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New Hugo Boss Watches

Hugo Boss: Versatile and Trendy Watches for Every Budget and Style 

Hugo Boss is best known for their simplistic designs where the quality speaks volumes. From red carpet ensembles to even outfits for everyday wear, the brand promises the utmost quality and confidence that’s kept them ahead in the game for over seven decades. Hugo Boss is split into two major brands to address two very specific markets. The Hugo label is made for people who seek to express their individuality with vibrant accents and eclectic touches, while Boss is the perfect go-to for those who are looking for something that’s more classic and timeless. Regardless of the line, you can be assured of top-notch design and build quality.

The same regard and care extends to Hugo Boss watches for men where every piece sports a delicate chronograph that not only adds to a more meticulous function to their luxury watches, but also creates a complexity that you can’t find in a basic watch design. Just like their clothing lines, Hugo Boss chronograph watches are also split into the Hugo and Boss labels to continue their theme of inclusivity. You can find watches for business and leisure in the Hugo Boss’ Boss line, while sporty and more masculine pieces fill the Hugo Boss’ Hugo collection.

How much is a Hugo Boss watch? 

ModelPrice (approximate)SizeFeatures

Hugo Boss Classic Men’s Quartz Watch 


$159 USD44mm
  • Stainless steel case, scratch-resistant mineral crystal, 30m water resistance, quartz

Hugo Boss Supernova Quartz Men's Watch


$299 USD45mm
  • Stainless steel case, 50m water resistance, quartz movement

Hugo Boss Grand Prix Quartz Black Dial Men's Watch


$279 USD44mm
  • Stainless steel case, 30m water resistance, quartz movement

Hugo Boss Classic Quartz White Dial Men's Watch 


$259 USD44mm
  • Stainless steel case, 50m water resistance, quartz type movement

Hugo Boss Navigator Quartz Grey Dial Men's Watch


$169 USD44mm
  • Stainless steel case, quartz movement, No water resistance

Hugo Boss Trophy Men’s Quartz Black Dial Watch


$219 USD44mm
  • Stainless steel case, 50m water resistance, quartz movement

Hugo Boss Quartz Black Dial Men's Watch


$289 USD44mm
  • Stainless steel case,100m water resistance, quartz movement

Hugo Boss Quartz Multicolour Dial Men's Watch


$269 USD44mm
  • Stainless Steel case, 50m water resistance, quartz movement

Hugo Boss Driver Chronograph Quartz Brown Dial Brown Leather Men's Watch


$259 USD43mm
  • Rose gold-tone stainless steel case, Scratch-resistant, mineral crystal, 50m water resistance, quartz type movement

Hugo Boss Quartz Grey Dial Men's Watch


$249 USD44mm
  • Stainless steel case, 50m water resistance, quartz movement


Hugo Boss’ Watch Collections

Hugo Boss chronograph watches are mainly split into the Hugo and Boss lines, which entail two varying purposes to better suit the different tastes of their clientele. The Hugo line exudes more masculine and robust forms that are considered sportier and better for everyday wear. On the other hand, the Boss line combines leisure and sophistication with their luxurious pieces that somehow strike the balance between formal and casual.

Prices For The Hugo Collection: Robust and Masculine Watches

Considered as the “masculine” line, the Hugo Boss’ Hugo collection can generally be considered as the most affordable Hugo Boss watches. This collection makes use of more robust silhouettes that can appear a bit more on the chunky side which is why dainty pieces shall never be found in this category.

Hugo Boss describes this line as sporty and can probably take on more of the daily wear and tear. The materials used greatly vary between being completely metal to pieces with playful leather straps. Dials without chronographs are also more commonplace as the line wants to focus on simpler and more accessible designs without sacrificing build quality.

The price for Hugo Boss watches for men sees quite a bit of fluctuation as they have countless pieces with their own unique features as opposed to other luxury brands which focus on a very select few pieces, which have their very own trademark names. Prices for Hugo watches fall under the Hugo Boss’ affordable watches as they play between $159 USD and cost up to $300 USD, depending on the complexity as well as the materials used. You can find their simpler designs without chronographs at around the $159 USD to $200 USD range, while the more sophisticated options fill the higher price range.

Prices For The Boss Collection: Trendy and Sophisticated Options

If the Hugo line had its fair share of diverse designs and options, the Hugo Boss’ Boss collection takes it a few steps further. The brand describes this line as a perfect balance between leisure and business with their crowning similarity identified as a strong sense of luxury. Even between the two lines of Hugo Boss watches for men, the Boss collection certainly takes more of the spotlight around the globe due to its greatly varying options that people look for in a dress watch.

Another defining feature of the Boss collection is its ability to adapt between more casual attire to even formal red carpet events. The watches from this line sport a more universal appeal which are more than appropriate for a blue jeans kind of day but can still look every bit as beautiful when you’re wearing a full suit.

Hugo Boss watches for men in this range do tend to have a heftier price tag attached to them, however there are still pieces that cost as low as $159 USD, which also don’t have a chronograph on the dial. In comparison to the Hugo line, the metals used in Boss watches appear more premium and have a more refined finish. The most popular Hugo Boss chronograph watches also come from this collection. However, despite the more delicate looks of most Boss watches, they are still quite durable for the price and some can even handle water resistances of up to a hundred meters under water. These pieces generally cost around $249 USD to $299 USD.

Hugo Boss’ Holistic Approach to Business 

Hugo Boss is a large fashion brand that not only focuses on creating beautiful and stylish watches, but also clothing, shoes, and just about anything in the fashion industry. They started out as a company that designed suits for men just after the Second World War. And from there, they’ve expanded their business slowly to encompass so many facets of the fashion industry.

Their business strategy was quite strategic and well-timed as they made their way to be associated with a more luxurious price tag. After establishing their different clothing lines and sub-brands, they proceeded to partner up with sports such as Motorsports and then later on, golf. Hugo Boss was able to truly get their name out and was able to form a stable reputation for themselves.

Their other notable milestones include creating a fragrance line which propelled their name onto the map of expensive perfumes. To this day, Hugo Boss is considered as one of the leading fragrance brands alongside companies that are primarily focused on the production of unique luxury scents. They then started creating luxury footwear that covered everything from tennis shoes to dress shoes to further accompany their wide range of clothing options for every occasion imaginable.

In 1996, they were finally licensed to create and sell watches. When it comes to the realm of luxury and designer watches, Hugo Boss watch prices fall more towards the affordable range despite their very premium looks — making them very accessible thanks to its fair pricing. Both the Boss and Hugo lines for their watches weren’t meant to go head to head with the more specialized luxury watch brands, but were instead intended towards those who wanted a designer watch that wasn’t all too complicated to grasp.

Of course, more milestones followed the establishment of their watch line such as a more expanded worldwide presence as well as their more conscious campaigns that speak to different issues that humanized them towards the general public. Hugo Boss has always been known to keep up with the times as a fashion brand and is also one of the few brands who understood the looming digital age that quite inevitably caused trouble for a lot of companies that resisted change.

In line with the changing times, Hugo Boss takes a very holistic approach into updating their business methods through simple innovations that helped them keep up with the latest business trends that also allowed them to have a more socially conscious method of approaching the fashion industry. For one, Hugo Boss makes use of digital platforms to create prototypes and designs just to avoid excessive use of materials as well as saving a lot of time on manual experimentation. They also incorporate digital innovations in both their factories and their warehouses to minimize wasting energy as well as to keep better track of everything that goes on. Finally, they’re able to keep their target markets interested and in-touch through an expansive digital store that makes use of programs that help to give them a better idea of the products they’re interested in. All in all, the brand is well-equipped to grow with the times and the Hugo Boss watches for men are of no exception to this.

The History Of Hugo Boss

The origins of Hugo Boss trace all the way back to the end of World War 2. The company was started by Hugo Ferdinand Boss and his son-in-law Eugen Holy, where they began as a company that made suits for all the men who were just starting to get back to a life after the war.

The brand became more of a family business as it was further expanded and enriched by the generations that came after. The original idea to do more than just suits for men started with Eugen Holy’s two sons which later led to the establishment of the Boss brand for the people looking for a more sophisticated and classy piece to add to their wardrobe. In the 1970s, men became more conscious with their own fashion and the demand changed and increased quite abruptly and Hugo Boss was more than happy to meet these needs.

Hugo Boss then decided to make more calculated moves to get their names on the map by partaking in motorsports sponsorships which made even non-fashion enthusiasts take notice of their company, especially as a fashion brand that prioritized quality while still putting style and aesthetic as a top goal. Their success with getting clients through sports was so successful that they went on over to golfing and now even have their dedicated golf wear line.

It wasn’t until 1996 when affordable Hugo Boss watches hit the market. Their designs still emulated all the luxury and aesthetics that the brand was known for, however they did not require the premium that more well-known watch brands would ask for such as Rolex or Audemars Piguet. Their watch line hits that sweet spot between the prestige that comes with a designer watch but not the intimidating features that are more commonly present with even more high-end options in the market. To this day, Hugo Boss chronograph watches are still quite a staple in the realm of designer watches.

Five Reasons To Buy A Hugo Boss Watch

1. Hugo Boss Watches are Stunning and They Celebrate Diversity

A lot of luxury and designer brands have the tendency to stick to a very specific style or aesthetic which, in turn, garners the attention of a very specific audience or clientele. Although there’s absolutely nothing wrong about this business approach, it can be a bit of a missed opportunity to rope in an even larger market for your brand. One of the strengths that Hugo Boss watches for men possesses is their diversified styles that will fit so many different tastes. It’s not just a brand where the high-powered executive can shop for a watch to go with their business suits, but it can also be a place where a laid-back father can look for something he can wear everyday while running errands around town. Hugo Boss watches can cast a wide net and there’s certainly way more than just a few that it’s able to catch.

2. Affordable Hugo Boss Watches have Plenty to Choose from

Whenever one thinks of designer watches, their mind immediately goes to the thought that their price is just never going to be enough to justify such a purchase. Of course, watches really do tend to be a big investment which is why a lot of people tend to avoid designer watches and just opt to admire them from afar. The good news is that Hugo Boss watch prices are really kept consistently at a relatively affordable range. While luxury watch prices can climb all the way up to six digits, you can definitely shop so many choices from this brand all under $500. Though this isn’t exactly a small sum, it’s certainly a fair and reasonable price as far as designer watches go—making Hugo Boss watches a perfect gift for someone special or maybe just as a way to treat yourself to something nice.

3. Hugo Boss Watches are Made to Last

Watches are an investment that you should make since it’s better than just continuously buying watches that may look nice but easily give out or break at the first chance that it can get. This is why people opt for luxury watches as they’re so sturdy like nothing you haven’t seen before. The large price tag will, of course, come with incredible craftsmanship that assures you a watch that is built to last and will stay with you for more than just one lifetime. Luxury watches are so stable that they’re designed to be family heirlooms that can be passed down several generations. Though affordable Hugo Boss watches don’t necessarily fall under this same category, the brand ensures solid build quality that you can be confident in so you never have to worry about not getting your money’s worth.

4. The Hugo Boss Chronograph Watches aren’t Intimidating to Use

Another reason why people tend to shy away from luxury watches is that they have so many additional features that most people don’t really need. And they’re usually things that most people don’t understand. Chronographs are a great example of this as they’re the tiny clocks that sort of run in the background of the main time that’s displayed on the dial. For more affordable watches, the chronograph can contain the day, date, or even count milliseconds, while more expensive watches have chronographs that can even have a different time zone or a measuring device. In terms of aesthetics, chronographs add a complexity to the appearance of the dial that looks very impressive and technical which a lot of people think can really add to the look of a watch. If you’ve ever wanted a watch with a functioning chronograph that doesn’t have a million mysterious functions that you have to study, then something from Hugo Boss’ collection might be the perfect choice.

5. Hugo Boss Runs their Company Progressively

Being a European company that started operations right after the end of the Second World War, it became later known that the company had originally employed several prisoners of war who underwent forced labor at the earlier years of Hugo Boss. Today, companies are held more accountable for their actions and the world is slowly becoming a more conscious place that values equality and social justice which is why various corporations are slowly being exposed for their inhumane policies and terrible management that have left thousands or even millions to fend for themselves. Today, Hugo Boss is a brand that makes donations to organizations that reach out to former forced laborers and prisoners of war who were made to be employees of unjust corporations. A brand that takes accountability for their past is always better to support than ones that don’t, after all.

Hugo Boss Watches: Striking the Perfect Balance Between Luxury and Functionality

Hugo Boss watches fall under a very specific niche where high-end designers venture into watch design where you can consider their prices to fall under a middle range that isn’t necessarily full-blown luxury. However it cannot really be considered as a widely accessible watch brand, either. For people who are searching for a little bit of an investment without needing to pull out a crazy premium, designer watches are probably where it’s at. While not all designer watches are as sturdy as they seem, Hugo Boss watches for men are considered to be a trusty option that doesn’t lean towards being too pricey or intimidating but strikes a wonderful balance between fair price and excellent build quality.

Not only are Hugo Boss watch prices kept at a good range, but their assortment of styles prove to be every bit as a contender towards being one of the best designer watch lines available in the market right now. With their permanent Hugo and Boss lines to accommodate the different tastes out there, the individual lines still manage to create their own kind of variety not just by trying out different materials, but also by playing around with acute details that can completely transform each piece into something unique and different. Even when it comes to Hugo Boss chronograph watches, the different supporting dials have a lot of functions that are quite easy to understand and learn such as a calendar or keeping track of a completely separate time zone. Hugo Boss watches for men keep everything stylish while still being fully functional and offering just the largest variety of options to fit every single occasion and every taste. 

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