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New Gucci Vintage Web Watches

Gucci Vintage Web: Timeless and Contemporary Wristwatches

The Gucci Vintage Web has proven that Gucci’s accessories are not just aesthetically exquisite, but are also practical timepieces that can be worn every day. These watches remain in the list of best-selling timepieces because of their novel design and powerful movements. Most of the models are made in Switzerland and are powered by a Ronda quartz movement, which provides high accuracy. They are made even more unique with the rectangular cases that enclose the smooth round web dials. Most of these timepieces are women’s watches, with smaller case sizes of 24mm x 40mm.

Price List at a Glance: Most Popular Gucci Vintage Web 


Price (approximate)


Gucci Vintage Web Rainbow Ladies Watch Ref. YA143520


$669 USD


  • 24mm x 40mm diameter case
  • Gold-toned hands
  • 30-meter water resistance
  • Plexiglass band material
Gucci Vintage Web Quartz Pink Mother of Pearl Dial Ladies’ Watch Ref. YA143525 

$679 USD


  • 24mm x 40 mm diameter case
  • Gold-toned hands
  • 30-meter water resistance
  • Crystal Resin band material
Gucci Vintage Web Gold Skeletal Dial Ladies Watch Ref. YA143508

$729 USD


  • 24mm x 40mm diameter case
  • Gold-toned hands
  • 30-meter water resistance
  • Plexiglass band material
Gucci Vintage Web Quartz White Mother of Pearl Dial Ladies Watch Ref. YA143523 $529 USD
  • 24mm x 40mm diameter case
  • Gold-toned hands
  • 30-meter water resistance
  • Plexiglass band material

Gucci Vintage Web Quartz Mother of Pearl Dial Ladies Watch Ref. YA143524


$749 USD


  • 24mm x 40mm diameter case
  • Gold-toned hands
  • 30-meter water resistance
  • Plexiglass band material

Gucci Vintage Web Watch Quartz Green Dial Unisex Watch Ref. YA143403


$659 USD


  • 35mm diameter case
  • Yellow Gold-toned hands
  • 30-meter water resistance
  • Plexiglass band material

Gucci Vintage Web Watch Quartz Skeleton Dial Ladies Watch Ref. YA143501


$549 USD


  • 24mm x 40mm diameter case
  • Gold-toned hands
  • 30-meter water resistance
  • Plexiglass band material

How Much is a Gucci Vintage Web Watch

Vintage watches are expected to be very expensive, especially if they come from popular brands like Gucci. However, the Vintage Web collection comes at surprisingly affordable prices, even with their incomparable designs. All of the models from this collection can be bought for less than $1,000 USD. 

For instance, the popular Gucci Vintage Web Quartz Ladies Watch Ref. YA143524 costs only $749 USD. It is intricately and uniquely designed and blends the different materials used to create this piece incredibly well. The fine mother-of-pearl dial is an eye-catching and minimalistic feature adored by many watch connoisseurs. It also contrasts against the smooth resin or plastic case, which stands out with a truly unique look. 

This wristwatch is not just for date nights but can be worn for adventures, too. It has a handy 30-meter water resistance rating that protects it from splashes and drops of water. The silver-toned hands perfectly match the tasteful dial, as well as the silver bezel and crown. In addition, its multi-colored strap will definitely pair well with whatever attire you have on for the day. 

Another popular bangle watch from this collection is the Gucci Vintage Web Watch YA143501. For a price of $549 USD, you get a one-of-a-kind model from Gucci with familiar green-red-green stripes in its strap and dial. The watch is protected by a plexiglass material, which is durable enough to resist bumps and shocks. 

The bold and iconic look this timepiece sports is evident through its skeleton dial, which easily allows every wearer to take a peek at the watch’s intricate inner quartz movement. It is powered by the Swiss Made RONDA 751 quartz movement, which comes with a 30-meter water resistance capacity and basic features such as the hour, minute, and seconds function. 

If you prefer to have an all-black watch that matches well with outfits of just about any color, then the Gucci Vintage Web Gold Skeletal Dial Ladies Watch Ref. YA143508 would be a great pick. This model costs around $729 USD and features a black plexiglass bracelet with a black plexiglass case, too. The watch also bears an exquisite gold skeletal dial with matching gold-toned hands and no indices or hour markers. 

The Ref. YA143508’s 24mm case has a rectangular shape, which is the trademark of the Vintage Web collection. It has a gold-plated push-and-pull crown located on the right side of the watch, matching the golden dial and bezel. This timepiece’s durability is ensured by its sturdy sapphire crystal glass, which works as a barrier against scratches and impacts, particularly when worn outdoors. 

The Gucci Vintage Web Rainbow Ladies Watch Ref. YA143520 is another multi-colored watch from this collection, which can be bought for just $669 USD. Its gorgeous case and strap show off a beautiful combination of rainbow colors and glitter patterns, making this a true statement piece. This added sparkle is perfect for women who want to achieve a fancy yet fun look on a date night out or when they are out partying. 

This Vintage Web model is made from the same materials as the other watches in this collection, including the plexiglass on the bangle and case. It also features a solid case back, on which you can find the brand’s iconic bee logo. Made with plastic resin, this is a shatter-resistant watch that can endure scratches and daily wear and tear. 

Lastly, the Gucci Vintage Web Watch Ref. YA143403 is the only model in this collection that does not feature a rectangular case. For a price of $659, it boasts a circular case with Gucci’s signature green-red-green stripes. The watch also features a delicate mother-of-pearl dial, along with a tasteful yellow gold-toned bezel and hands. The case and bracelet are both made from a resin plastic material, which gives them an unusual translucency. 

Of course, the brand’s logo is engraved on the case back in gold, marking the Ref. YA143403 as an authentic Gucci product. The dial is minimal in its design, showcasing a simple time display with no indices or markers whatsoever. This is a perfectly-sized ladies’ watch with its 35mm case, small enough to fit securely on the wrist and comfortable enough to wear to virtually any event. 

New Gucci Vintage Web Models

The Gucci Vintage Web models have been discontinued by Gucci, and are no longer available in the brand’s catalog. Nevertheless, they are still considered timeless watches by horology connoisseurs who continue to adore their avant-garde styles. 

That being said, if you are looking for new Gucci timepieces that can be considered alternatives to the Vintage Web, you can check out the Gucci G-Frame YA147408 and the Gucci G-Timeless YA126487A. Both of these watches feature the iconic green-red-green bracelet, the same minimalistic dials with no hour markers or indices, and are also sold for less than $1,000 USD each. The primary difference between them and the Vintage Web is that both these watches also feature the brand’s signature Gucci bee motif on their dials. 

Gucci Vintage Web’s History and Design Details

As an established name that has been in the fashion industry for several decades already, Gucci is known as the brand of innovation and progress. It has always had a modern approach in creating its products, including its watches. This is why Gucci gave the Vintage Web collection some of the most unique designs ever seen in the world of horology. 

Since 1921, Gucci has been famous for its luxurious bags, clothes, footwear, jewelry, and watches. Three of its most famous and best-selling watch collections include the G-Frame, G-Timeless, and Le Marché Des Merveilles. As part of the Kering Group, this luxury brand always aims to embody the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship and is unsurpassed in terms of their quality and attention to detail. The Vintage Web collection is, indeed, an epitome of these standards. 

This classic collection is designed to leave a mark in the fashion world through its avant-garde cases and dials. The Vintage Web models are just a few of the watches today that do not rely overly on fancy indices and complicated dials. Instead, the Gucci Vintage Web takes a minimalist approach, with its simple dial featuring only the brand’s logo, as well as the hour and minute hands. If you are a fan of straightforward, minimalist watches, then the Gucci Vintage Web is definitely for you. 

All of the watches in this collection are also powered by a Ronda quartz movement. This type of movement is designed to have a very long battery life, lasting approximately seven years. It is also resistant to shocks and has an anti-magnetism feature, adding to the durability of these watches. 

The Vintage Web is also considered a bangle watch, and a fairly unusual one at that. This is because their bracelets are made from an unusual resin material, which is a high-quality and highly viscous type of plastic substance. This resin material for watches does not break easily and can normally last for five to ten years of use. 

How to Spot a Fake Gucci Vintage Web Watch

Gucci is one of the most famous international brands across the globe, and this leads to it often having its products imitated and sold at cheaper prices. To protect yourself from being a victim of such a scheme, here are some tips on how to spot a fake Gucci Vintage Web watch. 

  1. 1. A Gucci watch always comes with a certificate of authenticity and a serial number that can be found with the packaging. 
  2. 2. The words “Swiss-made” are always placed on the bottom of a Gucci Vintage Web dial or at the 6 o’clock location. 
  3. 3. Gucci watches are made with premium materials that have a certain degree of heft to them. Fake pieces are lighter and usually have rough finishes.
  4. 4. The Gucci bee logo can always be found on the case back of a Gucci Vintage Web, along with the model number. 
  5. 5. The watch hands from Gucci always glide smoothly, as they are powered by powerful quartz movements. If you see a Gucci Vintage Web which has hands that move jerkily, it is likely a replica. 
  6. 6. Counterfeit watches are often way cheaper than authentic ones. 

Gucci Vintage Web: A True Fashion Icon

Every watch collector has probably owned a designer watch such as a Gucci timepiece. More than just being a functional watch for everyday use, Gucci watches are impeccably well-designed to stand out from its competition. If you want to wear something that truly astonishes and beguiles every person you meet in public, you can never go wrong with the avant-garde Gucci Vintage Web. Indeed, Gucci watches are worth every dollar that you spend on them. 

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