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Escrow Quartz Men's Watch 44mm
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Rigor Quartz Men's Watch / Leather 45mm
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Horizon Quartz Men's Watch / Leather 45mm
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Horizon Quartz Men's Watch / Leather 45mm
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Horizon Quartz Men's Watch / Leather 45mm
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Horizon Quartz Men's Watch / Leather 45mm
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Escrow Quartz Men's Watch / Leather 44mm
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Horizon Quartz Men's Watch / Leather 45mm
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Baxter Quartz Men's Watch / Leather 44mm
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Guess Watches: Timepieces That Know No Boundaries

Guess offers a variety of timepieces whether you’re more into classic, casual or modern style. The brand has a wide array of designs, ranging from leather, gold-tone, silver-tone, rose gold-tone, logo and sport. For 38 years, the brand boasts a unique aesthetic fit for different personalities. But it is mostly known for its bold designs that make a statement. Without a doubt, it does not only steal the spotlight with its apparel but also with its accessories, including watches. 

Gc Swiss is another brand under Guess. It is marketed as an affordable luxury item and is solely focused on producing watches. However, we will be focusing entirely on Guess fashion watches today.

How much is a Guess watch?


Brown and Rose Gold-Tone Leather Sport Watch


$175 USD46mm

Chronograph, 24 hour time, date, polished rose gold-tone case, navy blue dial, brown leather strap, water resistant


Silver-Tone Multifunction Watch


$225 USD47mmSilver-tone oversized case, multifunction, rhinestone covered case and face, stainless steel bracelet, water resistant

Gold-Tone and Champagne Chrono-Look Watch


$300 USD45mmGold-tone, crystal-encrusted case and bezel, champagne chronograph-style dial with day, date and 24-hour functions, water resistant

Rose Gold-Tone Multifunction Watch 


$165 USD40mm Water resistant, rose-gold tone, rhinestones around the bezel and bracelet, multifunctional dial with day, date and 24-hour international time

Iridescent Crystal Multifunction Watch


$175 USD40mmIridescent polished purple case, rhinestone accents on the bezel, multifunctional dial with day, date and 24-hour international time, water resistant

Sport Multifunction Watch


$225 USD48mmBlue stainless steel, water resistant, chronograph

Silver-Tone Chain Analog Watch


$150 USD39mmSilver-tone, analog, layered chain bracelet, crystal embellishments, logo detail, atching silver-tone case, water resistant

Blue Round Diamond Mesh Watch


$185 USD45mmAnalog, polished blue ion-plated steel case, blue dial with diamond detail, polished blue ion-plated steel mesh bracelet, water resistant, indigo shade

Gold-Tone And Black Multifunction Watch


$195 USD38mmShimmering gold-tone, multifunction, bezel and face covered in rhinestones, glitter black silicon band and buckle closure, day, date and 24-hour functions, water resistant

Rose Gold-Tone Square Multifunction Watch


$225 USD38mmRhinestone-encrusted, multifunctional dial and bezel, square silhouette, polished link bracelet, water resistant

Baxter Quartz Men's Watch


$109 USD44mmCalfskin leather band, water resistant, stainless steel, silver dial, mixed indexes

Rigor Quartz Men's Watch


$119 USD45mmCalfskin leather band, water resistant, stainless steel, blue dial, mixed indexes

Horizon Quartz Men's Watch


$119 USD45mmCalfskin leather band, dress watch, stainless steel, white dial, mixed indexes

Horizon Quartz Men's Watch


$119 USD45mmBlack dial, roman numbers indexes, stainless steel, calfskin leather band

Escrow Quartz Men's Watch


$99 USD44mmWhite dial, geometric indexes, stainless steel, dress watch, water resistant, fabric band


Prices for the Guess Swarovski Crystal Watches

Guess needs no introduction in the fashion industry. It rose to fame due to their unique designs and perfect fit jeans that have become a staple in every fashion-enthusiasts closet. The brand embodies sexy, young, and adventurous individuals who are not afraid to go bold. It is no wonder that the denim powerhouse teamed up with another label who has also made a name of its own for beautifully made and sought for creations. 

Since 1895, Swarovski has mastered the art of cutting crystals with precision and going through a rigorous process to maintain their high standards. Because of this, it became a leader in the world of crystal cut jewelries. Just like Guess, Swarovski is adored by many due to its one of a kind designs that influenced countless brands today. 

The two share common goals which are to provide sophisticated and quality products that both men and women can enjoy. This synonymous objective paved the way for their collaboration in making Guess Watches Crystals From Swarovski. 

The Guess Swarovski Crystal Watches For Men have metal brackets and silicon straps that can also pass as a woman’s watch. The Gold Tone Case Gold Tone Stainless Steel Watch and Silver Tone Case Silver Tone Stainless Steel watches cost $300 USD and are embellished with 276 Swarovski crystals. They are water resistant, have a chronograph watch movement and a sunray dial finish.

Just like the men’s, the Guess Swarovski Crystal Watches For Women also have metal brackets and silicon straps with prices ranging from $125 USD to $350 USD. A Gold Tone Case Gold Tone Stainless Steel Watch with 226 Swarovski crystals costs $275 USD. The 39mm watch has a multi-function watch movement, a glitz dial finish, is water resistant and is available in Silver and Rose Gold. 

Prices for Guess His & Hers Watches 

It always feels good to find the perfect pair. Not just with your partner in life, but in material things as well. Guess created the His and Hers line for all the couples who want matching timepieces. It gives them a sense of connection all the while being able to show their sense of fashion. The line is composed of different styles from the different categories they have like genuine leather, crystals from Swarovski, silicone, stainless steel and etc. Some are not exactly alike but have the same color combination and look in general.

The His and Hers watches cater to the various types of couples. Whether they are the formal, flashy, classic, sporty or modern type, Guess has a pair for them to wear. The Rose Gold Tone Case Blue Silicone Watch is perfect for individuals who are into urban fashion. The blue band and dial give a fresh and cool vibe, while the rose gold case adds elegance to the look. Both His and Hers are water resistant and feature sunray dials, multi-function dial movements and stainless steel cases. You can get the 44mm His watch for $165 USD and the 39mm Her watch for $135 USD. If you are interested in buying a pair of His and Her watches, it is good to know that it has a wide price range of $69 USD to $300 USD.

Prices for Guess Watches for Men 

There is always something attractive with the color blue. It is easy on the eyes and it goes well with a lot of outfits. Paired with gold, silver or brown tones, they make a very sophisticated and expensive combination. It gives a masculine feel that looks cool, sexy and stylish.

The Guess House of Blues Collection features a variety of styles fit for any occasion and vibe. For the bands, you can choose among silicone, stainless steel, leather or nylon. As for the dial, there are minimalist ones and more intricate ones. Most are analog but there are also digitals available. The price range of these blue timepieces is $85 USD to $175 USD.

The Coffee Case Brown Genuine Leather/Silicone Watch is one of the fan favorites. The $165 USD 43mm Guess timepiece features a coffee tone barrel shaped case, a multifunction blue dial with a sunray finish. If you are wondering why it is both leather and silicone, it is because the leather strap comes with a silicone backing for a more comfortable fit.

Another watch liked by many is the Blue Case Blue Silicone Watch. It has a 45mm case size, a polycarbonate case material, and unlike the latter, this one is digital. The classy shade of blue together gold will look perfect with casual everyday outfits. Get this piece for just $89 USD. 

Prices for Guess Watches for Women

There’s a reason why rose gold remains in style throughout the years. The blush-colored metal is most popular among women due to its feminine and luxurious look. If you still do not have a rose gold timepiece in your collection, now is the time to invest in one. 

Guess has a lot of rose gold watches for women to choose from with different shapes, embellishments, faces and straps. While most are crystal studded, there are also simpler ones with a dainty diamond at the 12 o’clock hour. Vintage-looking pieces are also available with self-adjustable G-links as well as ceramic that is known to scratch proof, lightweight and durable.

A $350 USD white case ceramic watch features Swarovski crystals both on the dial and case, and a glitz dial finish. The 39mm watch is water resistant and has a ceramic band with a pilot buckle. White together with the rose gold makes a sleek and clean-looking timepiece fit for a woman who wants to exhibit confidence.

For those who prefer a vintage vibe, the 22mm, $105 USD Rose Gold Tone Case Rose Gold Tone Stainless Steel Watch is perfect. The thin bracelet with a G-link clasp looks something you can find in an antique shop but with a slight modern twist with the added crystals. If you are interested in buying these blush-toned beauties from Guess, they cost for as low as $95 USD up to $350 USD.

Guess Watches' Milestones and Innovations 

The world of technology is constantly evolving, offering us new innovations each year. Back in 2016, Google released a digital watch called Android Wear 2.0. It was later renamed to Wear OS by Google and was introduced to brands like Timex Group, TAG Heuer and Fossil. Since Guess Watches is under Timex Group, the company saw this an opportunity to venture into digital watches.

Guess teamed up with ustwo, a company aimed to help other labels design and develop their own digital products, to create watch faces. Their goal was to come up with a digital watch with faces that still embody the classic look of Guess watches. This new product was first introduced in Baselworld in 2017.

For Guess’ 2018 spring collection, the brand released a new set of faces called Digital Bloom, which featured moving flowers in different colors. The following year, they decided to go bolder with their designs with an 80’s inspired arcade look. Luckily, the new venture of Guess was a success and were able to sell thousands of watches that they continued to evolve and produce more designs. They even collaborated with Jason Naylor, a street artist known for his striking and colorful graffiti, to come up with faces containing messages such as “You Got This”, “Dream Big”, “Be You” and “Love Yourself”.

With Guess constantly moving with the technological advances, we are surely looking forward to seeing more from the brand.

History of Guess Watches

In 1984, Guess launched its first watch with the help of Callanen International — a subsidiary of the Timex Group Corporation. Other than Guess, the company also manufactures and distributes watches for several brands such as Versace, Nautica and Marc Ecko. However, in 2005, Guess planned to sign a 10-year contract with Fossil to manufacture their watches. The agreement did not push through, which allowed Callanen International to continue producing and distributing Guess fashion watches. 

Just two months before Guess handed over the rights to Callanen International, Timex Group Corporation created a new company under their name called Sequel AG. The Swiss Company was given a 15-year license and took over Callanen International. It has been manufacturing and distributing Guess fashion watches and Guess jewelry since January 2007.

Where to buy Guess Watches online

With over 80 countries around the world selling Guess, it’s no secret that the brand has reached success. Starting with just 24 pieces of stonewashed, slim-fitting jeans called 3-zip Marilyn sold at Bloomingdale’s to the apparel and accessory empire they have now, the Marciano brothers have, indeed, reached the American dream. 

There are countless Guess stores selling their watches but if you do not have time to go to the mall, you can always opt to go online. Luckily, you can shop Guess fashion watches in their online store or check out other websites carrying the brand such as It’s a website dedicated to selling brand new and pre-loved timepieces from various brands such as Guess, Michael Kors, Bvlgari, Audemars Piguet, Rolex, Patek Philippe, among others. They offer 100% authentic watches, provide discounts, and all brand new items come with a warranty.

Five Reasons to Buy a Guess watch

Despite being a rookie in the world of watches, Guess has proven to the masses that it can go against its competitors. If you are still wondering if you should purchase your own timepiece from the brand, here are five reasons why you should buy a Guess watch.

1. An ever-evolving brand 

Being known as an apparel brand for years, it's quite a bold move for Guess to include watches in their collection let alone try out going digital. The brand is not afraid of change and innovation which is a good thing for us consumers. It ensures that they stay up to date with the technological advancements for them to be able to offer us quality timepieces.

2. On top of trends 

Guess is a brand who is not afraid of being bold. Especially in the world of fashion, Guess influences a lot of labels to stay on top of trends. If you are someone who values look and style, Guess fashion watches is a great choice. From the varying colors to the different shapes and finishes, you will have a hard time choosing just one. With the wide array available, you can even match your timepiece based on your mood. They have a lot of designs to choose from that will surely make its wearer look and feel great. 

3. Reputable and Well-Known

Since 1981, Guess has continuously shown that they deserve the spot they have among the countless brands in the market. Recognized for their wear and tear apparel, the brand has proven that they provide quality and durable products. It is not limited to just garments, but accessories as well. 

4. Attention to detail

If you browse through their products, you will notice the intricate timepieces they have. From the band, dial, faces, case, indices and embellishments, Guess makes sure that their watches are pieces individuals actually want to wear.

5. Good value for money

With Japanese quartz movements made by Shiojiri, a subsidiary of Seiko, their timepieces guarantee standard quality. They are sold at a reasonable price considering the fine craftsmanship and function. Adding to the reasons stated earlier, Guess watches make a good investment. It is always intimidating when you want to splurge on an expensive item. It is important to make sure that what you are getting is something you will be using for the next years to come. With Guess, you will not regret the purchase.

Guess Watches: Beyond Fashion

Allow oneself to experience high-quality and stylish timepieces with Guess fashion watches. The innovations and efforts of the brand to provide the best throughout the years just prove that you will be getting what you pay for. The brand’s knowledge and experience when it comes to fashion gives them a leverage among the rest. If you are looking for an item that is both practical and great to look at, consider buying yourself a Guess watch.

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