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Longines Railroad: An Icon from the ‘60s

Longines is a Swiss watchmaking company that was established in 1832. Since then, their goal was to create sports watches and are devoted to creating timepieces that boast elegance and high performance. With the introduction of trains and railroads in the world, Longines decided to go out of its way to create a wristwatch that is crucial in the daily operations of railroad companies — thus, the Longines Railroad was born.

Prices at a Glance: Most Popular Longines Railroad Watches

Longines Railroad Men’s Automatic Watch - L28034230$1,850 USD
  • Movement: Longines L888.2 Self-Winding Caliber Movement
  • Indications: Arabic Numeral Markers; 24-Hour Markers with Minute Markers on the Outer Circle
  • Power Reserve: 64 Hours
  • Case: 40mm Diameter Silver-Tone Stainless Steel
  • Water Resistance: 30 Meters
Longines Railroad Automatic Watch - L28034233$1,589 USD
  • Movement: Longines L888.2 Self-Winding Caliber Movement
  • Indications: Arabic Numeral Markers; 24-Hour Markers with Minute Markers on the Outer Circle
  • Power Reserve: 64 Hours
  • Case: 40mm Diameter Silver-Tone Stainless Steel
  • Water Resistance: 30 Meters


How much does a Longines Railroad watch cost?

With such a rich heritage, the Longines Railroad does not come off cheap. It may be affordable at best, but the price is still along the boundaries of how average luxury watches usually cost. There are currently two variants available under the Longines Railroad collection. Both have the same features and functionalities, with only a slight difference in the color of the dial. Nonetheless, both offer the same iconic design that is closely reminiscent of the original Longines Railroad watch that came out in the 1960s.

In 2016, Longines decided to reinvent the original Railroad watch to pay tribute to the timeless classic that helped railroad workers traverse the rails without accidents. With that in mind, how much does the 2016 Longines Railroad watch cost?

The Longines Railroad L28034230 is almost identical to its predecessor with the caliber movement and the strap being the exceptions. The main takeaway in this model is its iconic 24-Hour markings. This is used to provide an accurate reading of time to assist railroad workers to avoid fatal accidents back in the day. That is why the Longines Railroad became a classic timepiece during the 1960s where trains became apparent across the world. 

The Longines Railroad brandishes a clean white dial enclosed with a 40mm silver-tone stainless steel case paired with a black leather strap and a tang buckle. This design choice gives the Longines Railroad a perfect blend of both vintage and modernity. And to show consistency, the 24-hour markings alongside the minute markings are present without any added features whatsoever. 

Originally, the first model of the Longines Railroad used the Longines Caliber 280. This was then changed into the Longines Caliber L888.2 self-winding automatic movement. This newer caliber allows for an automatic self-winding capability that has a maximum power reserve of 64 hours. Not only that, but it also has a water resistance of 30 meters. This may not be a necessary feature since it is made primarily for railroad workers and train employees, but it is fair to say that this feature was added to provide more flexibility in several situations.

The current listed price for the Longines Railroad L28034230 is $1,850 USD. It is at an affordable price range compared to other luxury watches and caters to most connoisseurs and collectors—especially for minimalists due to the nature of its design.

The Longines Railroad L28034233 only has one distinct difference compared to the Railroad L28034230. Instead of a pure white dial, the Longines Railroad L28034233 has an off-white dial that gives it a far more vintage look and is closer to the original 1960s model. The 40mm silver-tone stainless steel case is also used for this watch along with the classic 24-hour markings. Plus, the leather strap and the tang clasp were also incorporated to avoid major changes about its predecessor.

Equipped with the Longines caliber L888.2 self-winding movement, the Longines Railroad L28034233 can last up to 64 hours when not worn. It also has a 30m water resistance, which is enough for the average wristwatch. 

All in all, the minimalist design of the Longines Railroad L28034233 and the aforementioned Railroad L28034230 gives a unique take on what a luxury watch should be. It is simple yet elegant, that is what Longines was going for when recreating their iconic Railroad watch.

The retail price for the Railroad L28034233 is currently $1,589 USD. It is a bit cheaper than the L28034230, but both models are about the same regardless of the price.

History Behind the Longines Railroad Collection

Longines has a very interesting history in regards to watchmaking and railroads. Back in the day, time was extremely essential for railroad workers and other important train personnel. This is to keep the train from running late and avoid fatal accidents that may ensue. In today’s era, watches no longer have the same importance in trains and railroads due to technological advancements for several decades. But in the past, a single misreading of time may cause horrible accidents — specifically collisions. 

With that, several popular watchmakers provided railroad pocket watches to help reduce accidents caused by misread time. In the 1960s, Longines took advantage of the dwindling popularity of pocket watches and distributed their iconic Longines Railroad watch. Equipped with their caliber 280 hand-wound movement, Longines greatly helped several railroad companies across the globe. Watches were rated back then, and the Longines Railroad was considered as “Railroad grade” since it is approved by railroad crews and train personnel.

The remake of the Longines Railroad may not have any use on today’s train companies, but these two models were made to pay respects to Longines’ interesting history in keeping the railroads safe and efficient back in the old days. 

As mentioned before, Longines Railroad was introduced to the world to help railroad workers avoid accidents and improve efficiency. Instead of using the typical 12-hour markings, Longines utilizes a 24-hour marking to avoid confusion throughout several railroad companies. By using the 24-hour format, conductors and railroad workers will not have any problems with communicating time since time zones can be confusing in the 12-hour format — especially since they are usually traveling to faraway destinations. The dial used is white and it is enclosed in a 35mm stainless steel case. The original’s case is smaller than the modern version of it to provide comfortability. Longines went for the simplest design to provide a more precise reading of time and focus more on affordability since it was mass-produced.

The design underwent little changes like the caliber and the case size. Nonetheless, Longines did an incredible job at preserving the heritage of the 1960s model and reintroduced it in modern times.

Vintage Longines Railroad — Is it a good investment?

The shortest answer to this question is yes. Given that the Longines Railroad has a rich heritage in the history of railroads, both collectors and connoisseurs are most likely to seek out the original 1960s model to add to their luxury watch collection. The Longines Railroad originally has a clean white dial, but since it is a considerably old model, the dial undergoes discoloration. This prompted it to have an off-white dial, which adds more to its value as a vintage model. The Longines Railroad L28034233 replicates the off-white dial to provide a more retro look despite being a new model. 

With that said, the 1960s Longines Railroad would be a worthy investment for collectors, connoisseurs, and people who like minimalistic designs. Truly a magnificent timepiece with a noble purpose.

3 Reasons to Buy a Longines Railroad Watch

Deciding on getting a Longines Railroad watch can be a challenging one. Not only does it have a lot of competition in regards to minimalistic designs with a rich heritage, but the prices are also at an affordable range. That being said, there are still a few points in which Longines Railroad excels at.

1. The 24-Hour format is really helpful

It is a fact that a majority of people are used to the 12-hour format. But in some cases, the 12-hour format causes confusion. It is easier to indicate whether it is in the morning or in the afternoon with the 24-hour format, especially when in unfamiliar terrain.

2. It is a luxury watch without any unnecessary features

The Longines Railroad is a straightforward watch. It does not have any moon phase dial or a date dial. Since it is made for the sole purpose of telling time to assist railroad workers, it offers no more than what it is made for. These characteristics are often sought after by connoisseurs who love clarity and simplicity.

3. It is affordable at best

Compared to other luxury watches, the Longines Railroad comes at an affordable price. Despite its rich heritage, the Longines Railroad only costs $1,850 USD which is cheaper than most luxury watches in the market. 

Longines Railroad: Quality, Precision, and History in One Watch

The Longines Railroad has come a long way since its debut in the 1960s. Mainly produced with the purpose of promoting safe travels through railroads, the Longines Railroad became an iconic timepiece as the years went by. It may not have any significant use with the railroads today, but being reminded of its crucial involvement in deterring fatal accidents is enough to deem it an extraordinary watch. The minimalistic design is also one of its many strengths that are often loved by watch experts, making it a great choice for both starters and savants.

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