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Hermes Heure H Watches for Sale

More About Hermes Heure H Watches  

Created in 1996, the watch itself represents the challenge of making the famous Hermes ‘H’ into a symbol of truly luxurious stature. With the creative drive of Philippe Mouquet, the H for Hermès has been perfectly transformed into a symbolic case strapped to the wrist by a variety of swappable straps. From the beautiful brown, calfskin leather strap to the gorgeous stainless steel case in the letter ‘H’ silhouette, this is a seriously sophisticated watch.  

Founded in Paris in the mid-19th century, Hermès created its reputation for quality by making stunning saddles and harnesses for horses. Then, in the formative years of the twentieth century, the brand extended its expertise to further leather goods such as belts, jackets, bags and, of course, watch straps.   

The Beginning of Hermes Watches  

In the year 1928, the Hermes shop that was situated at 24, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris, introduced its very first Hermes watch. It was around this time that the brand branched out into the area of horology and the Hermes watch was launched. Offered with the Hermes signature, these first timepieces were equipped with mechanisms that were created by the finest Swiss watch brands.   

A key date in the Hermes story came in 1978, when La Montre Hermès SA began production in Biel, Switzerland. Thus was born a new family of classically elegant watches. After this, La Montre Hermès began to expand and hone its self-reliant manufacturing abilities.  

Hermes has not forever been a watchmaker, as a matter of fact, the Hermes' business did not start with making timepieces at all. The link between Hermes and watchmaking goes back to an era over a century ago. It all started in the year 1912 and ever since then Hermes has put out its famous watches in so many fresh and creative, not to mention sophisticated ways.   

Hermes is widely renowned for its unique variety of high end watches. It has forever sought to make unique timepieces that are both endlessly unique and incomparable. With an ingenious and smart design, the Hermes watches are just so truly special.

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