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Memorigin Tourbillon Watches: In a League of Their Own

Apart from the features of Memorigin Tourbillon watches, the brand also takes pride in their designs crafted intricately that are sure to catch the eye of every watch aficionado. From Memorigin’s watch memorabilia crafted for Marvel and Hasbro, the brand has also released collections that are breathtakingly captivating and still highly functional. Among the collections they’ve released is the Memorigin Solar Series that features a design of the eight planets and the sun that was well presented from its colors and sizes down to pointers, dials, and the movement of the tourbillon. They also have the Memorigin Starry Series, the brand’s creative design of the dreamy night sky and sparkling stars as they embellish it with diamonds giving it a very elegant and ethereal look. 

Another outstanding Memorigin tourbillon watches collection is the Memorigin Stellar Series, which highlights the Chinese culture and philosophy by incorporating the harmony of “round” and “square” in their watches.

How much is a Memorigin watch?

To get an idea about the prices you can expect from Memorigin, review the price list of their most coveted pieces below:

ModelPrice (Approximate)SizeFeatures
Memorigin Evolving Butterfly Series$16,714 USD43mm
  • Rose gold-plated diamond embedded stainless steel case
  • White diamonds (359pcs)
  • Mother-of-pearl dial
  • Rose gold-plated luminous dauphine hands
  • Alligator strap
  • 72 hours power reserve
  • Flying tourbillon

Memorigin Five Elements - Metal


$25,853 USD45mm
  • Sapphire glass
  • Transparent dial
  • Luminous hands
  • Rubber strap
  • 65 hours power reserve
  • Tourbillon located at 9 o'clock

Memorigin Jadeite Peacock


$25,853 USD40mm
  • Diamond-embedded stainless steel case
  • Diamond (approx. 459pcs)
  • Myanmar Jadeite Type A (approx. 14pcs)
  • Mother-of-pearl dial
  • Silver dauphine hands
  • Alligator strap/silk strap
  • 72 hours power reserve
  • Tourbillon
Memorigin LOVE LOVE COLLECTION - Friends$23,242 USD42mm
  • Diamond-embedded stainless steel case with white diamonds (approx. 382pcs), black diamonda (approx. 4pcs), and 18K white gold (5.14gram)
  • Floral-embossed skeleton dia
  • Blue dauphine hands
  • Alligator strap
  • 72 hours power reserve
  • Tourbillon
Memorigin Twelve Constellations - Sagittarius$16,714 USD40mm
  • Diamond-embedded stainless steel case with white diamonds (approx. 369pcs)
  • Sagittarius-embedded mother-of-pearl dial
  • Silver dauphine hands
  • Alligator strap
  • 50 hours power reserve
  • Automatic, self-winding mechanism
Memorigin The Voyage Series$6,372 USD54mm
  • Black PVD-coated barrel-shaped stainless steel case
  • Sailboat-themed skeleton dial
  • Black dauphine hands
  • Alligator strap
  • 72 hours power reserve
  • Tourbillon
  • Automatic, self-winding mechanism
Memorigin The Time Machine Series$6,372 USD43mm
  • Stainless steel case
  • Blue luminous dauphine hands
  • Alligator strap
  • Day/night indicator/24 hours indicator
  • Power reserve indicator
  • 60 hours power reserve
  • Tourbillon
  • Manual winding mechanism
Memorigin Ladies Series-Skeleton$4,505 USD35mm
  • Stainless steel case
  • Skeleton dial
  • Luminous dauphine hands
  • Alligator strap
  • 60 hours power reserve
  • Tourbillon
  • Manual winding mechanism
Memorigin Mermaid Series-Limited edition$6,372 USD40mm
  • Rose gold-plated stainless steel case
  • PVD rose gold mermaid embossment with mother-of-pearl dial
  • 5 pcs of sapphire index
  • Silver hands
  • Alligator strap
  • 40 hours power reserve
  • Tourbillon
  • Manual winding mechanism
Memorigin Marvel Series - Iron Man Tourbillon$5,067 USD43mm
  • Gold-plated stainless steel case
  • Iron Man-themed skeleton dial
  • Gold-plated luminous hands
  • Red and gold-plated stainless-steel bracelet
  • Day/night indicator
  • Power reserve indicator
  • 80 hours power reserve
  • Tourbillon
  • Manual winding mechanism
Memorigin Transformers 5 Series - Bumblebee$5,589 USD43mm
  • Black PVD-coated stainless steel case
  • Bumblebee embossment on the dial with diamonds
  • Blue pomme of luminous dauphine hands
  • Day and night indicator
  • Power reserve indicator
  • 80 hours power reserve
Memorigin MTW (TeaWood)$5,850 USD45mm
  • Rose gold-plated stainless steel case with wooden bezel
  • Metal skeleton dial with wooden surface
  • Rose gold-plated luminous dauphine hands
  • Day and night indicator
  • Power reserve indicator


Memorigin Watches’ Collections

While Memorigin is a relatively new brand, it has proven to be a strong contender in the world of watch manufacturing, putting out quality tourbillon watches that can compete with more established luxury watch brands. Below are some of Memorigin’s classic collection series:

Prices for the Memorigin Dynamic Series: Rugged and Sporty 

The Memorigin Dynamic Series exudes a sporty vibe with the case frame and design surface taking inspiration from parts of a sports car. This men's watch boasts a metal case of 46mm diameter in size and is waterproof for about 100m or 10 ATM. The men’s watch series has a black skeletal dial, silver plate rod index, and sliver arrow-shaped hands. The metal design of the dynamic series gives an edgy yet sophisticated finish and is fully equipped with a tourbillon movement. The Memorigin Dynamic Series comes in black and silver and are priced at $5,589 USD.

Prices for the Memorigin Evolving Butterfly Series: Delicately Embellished Options for Her

The Memorigin Evolving Butterfly Series is a collection of stainless steel watches that are elegantly rose-plated and embellished with diamonds. These watches also come with a mother-and-pearl dial and rose gold-plated luminous dauphine hands. The Evolving Butterfly’s pièce de résistance is an 18K white gold butterfly sculpture that is positioned in the middle of the timepiece. Available in pink and blue, the Memorigin Evolving Butterfly Series is priced at $16,714 USD.

Prices for the Memorigin GT Series: Sleek and Sporty

The Memorigin GT Series comprises sleek stainless steel watches that feature a carbon fiber dial, a GMT indicator, a day/night indicator, red luminous dauphine hands, and an alligator strap with a carbon fiber surface. The watches feature a 40-hour power reserve and manual winding mechanism. The watch is also water-resistant for about 50m or 5ATM and priced at $5,197 USD. 

Prices for the Memorigin Love Love Collection: Luxurious Diamond Watches for Women

The Memorigin Love Love collection consists of two categories: Family and Friends. The Family collection boasts a diamond-embedded flower camellia-shaped stainless steel case and is embellished with ruby, white, and black diamonds. Its dial has a diamond-embossed panda skeleton equipped with red dauphine hands. 

As for the Friends collection, the watches feature a diamond-embedded stainless steel case decorated with a squirrel and lovebird design in the middle. This decoration is accented with black and white diamonds. The watches also come with a floral-embossed skeleton dial and blue dauphine hands and finished off with an alligator strap. The Friends collection has 72 hours of power reserve while the family collection has 60 hours of power reserve. The Family collection is priced at $16,452 USD, while the Friends collection is priced at $23,242 USD.

Prices for the Memorigin Marvel Series: Iconic Watches for the Pop Culture Fanatic

To the delight of Marvel fans, the brand released the Memorigin Marvel men’s watch collection with three designs inspired by Iron Man, Spiderman, and Thor. The Iron Man tourbillon boasts an Iron Man-themed skeleton dial in a gold-plated stainless steel case. It also features gold-plated luminous hands and a red and gold-plated stainless steel bracelet that resembles the color of the iconic Iron Man suit. The watch features a day and night indicator as well as an 80 hours power reserve and an indicator. 

As for the Spiderman tourbillon, it featured a Spiderman-themed embossed dial nestled in a rose gold-plated stainless steel case. Its strap resembles a spider web in calf leather. And finally, for the Thor tourbillon, it exudes an edgy and sophisticated look in red. The watch is designed with a Thor-themed skeleton dial with the character’s iconic Mjölnir as its hour hand and a thunderbolt for the minute hand. The Iron Man tourbillon is available in gold, the Spiderman in rose gold, and the Thor in black, all priced at $5,067 USD.

Prices for the Memorigin 12 Constellations Series: The Best of Astronomy and Horology

The Memorigin 12 Constellation series intends to be a collection of watches inspired by the twelve zodiac constellations. To date, the Sagittarius is the only one to be released, equipped with a diamond-embedded stainless steel case. This watch is accented with a metal-sculpted Sagittarius symbol, and this is embedded within a mother-of-pearl dial and silver dauphine hands. The 12 Constellation series features a 50-hour power reserve and a 50m or 5 ATM water resistance. The Sagittarius is available in the color green and is priced at $16,714 USD. 

Reasons to buy a Memorigin Watch

If you haven’t been convinced to buy Memorigin, here are a few reasons why you should take this brand into serious consideration: 

1. Quality guaranteed

Tourbillons have the reputation of being exclusive and expensive, making them definite indicators of high quality in timepieces. Although its reputation came from the Swiss community of watchmakers, Memorigin has made its own name for producing high-end timepieces at a more affordable price no matter how complicated the mechanism and design is. Memorigin’s prices may be less than the normal tourbillon pieces, but the brand guarantees to provide the same quality.

2. Adventurous designs

Similar to the watch’s complicated mechanical features, Memorigin also takes pride in creating designs that are either a blend of their culture or artistic and creative aesthetics that will surely catch the eyes of collectors and non-collectors. You’ll not just find embossed dragons, butterflies, and other Chinese symbolisms in their intricate designs, but also pop culture characters like Spiderman and the Transformers. This gives Memorigin an edge above other watch brands, as they are willing to go beyond tradition to create unique collections. 

3. Value

Tourbillons have greater value in the watchmaking industry mainly because they are complex and made intricately. It takes great craftsmanship to produce a perfect tourbillon timepiece, making these watches highly valued across time — some of these may even increase in monetary value by up to three times in the future. As such, tourbillons are considered worthy of investment, as they will prove to be invaluable as time wears on.

Memorigin Tourbillon Watches

Ever since the start, Memorigin has always been into making tourbillon watches. Highly inspired by the Swiss’ luxurious timepieces, the brand has opened so many doors and opportunities as they were the first-ever watchmaker in Hongkong to produce tourbillon watches. The aim of the brand was to produce just the same quality timepieces but with a different touch of style, design and making it a little less expensive in which they can offer to the ever-growing watch collectors of Hongkong.

From the first Antique series, Memorigin has created various designs using high-quality materials sourced from around the world. Every single piece was carefully arranged and crafted by top Hongkong designers and watchmakers and they are strictly controlling productions of each watch to ensure that every piece released in the market is well made. 

Some of the most recent and iconic watches the brand has created were for Marvel’s The Avengers and Hasbro’s Transformers, which garnered massive support from the huge watch collectors and fans of Hongkong. 

History of Memorigin Watches

Founded by William Shum in 2011, Memorigin is a Hongkong manufacturer of tourbillon watches that is well-known for its precise, high-quality and less expensive collections. William and his father, Shum Mak-ling, are both fond of collecting beautiful items. Around the 2000s, a factory in Hangzhou China was starting the tourbillon manufacturing and his father was one of its co-owners. William thought of how there are few companies doing tourbillons around the world and how exclusive and costly these are. He began thinking if he will be able to make tourbillons a little less expensive. Then after a visit to his father’s factory, he got the idea of making tourbillons that have the same precision but incorporating Chinese symbolism in the design.

In 2011, the brand released its first-ever Antique series and was then followed by even higher collections that require intricate assembling and designing. Today, Memorigin watches have made a reputation of creating quality tourbillon timepieces that exude a balance of their Chinese culture and Western influence in its design, offering it at a lesser price. 

Memorigin: Tourbillon Watches for Everyone

Memorigin is a tourbillon watch brand first and foremost, and will very likely continue to thrive in this niche for a long time to come. This is owing to the brand’s openness to explore unique and creative designs, all while maintaining its reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality tourbillon timepieces.

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