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Internationally recognised watch Maison Desco von Schulthess Company launched its debut timepieces under the name Maurice Lacroix in 1975. By using expertise garnered across many decades in the industry (after all, the company had been founded way back in 1889 in Zurich and had collaborated with famous Swiss watch companies since 1946), the company decided to go ahead and buy a factory for creating automatic watch in Saignelegier, at the core of the fabled Swiss Jura mountains.  

Indeed, luxury timepieces were created for a range of companies and so it was no tall order for Desco von Schulthess to go ahead and craft its very own label. Improving the look of an iconic watch is a process filled with potential pitfalls. The very point of its lustre disappear with a single wrong move or ill informed alteration to the design aesthetic. Yet, Maurice Lacroix decided to go ahead and the result has been years of passion for progress, the search for the ideal timepiece.  

When each and every part of the design that goes into creating a wristwatch is so meticulously undertaken, the result is bound to be one of the highest quality. With a commitment to focusing on the small details, Maurice Lacroix manages to produce some of the most strikingly elegant automatic Swiss watches around. This is particularly true of the brand’s Les Classiques collection.  

Throughout many, many years, the pioneering attitude and commitment to excellence of their horologists, Switzerland deservedly become the global epicentre of the industry. Maurice Lacroix is devoted to keeping this tradition very much alive and the extremely high level of watchmaking that the brand practices is a testament to this ethos. For more than 4 decades now, Maurice Lacroix watches have been manufactured in the company's own pioneering, workshops in Saignelegier. In order to produce only the most successful creation of the very best wrist watches in watchmaking, the Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques family is the result of  years skill gathering, industrial knowledge, technological ability, and, perhaps most of all, a huge feel of quality.  

The Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques range has won many awards for its pieces down the years. Indeed, the blend of function and form employed by the brand for this range mean that Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques watches have a very good reputation across the industry. As the brand continues to develop all of the time, the designs and movements only become more reliable, ingenious and aesthetically arresting. Indeed, the company constantly looks to provide a fresh insight on the very idea of what a watch can be, a commitment to ingenuity that is part of the brand DNA.  

This fact is a testament to the Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques family of watches, which represent everything that this excellent company stands for: ingenuity, heritage and a passion for creating the best wrist watches possible.

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