seen when you look at the dial. 

Complementing the Ref. MK3295’s gold tone is its champagne-colored dial, with matching gold hour markers, text logo, and handset. The link bracelet, likewise, comes in a gleaming gold hue. This timepiece retails at $225 USD.

Meanwhile, the rose gold Ref. MK3832 boasts an elegant mother-of-pearl dial with a silver shine that resembles the crystals in the bezel, giving the rose gold facade a lustrous contrast. With minimalistic rose gold-toned hands and hour indices, this watch retails at a very budget-friendly price of $154 USD. 

Petite Darci Two-Toned

The standout model in the collection is the two-toned Michael Kors Petite Darci Two-Toned Ref. MK3298, which also comes in the standard 26mm watch casing. The selling point of this model is its two-toned rose gold and silver finish, with its exquisite, alternately-colored link bracelet. Its crystal-embedded bezel, the front case, and the crown are all in rose gold while the case back is in sleek silver. Taking a closer look at the dial, its silver background is flatteringly complemented by rose gold markers, hands, and a text logo. This gorgeous Ref. MK3298 timepiece is priced at $129 USD. 

Michael Kors Petite Darci's History and Design Details

The man behind this global fashion brand, Michael Kors, first started his fashion journey in 1981, when he released an all-American sportswear collection, followed by his first runway in 1984. His sportswear collection garnered recognition from around the world and gave Michael Kors a reputation for excellence, especially when it came to women’s chic and classy clothing styles. 

Having an eye for women’s fashion, Kors designed several glamorous luxury products, including clothing, bags, shoes down, to fashion accessories that include designer watches. Applying the elegance of the brand to the art of watchmaking, Michael Kors released the Michael Kors Petite Darci, famous for, as the name suggests, its petite watch sizes. With watches ranging from 26mm to 33mm in diameter, the collection features a series of lightweight ladies’ watches with stunning crystal-embellished bezels. 

The Michael Kors Petite Darci boasts a three-hand analog display and link bracelets that come in classic colors such as rose gold, silver, gold, as well as the two-toned model in rose gold and silver. With its dainty appearance and ergonomic feel, this Michael Kors watch collection ensures that a lady does not just look good, but feels good as well. 

How to Spot a Fake Michael Kors Petite Darci Watch 

Michael Kors is a huge fashion icon so it is no surprise that there have been many counterfeits sold on the market at lower prices. Here are some tips on ensuring the authenticity of your Petite Darci watch.

See the Packaging

When purchasing a Michael Kors watch, you need to check the packaging first, whether it is in good condition and bears an official receipt. The box should bear an evenly-spaced Michael Kors text on its edge. While some fake packaging can look quite realistic, another thing you can check for is the watch’s pillow, which should have square edges and does not look like an actual pillow with pointy edges. 

Check the Dial and Bezel

Next, check the overall look of the watch starting from the dial and the bezel. For watches under the Michael Kors Petite Darci collection, their bezels are bedazzled with the signature crystals and their dials boast a three-hand analog display. Since these are also considered petite models, they should be small and in sizes of 26mm or 33mm. If the watch is bigger or has missing parts, then it is most likely fake. 

Looking inside the dial, make sure there are no missing or misaligned crystals and the markers in the dial should all be symmetrical. The face of the watch should also look clean without any traces of glue or any other adhesive materials. If you spot any of these indicators, then the watch is likely to be fake. 

Check the Crown and Case Back

Another indication that a Michael Kors watch is real is through the crown. It should bear an engraved MK logo. Beware though, as some fake watches may have the logo in the bezel, but these counterfeits are usually not engraved or not visible enough. Then, check the case back, as it should bear the “Michael Kors” text in the middle and the model number below. On top, you should be able to see an “all stainless steel” text, the date of production, and the watch’s water resistance capacity. If any of these details are missing, then the watch you are looking at is a counterfeit. 

Feel the Bracelet

Lastly, check the watch’s bracelets. A Michael Kors Petite Darci watch has 5-link stainless steel bracelets that are often at the same color as the  case or are two-toned. All of Michael Kors’ watches use high-quality stainless steel, which tends to have a certain degree of heft to it. Furthermore, Michael Kors watches are covered in PVD coating, so they are resistant to scratches. If the watch you are looking at feels too light, or if it has visible scratches, then it is most likely a replica. 

A Posh and Easy-to-Slip-On Everyday Watch For Women

Michael Kors has repeatedly proven its understanding of women’s lifestyles and fashion over the years. Providing collections that are uniquely creative but also elegant and sophisticated, the brand has applied their classy style to its watches, in particular, the Michael Kors Petite Darci collection. While the elegant finish and stunning crystal bezel are likely to be the first things one notices, the collection’s main highlight, as referenced in its name, is its extra petite casing that gives the ladies an easy-to-slip-on ergonomic watch for their everyday use.

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