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Martian Watches Styles and Features

There are a variety of styles that were produced by Martian Watches. Some similarities found in all their watches include an analog time display, a speaker, a noise-cancelling microphone and a small organic LED display screen. The display screen allows you to see information including text messages, social media notifications, caller ID information and more. Beyond those features, there’s something cool you can do with your phone’s camera. You can trigger the shutter of your phone’s camera with the watch. The watch also has an accelerometer and a micro USB port on the side so you can recharge the battery for your phone. Some of the more popular watch styles include Martian mVip Kindred Analog Smartwatch, Martian Passport Smartwatch, and Martian Notifier.

Martian Watches Awards

Martian Watches may have been founded in 2007, but they have made quite the name for themselves already since then. They were named a CNET “Best of CES Finalist” at the 2013 CES. On top of that, they were in the running for a Popular Mechanics CES 2013 Editor’s Choice Award. That same year, Martian Watches was awarded the Edison Award for Productivity Tools.

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