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New Michael Kors Cinthia Watches

Michael Kors Cinthia: Every Woman’s Must-Have Everyday Watch

Michael Kors has been known as a fashion brand for the masses. The company produces bags, clothes, and other accessories categorized as affordable luxury. As a result, the company became a hit among the general public. Its popularity grew over the years and to this day, it’s a respected name in the industry. When the company started producing timepieces, the world was watching. It’s not surprising for a fashion brand to come up with watches of their own. However, it’s noticeable that these watches are not particularly for the rich and famous. It aims to provide ample luxury to the wearer on an everyday basis.

Michael Kors launched the Cinthia line with an aesthetic that aims to appeal to the feminine market. The watches in this collection don’t differ much. In fact, the design of Michael Kors Cinthia watches marries simplicity with elegance. Such a design proves timeless and versatile for every woman.

Prices at a Glance: Most Popular Michael Kors Cinthia Watches


Price (approximate)

Key Features

Michael Kors Cinthia MK3643

$169 USD

  • Rose Gold Mother of Pearl dial
  • Rose Gold-toned case and bracelet
  • Miyota GL30 Quartz Movement
  • Crystals on bezel and bracelet
Michael Kors Cinthia MK3681

$159 USD

  • Gold color dial
  • Gold-toned case and bracelet
  • Miyota GL30 Quartz Movement
  • Crystals on bezel and bracelet
Michael Kors Cinthia MK2662

$139 USD

  • White Mother of Pearl dial
  • Gold-toned case and hands
  • Miyota GL30 Quartz Movement
  • Crystals on bezel
  • Leather strap
Michael Kors Cinthia MK3641

$139 USD

  • Mother of Pearl dial
  • Stainless steel case and bracelet
  • Miyota GL30 Quartz Movement
  • Crystals on bezel and bracelet
Michael Kors Cinthia MK2663

$119 USD

  • White Mother of Pearl Dial
  • Rose Gold-toned case and hands
  • Miyota GL30 Quartz Movement
  • Pink leather strap
  • Crystals on bezel 
Michael Kors Cinthia MK2661

$119 USD

  • Mother of Pearl dial
  • Stainless steel case
  • Blue leather strap
  • Miyota GL30 Quartz Movement
  • Crystals on bezel 


How much is a Michael Kors Cinthia watch?

The Michael Kors Cinthia collection has a few models under its name. However, there isn’t much of a difference between these watches. Timepieces from this collection are united by a design that’s perfect for the feminine taste. It exudes incredible elegance without trying too hard to show off. The Michael Kors Cinthia carries a simple design and just the right amount of glitz.

MK may be a designer brand but its offers don’t stray too far from the affordable range. Many products from MK come at low prices, providing its patrons affordable luxury. The same goes for the watches from this brand. Since there’s no mechanical movement or diamond studs on the watch, it only costs around $120 USD to $200 USD to own a Michael Kors Cinthia watch. However, you can still purchase the timepiece for a lot less, pre-owned.

Designs of Michael Kors Cinthia Watches

Perhaps, what makes the Michael Kors Cinthia stand out is the crystal-paved bezel it has. This ultra-feminine design would seem like a lot if you put it against a different dial design. However, because Michael Kors chose to set this crystal bezel against a simple dial, the bezel stands out. Even more, MK chose to add a similar line of crystals on the bracelet of the watch.

That said, not all Cinthia watches come with a stainless steel bracelet. Other models have leather straps instead. Cinthia watches without a stainless steel bracelet don’t have crystals on the strap. However, in place of the crystal are stunning multi-colored leather straps that are just equally as striking.

This watch’s case comes in stainless steel, but some models come in Rose Gold or Gold tones. Typically, the color of the case matches the color of the hands and marker in the watch. Meanwhile, the dial of the watch varies in color as well such as in Gold or Rose Gold tones. However, every watch carries the same Mother of Pearl pattern for a posh finish.

Michael Kors Cinthia's Miyota Quartz Movement

At the heart of each MK Cinthia watch is a Miyota Quartz movement, specifically the Miyota GL30. This is an HMS movement, or a three-hand movement that displays hours, minutes, and seconds. Standing at only 3.66 mm, this is the perfect movement for fashion watches. That said, such a movement cements Cinthia’s reputation as a fashion watch. While it doesn’t carry a powerful mechanical movement, it’s still a functional watch that looks incredible for any occasion.

All that said, MK watches remain a good choice, especially for a fashion watch. This is due to the brand’s partnership with Fossil. Because of this licensing agreement between MK and Fossil Group, the latter manufactures and distributes watches of the former. Many consider Fossil as a manufacturer of high-end quartz watches. This is true as Fossil prides itself on manufacturing watches for the masses. For only 200 to 700 USD, Fossil watches can provide great quality watches. The same philosophy applies to the companies that Fossil works with such as Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, and Emporio Armani.

History Behind the Michael Kors Cinthia Collection

There’s no specific date to when Michael Kors began producing Cinthia watches. We can, however, pinpoint the exact time when MK began producing timepieces. In the Fall of 2004, Michael Kors began a partnership with Fossil. This gave Fossil Group the license to design, develop, as well as distribute Michael Kors watches. MK is just one of the many brands that Fossil assists when it comes to the development of timepieces. Among the brands, Skagen, Adidas, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Emporio Armani, and Armani Exchange are the most prominent.

The licensing agreement lasted for 10 years and in 2014, the two companies once again signed for 10 more years of partnership. Michael Kors continues to let Fossil Group craft the timepieces from their collection. On a bigger production scale, MK also gave Fossil Group the rights to produce jewelry for the brand. This partnership will go on until 2024.

The past years have been kind enough as MK continues to churn out great offerings from the brand. There has been a great reception from patrons as MK and Fossil now collaborate to expand the brand’s line of men’s watches.

How to Spot a Fake Michael Kors Cinthia Watch

It’s undeniable that Michael Kors is one of the biggest brands. That being said, MK is also prone to having counterfeits everywhere in the market. Replicas of popular watches are, unfortunately, unsurprising. Now, as a consumer, you wouldn’t want to waste your money on subpar timepieces. Here are some ways to recognize a fake Michael Kors watch.

The dial of the watch should display the correct spelling of the brand’s name. In the case of the Cinthia watch, you should be able to see the brand name in metal. Michael Kors uses only high-quality metals for every part of the watch. A lot of counterfeit watches don’t have the same quality. More importantly, replicas don’t make an effort to stick every letter of the brand name unlike the original. You should take note of every fine detail you can find on the dial of the watch. You should only see high-quality markers, brand names, and dial.

When it comes to the case of the watch, you should see the letters MK stamped on the crown of the watch. Other details also appear on the caseback of the watch, engraved finely on it. Some information includes the model number as well as an affirmation that the watch is made from stainless steel.

Since the Cinthia watch comes with crystals on the bezel, you should also pay attention to the way each crystal sits on. Many counterfeits are done so sloppily that you can easily spot inaccuracies in the making of it. Plus, the spacings are asymmetrical as well. No glue should be visible on the edges as well.

As seen on the Cinthia watches, some Michael Kors watches come with PVD coating. This allows the stainless steel to appear with different tones such as Gold and Rose Gold. Replicas of MK watches come with low-quality tin alloys coated with latex. This makes the watch incredibly light and the latex deteriorates quickly. Scratches also appear more in counterfeits while original ones are of high quality. So, they don’t get scratches easily and the tones last a lot longer.

Finally, stainless steel bracelets must have arrows on the underside of the removable links. If you don’t find this or the aforementioned traits, your MK Cinthia watch must be a replica.

5 Reasons to Buy a Michael Kors Cinthia Watch

There are many reasons to buy anything from Michael Kors. The brand is a fashion giant and we can’t deny the influence the company has. That said, here are reasons why you need a Cinthia watch today.

1. Michael Kors is a prominent fashion line that produces aesthetic pieces.

2. The Michael Kors Cinthia line provides elegant designs for women’s watches.

3. Its design doesn’t only look good in a casual setting but in more formal events as well.

4. Michael Kors watches are currently engaged in a licensing agreement with Fossil, one of the top watch manufacturers in the world.

5. Because of its quartz movements, Michael Kors Cinthia watches are more affordable than other fashion watches.

Michael Kors Cinthia: Affordable Watches for Modern-Day Women 

The Michael Kors Cinthia line became a favorite among patrons for its utter simplicity. It allows every woman to shine without the excessive details. Moreover, they’re perfect for every occasion and setting — from a casual day look to a night out with your friends. It’s the perfect timepiece for the modern-day woman.

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