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Women's Luxury Watches

When someone says "women’s accessories," does your mind shift to rings, earrings and necklaces? You are not wrong, but did wrist watches cross your mind at all? Accessories for women has been a major win in the market, whether it’s because women just like to go shopping more or because the accessory market has targeted their audience correctly. But why is it that women watches don’t get as much love as rings, earrings or necklaces?

When you think of a watch, you might naturally think of men’s watches first. Hopefully that’s not where your mind stops because watches for women have been on the rise! And it’s about time.

Watches for women do not get talked about a lot like the way men’s watches do. Why is that? Especially since wristwatches were only mainly worn by women before the 20th century. Surprised? While wrist watches may be more popular amongst men, wrist watches were actually invented for women. Instead of carrying a pocket watch like men, a wrist watch was more convenient as it was just attached to your wrist. It is said in the Guinness World Records that the very first wristwatch was manufactured in 1868 by Patek Philippe for Countess Koscowicz of Hungary.

Types of Watches for Women

Women’s watches aren’t as limited as you may think, too. Watches for women come in all shapes and colors, including sports designer and leather. Nice watches for women are not hard to find! Branded luxury watches have been slowly gaining popularity amongst the accessory and fashion world. A wrist watch is a small piece of accessory that can definitely make a huge statement. After you’ve got your outfit ready for the day, throwing on a wristwatch can really top off your fit.

There are women watches that come with bigger faces, similar to the men’s style that some ladies would like. You don’t have to just stick with one style either. Ladies watches comes in all sizes and shapes, from all black watches for women to intriguing skeleton watches for women. Another color that has been popular is rose gold watches, they have been on the rise for ladies watches. Luxury watches like Rolex and Cartier cater to the ones who are looking for women’s luxury watches and you will not be disappointed with the variety and selections they have to offer.

It is about time that watch companies start caring about their female buyers, right? The head of watch creation at Patek Philippe says that women are looking for both substance and style, which isn’t too surprisinging. Of course ladies would like their watches to look good, as everyone does. Women watches may seem a bit more casual and simple at first glance, but there are choices for those who are looking for more detailed and intricate designs too.

Hopefully the next time you have a conversation about women accessories, you don’t leave out watches for women as a topic! Although watches for women are slowly gaining popularity, we here at want to always make it a topic of conversation. Finding the right watch can be stressful and even intimidating. With thousands of selections, it can be hard to narrow down what exactly you’re looking for. Here at, we aim to help you ladies find the perfect watch! Or if you are looking for the perfect gift to gift some special lady, we are here for you. Whether you are looking for something within a budget of $5,000 or $500, we want to make sure you find the perfect womens watch.

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