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Junghans: The German Pioneer

Junghans is one of the most storied watch manufacturers in the world. The company is Germany’s pride and was once hailed as the largest in the world. Junghans has its headquarters seated in the southwestern town of Schrambergin, in the district of Rottweil, in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Junghans became known for developing radio and solar-powered watches. These high-tech timepieces continue to be vital parts of Junghans’ catalog to this day. The marker of these watches is the word “MEGA”, which truly tells you all you need to know about them. 

The company is also a leader in creating mechanical German watches — both automatic and hand-wound. Max Bill, its most famous model, sits on its throne as one of the best timepieces of all time. The eponymous watch gave Junghans an iconic status, with its minimalist Bauhaus-centric design. These watches are understated yet packed with elegance and even have some sporty cues. Another stand out from the brand is their Pilot and Driver watches that give off retro vibes.

Reasons to Buy a Junghans Watch

Junghans is a renowned brand and any collector worth their salt must have at least one of these German watches in their collection. It has traits that no other brands have. While many other brands do use some Bauhaus-inspired designs, Junghans is the one that has it nailed down to a T. This makes the brand an important part of the watch industry. If that does not convince you yet, here are some more reasons why you need a Junghans watch in your collection today.

  • 1. The company has a series of reliable mechanical German watches, some of which are reliable certified chronometers.
  • 2. Junghans also has a line of high-tech radio-controlled watches with solar-powered quartz movements.
  • 3. The Max Bill watch from Junghans is a timeless classic that has even been recognized by art institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art.
  • 4. Aside from its Bauhaus designs, Junghans also has retro timepieces, such as the Meister Driver and Pilot.
  • 5. Every Junghans watch caters to both men and women, with only the Damen models as a notable exception that is particularly made for the feminine market.

Price List at a Glance: Most Popular Junghans Watches


Price (approximate)

Key Features

Meister Chronoscope 27/4324.44

$2,185 USD

  • 40.7 mm stainless steel case
  • Self-winding movement caliber J880.1
  • Sunray brush dark grey dial
  • Stainless steel bracelet with folding clasp
  • Chronograph feature with stop function
  • 30 m/100 ft  water resistance
Max Bill Chronoscope 027/4008.04

$2,250 USD

  • 40 mm stainless steel PVD-coated case
  • Self-winding movement caliber J880.2
  • Calf leather strap with stainless PVD-coated steel buckle
  • Chronograph feature with stop function
  • 30 m/100 ft  water resistance
Max Bill Chronoscope 363/2816.00

$2,250 USD

  • 40 mm stainless steel case
  • Self-winding movement caliber  J800.1
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • Leather strap
  • 30 m/100 ft  water resistance
Meister Classic Terrassenbau 27/4019.02

$1,950 USD

  • 38.4 mm stainless steel case
  • Self-winding movement caliber J820.4
  • Convex dial matt silver-plated
  • Alligator leather strap with stainless steel folding clasp
  • 50 m/165 ft water resistance
1972 Chronoscope Solar 14/4200.00

$1,290 USD

  • 43.3 mm stainless steel case
  • Unidirectional rotating bezel
  • Transparent anthracite-grey with sunray brush dial
  • Leather strap with stainless steel buckle
  • Chronograph, stop function with 1/5 second
  • Sapphire crystal
  • 100 m/330 ft water resistance
Form Mega 58/4931.00

$938 USD

  • 39.3 mm stainless steel case
  • Connected radio-controlled movement J101.65
  • Matt silver-plated dial
  • Setting time via Junghans MEGA App
  • Precise second display in half-second steps
  • Sapphire crystal
  • 50 m/165 ft water resistance
Max Bill Handaufzug 27/3004.48

$885 USD

  • 34 mm stainless steel case
  • Manual hand-winding movement caliber J805.1, 42
  • Matt silver-plated dial
  • Milanaise bracelet with safety buckle
  • 30 m/100 ft  water resistance
Max Bill Damen 47/7850.04

$671 USD

  • 32.7 mm stainless steel PVD-coated case
  • Quartz movement J643.29
  • Matt white dial
  • Quick Release calf leather strap with PVD-coated buckle
Milano Mega Solar 56/4220.00

$600 USD

  • 39.2 mm stainless steel case
  • Metalized mineral crystal in the case back
  • Multi-frequency radio-controlled movement J615.84
  • Power reserve of up to 21 months
  • Sleep mode after 72 hours
  • Leather strap with stainless steel buckle. A Milanaise strap is also included
  • Setting time via Junghans MEGA App
Form C 41/4775.00

$569 USD

  • 40 mm stainless steel case
  • Quartz movement J645.85
  • Matt silver-plated dial
  • Chronograph feature with stop function

Junghans Watch Collections

Junghans Max Bill

Max Bill was a Swiss designer who studied at the Bauhaus in Dessau, Germany in the late 1920s. He then made a name for himself as an architect, painter, and artist. The school he studied at is a very influential school of art in Germany. To this day, many people continue to recognize and respect the teachings of the Bauhaus school of art.

In 1956, Junghans commissioned Bill to design a kitchen clock. Five years later, the company launched the first-ever Max Bill wristwatch. Comparing the original models to modern-day Max Bill watches, you can see that the designs have not changed much. This is a testament to the modernity of the Bauhaus design. You can find thin lines as indices for the Max Bill, with clean lines forming the Arabic numerals on the watch. A quirk on the number “4” is deemed iconic for its soft curve. The 38mm stainless steel Max Bill model is an exception, as it features a more understated look with no numeral markers at all. 

Other models for the collection have since emerged, such as the Max Bill MEGA. This watch is powered by a radio-powered movement which allows it to be set against radio-controlled towers wherever you are in the world. You can do this via the Junghans App. It’s a leap toward greater accuracy, with every Junghans watch in sync.

A Max Bill chronograph watch is also available, called the Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope. It comes in a 40mm case, which is a tad larger than the other models in this collection. This is to allow the face of this watch to remain balanced and uncluttered even with a chronograph counter present. It runs on an automatic caliber J880.2, which is based on the ETA Valjoux 7750. 

How Much is a Junghans Max Bill Watch?

You can expect to spend around $1,150 USD to $1,450 USD for a Junghans Max Bill automatic watch. The classic Max Bill Automatic Ref. 027/4700.02, for instance, is priced at $1,199 USD. However, the quartz-powered models are much cheaper, costing around $600 USD to $700 USD. Both the quartz and automatic models carry similar designs so if you want to save some money, the quartz options are a great choice to have. The Max Bill’s hand-wound models, on the other hand, retail at $695 USD to $1,050 USD. For a radio-controlled Max Bill MEGA watch, prepare to dish out around $1,050 USD. Meanwhile, the Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope is the most expensive model in this collection, at around $2,050 USD to $2,200 USD.

Junghans Meister

Every brand has a specific collection that takes inspiration from the early years of watchmaking. For Junghans, that is the Meister collection. This German company has been around since the 1930s, and it is impossible not to find any inspiration from that. As such, they created the Meister collection, which comprises retro-influenced watches. 

These watches typically come with movements that are based on ETA, ETA-Valjoux, or Soprod movements. That said, you can also expect a wide variety of complications from this collection. These include moon phase displays, power reserve indicators, day and date windows, and chronographs. You can also expect to encounter Junghans Meister watches that are so precise, they are certified chronometers. 

That said, as Junghans’ pride, the Meister collection also has models that are powered by the radio-controlled J101.65 movement. The Meister MEGA is a state-of-the-art timepiece that remains impeccably on time no matter what. It receives signals from five different frequencies. That said, of course, we can expect some delays but they are really nothing to worry about. We are talking about a deviation of 0.02 seconds per year. So, if you are concerned  about interruptions, the maximum annual deviation of time for the Meister Mega is a miniscule 8 seconds, which is very minor indeed.

Retro at Heart

You simply cannot have a watch brand that does not have a retro collection. The two models that highlight Junghans Meister’s retro agenda are the Pilot and the Driver.

The Meister Pilot is an automatic watch that draws inspiration from the models the brand created for the newly-formed West German military in 1955. As an aviation watch, you can expect that the general concept of the Meister Pilot is influenced by the instruments seen in  a plane’s cockpit. This gives the watch a clean layout with outstanding readability. Even in dimly-lit places, you can expect to see all the information you need with a single glance. This is thanks to the luminous numerals and hands on the watch.

What is most impressive about this German watch is the 12-sided rotating bezel that makes it a lot easier to operate. While other aviation watches rely only on ribbed bezels, the 12 sides of the Meister Pilot’s bezel allow for an easier grip even if you are wearing gloves. This design also comes from the original 1955 Pilot watch.

From the skies to the streets, let us take a closer look at the Meister Driver subfamily. If the Pilot takes inspiration from plane cockpits, then the Driver has the speedometers and RPM counters of classic automobiles. If you take a look back at old car models, you will notice that a similar color motif can be found on the Meister Driver. It also features colors such as beige, gray, blue, and red as leather straps for the watch.

There are two models available for the Meister Driver. Firstly, the Meister Driver Handaufzug, a manual-winding timepiece with a small seconds counter. This watch comes with 42 hours of power reserve. The Ref. 27/3608.00 comes with a sand-colored lacquer on its dial. This watch also features markers displaying minutes in Arabic numerals instead of hours. Meanwhile, the Ref. 27/3607.00 features an anthracite gray dial and 12-hour Arabic markers.

On the other hand, if you prefer self-winding movements, the Meister Driver Chronoscope is the timepiece for you. This chronograph watch has a stop-seconds function for ease of use.

How Much is a Junghans Meister Watch?

You can expect the price for standard edition Junghans Meister watches to be around $1,150 USD to $1,900 USD. These include the automatic three-hand models and the certified-chronometer models. Meanwhile, the Meister Pilot demands a price of about $2,600 USD to $2,800 USD, and the Meister Driver sells at anywhere between $1,095 USD to $2,350 USD. Finally, a radio-controlled Meister Mega costs between $1,300 USD to $1,350 USD.

Junghans Mega: Radio-Controlled Solar Watches

There are many reasons why Junghans Mega watches are loved by many. They are representative of how modern Junghans can get when it comes to the functions of their watches. Any timepiece with the word “Mega” appended on its name carries a radio-controlled movement that powers the watch. Meanwhile, solar-powered watches should have the word “Mega Solar” attached to them.

So, how do the Mega and Mega Solar watches work? They are powered by radio-controlled solar movements that can work for up to 21 months once exposed to light. So, you will not need to constantly replace the battery every now and then, like you do with quartz movement. These watches receive radio signals from five different frequencies to ensure the accurate keeping of time. To adjust the watch’s time, you can use Junghans MEGA App.

While most collections such as the Max Bill and Meister have their own Mega models, fans of the brand would primarily associate the words Mega and Mega Solar with the design of the Spektrum, Force, and Milano. All of these models combine the modern and the classic effortlessly, with their analog time displays that are  matched with LCD date displays.

The Spektrum Mega Solar comes in a mix of stainless steel and ceramic, giving it a sporty look and feel. In contrast, Spektrum Damen, which is made for the ladies, boasts a lot more feminine features, such as a mother-of-pearl dial. It also comes with 16 diamonds for a little bit of glitz and is the only model without a digital date display. The Force MEGA Solar has a more minimalist design with clean lines, and is protected by a ceramic case. Meanwhile, the Milano, with its stainless steel case and Milanese strap, recalls Italian stylishness with its dressier look. 

How Much is a Junghans Mega Watch?

Depending on the material of the watch, there can be quite a difference when it comes to the prices of the MEGA watches. The Milano with its stainless steel case costs around $700 USD with a leather strap. A Milanese strap, on the other hand, will cost you an additional $150 USD. Meanwhile, the Spectrum, which features a combination of both ceramic and steel, retails at $1,150 USD. Finally, the Force model with a rubber strap can be purchased for around $1,150 USD, while a model with a ceramic case and strap demands $1,495 USD to $1,550 USD.

Junghans Form

The Junghans Form collection has four basic models under it. Form A is a three-hand watch that features an automatic movement. Form C is a chronograph watch with a quartz movement. For a quartz-powered three-hand watch, you will have to take a look at the Form Quartz. Finally, it also has a model that is made especially for women — the Form Damen.

Junghans delivered the same Bauhaus-inspired designs with the Form. But it also has an additional twist that accentuates the innovation of Junghans. If you look closer, you will notice that the minute scales of the Form embossed alongside Arabic markers have a unique square design that adds texture to the watch, particularly when the light hits. 

How Much is a Junghans Form Watch?

As expected, the quartz models are the most affordable ones in this collection. The Form Quartz and Form Damen cost around $495 USD to $500 USD. The Form C, as a quartz chronograph, costs anywhere between $550 USD to $600 USD. Finally, the self-winding Form A is the most expensive model in this collection, and demands around $995 USD to $1,195 USD. 

History of Junghans Watches

Junghans began in the southwestern town of Schramberg in Germany. Way back in 1861, Erhard and Xaver Junghans founded the company. At the time of its foundation, the company only produced components for other German watch manufacturers. Then, in 1866, the brand began making its own movements.  The Junghans brothers found major success in the production of alarm clocks in 1970. However, it was not all sunshine and rainbows for the company. It took Junghans a while, and a lot of effort to begin producing pocket watches. For 20 years, the company struggled with this, until a merger occurred in 1890.

The company merged with Thomas Heller AG and began to really find its footing, eventually becoming the world’s largest watch manufacturer in 1903. At the time, Junghans had about 3,000 employees and was producing more than 3 million watches every year. In 1928, the company began manufacturing wristwatches. Each watch was fitted with movements from Ruhla, a watchmaking town in central Germany. Just two years later, Junghans released their first watch with an in-house caliber.

Just like any other watch manufacturer at the time, the Second World War triggered a shift in Junghans’ business. They began focusing on crafting onboard instruments for plane cockpits as well as detonators for the German military. After the war, however, the company went back to its regular programming as a watchmaker. In the mid-1950s, Junghans sat next to Rolex and Omega as one of the largest manufacturers of chronometers.

An Innovative Era for Junghans

After a change in management, Junghans released the iconic Max Bill collection and its first self-winding chronometer caliber, the J83.

The collaboration between Junghans and Max Bill began with the conception of the kitchen clock in 1956. To the designer, it was imperative that the piece had to feature numerals. This included the hours on the minute track, and the minute markers on the timer. Why? Bill reasoned that the kitchen clock is usually the only wall clock in the household. From this, children are introduced to the concept of time. It is through the kitchen clock that they will learn how to read their first numbers and how hours and days are arranged.

We all know that the 1960s was a particularly challenging era for mechanical watch manufacturers. Junghans, however, took this as an opportunity to implement quartz in its watches. This led them to release a quartz-powered Astro-Chron table clock in 1967. Then, in 1970, the company released the first-ever German quartz wristwatch — the Astro-Quartz.

From there, Junghans became a true pioneer in the industry. They are also the first company to create radio-controlled watches. The company named it the MEGA 1. Junghans later combined radio-controlled timekeeping with solar power in a watch known as the MEGA Ceramic Solar. This, as you might expect, was another first in the industry.

Junghans faced some hardships, as any business does. The company’s watch department was later sold to Egana Goldpfeil Holdings Ltd in 2002. However, just eight years later, the department found itself on the brink of bankruptcy. That is, until Scharmberg’s Steim family stepped in to purchase the department in 2009.

2021: A Year of Success for Junghans

2021 also proved to be a significant year for Junghans. In this year alone, the company released various watches through the annual Watches and Wonder convention. For 2021, the convention went digital and Junghans stopped at nothing to wow its patrons and new fans alike. 

Its most prominent release in 2021 is the Meister Fein, an automatic timepiece that takes minimalism to the next level. This gorgeous watch is captivating with its smooth lines and geometric features. It comes with a spherical sapphire crystal, giving it a seamless form from front to case back. Its elongated hour markers and sophisticated bar pointers draw inspiration from old Junghans designs. The overall design of this watch is a representation of how Junghans displays respect for heritage and modernity in one small package. It costs around $1,450 USD to $1,550 USD in retail.

There are also many other impressive new products by Junghans in 2021, but there will never be one as nostalgic as the kitchen clock. To honor its first collaboration with Max Bill in 1956, Junghans reintroduced the kitchen clock in light blue ceramic in 2021. This $550 USD Jungans clock features Arabic numerals as both the hour and minute markers. Just like before, this design is a conscious decision to allow this clock to be the first concept of time for children, because such a clock is usually the only one available in the household. 

Aside from this, 2021 also marked another milestone for Junghans. The company brought home the Red Dot Design Award for the Max Bill Mega. This watch won over a 50-person strong jury made up of design experts, professors, and journalists. It also managed to beat 7,800 products from 60 different countries, making the Max Bill Mega — as Red Dot would put it — the “best of the best.”

Junghans: German Design Excellence

For almost two centuries, Junghans has been displaying excellence with its timepieces. The company is a pioneer when it comes to Bauhaus-inspired designs and many brands have since followed its footsteps. Most of these German watches display elegance in simplicity, earning themselves the most prestigious awards in designs left and right. It is hard to let a brand like Junghans pass without adding it to our collections. Its iconic designs and impressive movements prove just how true Junghans is to its design philosophy and innovative goals.

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