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Hamilton's Luxury Watches

In 1892, Hamilton Watch Company was founded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania - with American manufacturing during its early production stages. They produced their first watch in the following year. Hamilton watches are based on delivering their core values of quality and accuracy in each and every one of their timepieces. After several acquisitions, the Hamilton Watch Company was sold to the Swiss watch company, the Swatch Group in 1974. The brand later moved their headquarters and manufacturing facilities from the U.S. to Biel, Switzerland in 2003. Now combining both the American Spirit and Swiss precision, Hamilton’s brand continues to be a renowned brand, with recognition of its achievements and craftsmanship over the decades.

The company launched their first series of pocket watches in 1912, known as “The Watch of Railroad Accuracy”. This innovation during its time solved a very problematic situation because there were often many accidents on the railroads with no specific process to determine the time. The accuracy on these pocket watches eliminated this issue.

Hamilton Watches in Aviation

In the next few decades to come, Hamilton expanded their luxury watch collections to cover demands for armed forces and pilots. In 1914, Hamilton became the official supplier to the U.S. Armed Forces which heightened their character for producing precision watches. This is also the time when Hamilton transitions their focus from making pocket watches to wrist watches.

Hamilton watches also contributed a crucial role in the history of aviation when Admiral Richard E. Byrd became the first aviator to reach North Pole in 1926, wearing a Hamilton watch during his nearly 16-hour flight. This was a monumental day. Fast forward to 2018, the brand launched its newly updated Hamilton automatic watch known as the Khaki Pilot Automatic Day Date watch, available in both stainless steel or brown PVD-coated case.

With other pioneering achievements locked under Hamilton’s belt by 1930, the luxury watch brand was selected to be the official watch for four different major American airlines along with being chosen to time keep the first official flight from east to west coast, New York to San Francisco.

In 1942, as Hamilton continued to supply large shipments to the U.S. Armed Forces, which equaled to over one million wrist watches, they have decided to halt their production to consumers during this time.

In 1970, many prestigious Swiss brands were competing alongside Japanese manufacturers in the chronomatic movement to engineer a self-winding chronograph caliber – with many of these brands yielding different results in their development. When the innovation was developed and these brands needed an appealing name – Hamilton came up with the term “Chrono-Matic” while the Heuer brand coined “chronomatic”. The 1970’s Hamilton chrono matic offers an excellent panda dial and pays tribute in its contribution to the creation of the chronograph movement.

Hamilton went on to transform the watch industry by releasing their Ventura collection in 1957. The futuristic shield-shaped design became the world’s first electrical battery-operated watch, designed by Richard Arbib. The watch reached new popularity in 1961 when the legendary King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, was seen to be wearing it. Hamilton celebrated the Ventura collection’s 60th anniversary in 2017, with the launch of the Ventura Classic in three different styles: yellow gold with a white dial, stainless steel with blue denim dial, and a Ventura Skeletonized.

The collection to include Hamilton’s innovative, sophisticated yet modern look is presented in the Hamilton jazzmasters collection. The series offer beautiful variations from timeless to intricate designs and may be found under Hamilton watches for men such as the Hamilton Jazzmaster Gent Quartz or a Hamilton womens watch similar to the Jazzmaster Open Heart Lady Auto.

Hamilton offers a large selection in their collections that is suitable for both genders along with many styles that can be unisex. When searching for Hamilton watches for sale or Hamilton watch dealers, browse through Watchshopping.com’s extensive collection at your convenience. There are many Hamilton ladies watch as there are men’s watch. Also, if you have any questions pertaining to any of our products, please feel free to contact us with the product number.

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