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New Longines Longines Mini Watches

Longines Mini Women's Watch
Longines Mini
Longines Mini
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Longines Mini: Diamond-adorned Women’s Watches

Longines is a Swiss watchmaker that has been famous for its high-quality products since the 1800s. It has produced hundreds of affordable yet exceptional watches that have efficiently served its purposes for every wearer. One collection in Longines’ catalog is the Longines Mini watches for women, which was in 2015. This collection features timepieces that double as both functional timekeepers and miniature jewelry pieces. They come in much smaller case sizes than usual, and are adorned with diamonds and tasteful white mother-of-pearl dials. If you are a fan of fancy accessories and eye-catching watches, the Longines Mini collection is the perfect match for you. 

Price List at a Glance


Price (Approx.)


Longines Mini Ladies' Watch L23030874


$1,169 USD
  • 16mm diameter
  • Beige leather strap
  • Four diamond-set indexes 
  • White mother-of-pearl dial

Longines Mini Ladies’ Watch L23030875


$1,199 USD
  • 16mm diameter
  • Lavender leather strap
  • Four diamond-set indexes 
  • White mother-of-pearl dial
Longines Mini Black Dial Diamond Ladies Watch L23030572

$1,425 USD


  • 16mm diameter
  • Black leather strap
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • Round case shape
Longines Mini Ladies Watch L2.303.0.87.3$1,026 USD
  • 16mm diameter
  • Red leather band
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • Round case shape

How Much Does a Longines Mini Watch Cost?

The Longines Mini series has some of the most affordable jewelry watches that you can buy. With price points ranging from $900 USD to $1,200 USD, you can easily have a brand new Longines Mini timepiece that matches any outfit in your closet. 

This series of watches has four signature models, which mostly share the same features but differ in terms of their dials and the colors of their leather straps. These four models are the $1,099 USD Longines Mini Ladies' Watch L2.303.0.87.4, with a trendy beige strap and a mother-of-pearl dial; the $1,199 USD Longines Mini Ladies’ Watch L2.303.0.87.5, with a soft lavender leather strap and a mother-of-pearl dial; the $917 USD Longines Mini Ladies Watch L2.303.0.57.2, with a chic black leather strap and a black dial, and the $926 USD Longines Mini Ladies Watch L2.303.0.87.3, with a vibrant red leather strap and a mother-of-pearl dial.

All of these watches are made from stainless steel, which is smoothly polished for added shine and glimmer. They also have fixed stainless steel 42 Wessleton bezels. These bezels are protected by scratch-resistant and impact-resistant sapphire crystals for added durability. These Longines Mini watches have traditional analog dials, but with an innovative, lavish twist. All four models show off gorgeous diamond indices as hour markers in the 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock positions. 

The mother-of-pearl in the Longines Mini’s dial is a signature material for luxury watches, providing an iridescent effect which makes the dial shimmer and change in color depending on how the light hits it. These cases measure 16mm in diameter, just small enough to fit snug on every woman’s wrist. Unlike most other jewelry watches, the Longines Mini timepieces have longer shelf lives, with their round, solid case backs that are securely screwed in and the sturdy stainless steel cases that protect the inner mechanisms of the watch. 

All of these models feature a 30-meter water resistance rating to protect the timepiece from the environment’s humidity. The push-and-pull crown is also securely screwed in to prevent the watch from wearing out. To make the watch last even longer, make sure to always push the crown back into its neutral position. This is essential to avoid any moisture getting into the mechanism of the timepiece and potentially damaging it. This way, your Longines Mini watch will be able to handle splashes of water or raindrops during your outdoor adventures without you having to worry about its functionality. Furthermore, these watches are powered by powerful caliber L298.2 quartz movements, which ensure highly precise timekeeping.

Longines Mini’s History and Design Details 

The Longines brand started in the watchmaking industry in 1832 at Saint-Imier, Switzerland. It began with producing traditional watches with Auguste Agassiz, who eventually took over the company. During his leadership, the firm rose in popularity in the United States. It developed commercial links that enabled the brand to sell its timepieces, using the établissage method, across several regions. 

In the late 1800s, the Longines factory was built in Les Longines through the efforts of Agassiz’s nephew, Ernest Francillon. That is when the brand’s hourglass logo, etched in every Longines watch, became recognized globally. It paved the way for the brand to expand its operations and market worldwide. Longines also continued to contribute to the watchmaking industry through its various research and innovations. 

In 1929, Longines became the most awarded watchmaking company at Universal Expositions and other international shows. One of its grand successes was the 10 Grand Prix in Barcelona, Spain. Those stories in Longines’ history led to the creation of the Mini collection in 2015. The Longines Mini is a milestone in itself, as one of the most elegant and smallest timepieces ever created by the brand. In addition, this is one of the few small-sized watch collections in the entire horological realm, with the watches’ case sizes measuring between 28mm and 32mm in diameter. 

These small women’s watches are embellished with diamonds and colorful bright straps that make them more enticing to watch enthusiasts. They are perfect for fashionable women who want to have a colorful timepiece that flawlessly complements their outfits, regardless of whether it is daytime or evening clothes. 

More than just being fancy and dazzling, these watches also incorporate classic designs, making them wearable on any occasion. The Longines Mini’s minimalistic and sleek layout features a typical feminine design, combining bold colors, luxurious diamonds, and slender cases. It has subtle, understated details but is remarkably attractive even with just a single glance. 

Each Longines Mini variation showcases its own luminous colored strap, from vivid red to soft lavender, chick black to trendy beige—all made from durable leather, and measuring 8mm in width. These straps also come with tang buckle clasps, so they can be easily opened and fastened on the wrist. 

Moreover, these models are driven by the L298.2 quartz movement, which is a great caliber that efficiently maintains the dainty features of these watches. It is a reliable and high-precision caliber that is battery-powered. It works by having a low frequency and contains a tiny piece of quartz crystal that is shaped like a tuning fork. 

Reasons to Buy Longines Mini Watches

Omega, Rolex, and Patek Philippe are a few of the most renowned Swiss watch manufacturers today. Just like these brands, Longines also provides great products, such as the Mini. This jewelry watch is perfect for both everyday looks and during special occasions. If you are still not sold, here are a few more reasons why this collection is worth your money:


Swiss-made watches are considered the gold standard in watch manufacturing. They are guaranteed to have high quality standards in manufacturing, from the case materials down to the movements. They are also made with solid steel links and cases, which is why these Swiss watches tend to be heavier and studier than others. Most Swiss-made watches also have synthetic sapphire crystals that are highly scratch-resistant and rust-resistant. 

Luxurious Aesthetics

The Longines Mini features a very luxurious look, with its diamond-studded bezel and matching diamond indices, making it a genuine jewelry watch. The four diamond indices on the dial also come with sleek rhodium-plated hands. Finally, the mother-of-pearl dial enhances the watch’s lavish aesthetics through its tasteful colors. 


Brand new Longines Mini watches cost around $1,100 USD only. For a luxury jewelry watch, this is very affordable, considering that other brands sell these kinds of watches at far more expensive prices. Considering all its features and premium materials, this is truly quite a reasonable price. 

Reputable Brand

The Longines Mini comes from a reputable brand that has been manufacturing watches for hundreds of years. The Longines is known as a reliable official timer of world events such as the United States Triple Crown and French Open, and is also the official timer of numerous equestrian, tennis, and gymnastics events. The company is also a subsidiary of The Swatch Group, which is an internationally renowned watchmaker. 

Guaranteed Warranty

Longines vows to repair and deliver spare parts for its watches for free, as long as it is within two years from the date of production. Furthermore, the brand’s authorized service centers are available in almost all countries, which makes them easily contactable. If not, Longines’ online customer service is also eager to help you immediately.

Longines Mini: Ideal Timepiece for Ladies 

The Longines Mini collection gives you timepieces that will perfectly match every woman’s colorful and dazzling outfit, whether it is on a date night or on a casual workday. Its functions and performance, designs, colors, and robust features are more than enough to last you through a lifetime of adventure and fun. 

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