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Gucci Horsebit Watches: A Taste for the Classics  

The Gucci Horsebit collection did not begin with watches. This collection actually comes from a line of handbags and loafers by Aldo Gucci, which were popularized due to their eponymous horsebit style. As time wore on, Gucci expanded the collection’s offerings to include watches. 

From its conception, the Gucci Horsebit offered a sizable collection of dial colors, straps, and diamond settings. A cross between a tasteful bracelet and functional watch, Gucci Horsebit watches are reliable and stylish timepieces for any woman with a taste for the classics. 

Price List at a Glance: Gucci Horsebit  






1. Horsebit Quartz Mother of Pearl Dial Diamonds Ladies Watch


$629 USD


● Stainless steel case

● Stainless steel bracelet 

● Sapphire crystal

● Mother of pearl dial

● Diamond markers at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock

● Silver-tone hands

● 50m water resistance

2. Horsebit Quartz White Mother Of Pearl Diamonds Ladies Watch


$1,139 USD


● Stainless steel case

● Black leather bracelet 

● Sapphire crystal

● White mother of pearl dial

● Roman numerals and stick hour markers

● Silver-tone hands

3. Horsebit Small Quartz White Mother of Pearl Dial Diamonds Ladies Watch


$1,139 USD


● Stainless steel case

● Stainless steel bracelet 

● Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal

● White mother of pearl dial

● Roman numerals mark the 6 and 12 o’clock hour markers

● Gucci logo on the 3 o'clock hour marker

● Silver-tone hands

● 50m water resistance

4. Horsebit Quartz Black Dial Ladies Watch


$1,139 USD


● Stainless steel case

● Rose-gold stainless steel bracelet 

● Sapphire crystal

● Black dial

● Roman numerals and stick indices

● Rose gold tone hands

● Quartz movement

● 50m water resistance

5. Horsebit White Dial Brown Leather Ladies Watch (YA140401)


$790 USD


  • Stainless steel case
  • Stainless steel bracelet
  • Sapphire crystal
  • White dial 
  • Roman numerals and stick indices
  • Quartz movement
  • 50m water resistance

How much does a Gucci Horsebit cost?   

The Gucci name has long been synonymous with luxury because of the brand’s impact on fashion and culture. With the Horsebit Collection, this Italian powerhouse has managed to maintain its influence over the horology market even decades after its release. 

Gucci Horsebit watches are small and easily concealed. Their diameters range from 28mm to 34mm, each boasting a unique dial. These finishes can vary from darker browns or bold reds to luscious mother of pearl. For those looking for something that’s more of a cross between a watch and a bracelet, Gucci also offers diamond-studded timepieces which you can wear as the perfect accessory to formal occasions.

Upon first look, some Gucci Horsebit watches may look like golden bangles. This is because of their luscious golden or silver steel bracelets. However, there are also versions of this watch that have leather straps. Either way, their dials do not vary much—most use both Roman numerals and minimalistic stick-shaped markers for their indices. 

It should also be noted that the Horsebit collection was not originally known for its watches. The Gucci Horsebit comes from a line of bags and accessories launched in the 1950s, popular for their well-known horsebit style. However, as time moved forward, so did Gucci. With the Horsebit watch collection, Gucci aimed to repackage the iconic Guccy horsebit icon into a whole new accessory. Carrying with it the history and style of the vintage Horsebit collection and Gucci’s own minimalistic and sharp designs, you can expect a Gucci Horsebit watch to cost quite a pretty penny. 

Price of the 139 Series

The Gucci Horsebit 139 watches are characterized by their clean stainless steel bracelets which are designed with the signature Horsebit interlocking chain. These bracelets serve to identify these watches as authentic Horsebit timepieces, with a stylish flair that simply cannot be imitated by other watches on the market.

One of the most luxurious Gucci Horsebit watches is the YA139506, which retails at $629 USD. This timepiece comes with a gleaming stainless steel case, paired with a round mother of pearl dial. Perhaps its most outstanding feature, however, is its diamond markers. Situated at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock position, these markers take the watch to another level of femininity and opulence. They are complemented by the YA139506’s exquisite silver-toned hands, which finish off the entire classy look. Like other Gucci Horsebit watches, the YA139506 is resistant to water up to 50m. It also uses a quality Swiss Quartz movement. 

Those looking for a similar watch with a slightly different look can take a peek at the Horsebit Small Quartz White Mother-of-Pearl Dial Diamonds Ladies Watch Ref. YA139504. Unlike the YA139506, this watch comes with a white mother-of-pearl dial. While this change might seem miniscule to some, it makes a huge difference in the overall Gucci Horsebit look. The YA139504 is in a league of its own, with different silver-toned indices in the form of Roman numerals and a lavish diamond-set lug. This watch’s gleaming silver color scheme is complemented by its hands, which are also polished with silver finishings. Style-wise, one of this watch’s most recognizable features is its Gucci logo, which replaces the 3 o’clock hour marker. At $1,139 USD, the YS139504 is quite a bit pricier than the YA139506.

The 139 series also has something for those who would prefer a bolder, brassier style. For instance, check out the Horsebit Quartz Black Dial Ladies Watch Ref. YA139507, which you can own for $1,139 USD. Equipped with a commanding black dial and tasteful rose-gold colored hands, this timepiece definitely makes a statement, giving a more intimidating and adult look compared to its fellow Horsebit associates. The dial of this watch uses the same layout as the YA139504, with a mix of Roman numerals and stick indices. Unlike the YA139504, however, this variant of the Gucci Horsebit uses rose-gold finishings to match its rose-gold PVD stainless steel case and bracelet. Its 3 o’clock Gucci logo also has the same finish. In addition to this, the YA139507 comes with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. This, along with its 50m water resistance, proves that the Gucci Horsebit is more than equipped to survive daily wear and tear. 

Price of the 140 Series 

There are also Gucci Horsebit watches categorized under the “YA140” serial number. What makes these watches different from the 139 series is their leather straps—quite a departure from the 139’s iconic interlocking stainless steel Horsebit design. 

Still, the 140 series wouldn’t be categorized under the Gucci Horsebit collection if it did not honor the Horsebit’s style-sense and icon. While it is more subtle, the YA140 watches still adopt the Horsebit icon through the use of their lugs. Made with a polished stainless steel, these understated and well-designed lugs carry the same opulence as the 139 series. 

Some watches in the 140 series are larger than their brethren in the 139 series. One example of this would be the YA140401. Released in 2015, this watch measures 34mm in diameter and has a stainless steel case. The YA140401’s dial is a departure from the usual Horsebit design. It has 12 hour markers, although the marker at the 3 o’clock position is replaced by the classic Gucci logo. These markers are a combination of Roman numerals and stick indices, all of which have silver finishes and complement the YA140401’s white-lacquered dial effortlessly. The YA140401 is also water resistant for up to 50m and uses a Ronda Quartz movement. Its best feature, however, is its classic “pebble grain in a soft hazelnut hue” leather strap. This brown strap gives it a semi-casual aesthetic, making the Gucci Horsebit more than just a dress watch. 

Next up, the Horsebit Quartz White Mother-Of-Pearl Diamonds Ladies Watch YA140506 is a  cross between the 139 and 140 series, although Gucci has marked it under the 140 series. This watch uses a mother-of-pearl dial and a bezel similar to the YA139504’s diamond-set lug. With its gleaming jewels, the YA140506 is slightly smaller than the YA140401, at 29mm in diameter. It uses a smart black alligator leather strap, which fits extremely comfortably around your wrist. Like all other Gucci Horsebit watches, this is also water resistant up to 50m. 

Gucci Horsebit's History and Design Details

In the early 1950s, Gucci founder Aldo Gucci wanted to create loafers that best fit his lifestyle. He led a life of culture and luxury, which was most apparent through his active participation in the equestrian community. 

Aldo wanted to create a shoe that paid tribute to this part of his life. Thus, he made a leather loafer shoe with a metal horse bit. An icon was born, and so was a plethora of iconic fashion statements. With the first leather loafer, Gucci’s brand became aligned with the look of the equestrian lifestyle. In turn, the horsebit endured as one of the brand’s biggest emblems today. 

From a simple loafer came numerous luxury bags that sported the horsebit design. Gucci’s leather goods permeated the global luxury market. The horsebit design became synonymous with Gucci, and the interlocking ‘aesthetic’ became important to Gucci’s brand recall. 

To this day, Gucci owns the horsebit design. The brand possesses the rights to use it on any accessory: be it a tote bag, a messenger bag, a wallet, a hat, or a new pair of footwear. The Gucci Horsebit has also released a line of jewelry, including bangles, bracelets, and leather straps over the years. 

Eventually, this gave way to a collection of Gucci Horsebit watches. 

Gucci Horsebit Watch

In the 21st century, anything Gucci will sell because of the brand’s classic opulent style and reputation for producing high-quality products. Gucci’s watches are an example of these, as they fall under a long history of timepieces dating back to 1972. 

Today, Gucci is a leading producer of dress watches worldwide, with many watch connoisseurs recognizing the value of a Gucci watch. The brand creates automatic, quartz, and bracelet watches. The Gucci Horsebit collection is particularly known for the former two. 

Made for women, Horsebit watches come in different sizes and styles. On the whole, these pieces feature designs that are always in line with the simple equestrian look of the original collection. It uses the easily identifiable round style of a horse bit, an interlocking design in true Gucci fashion.

How to spot a fake Gucci Horsebit Watch

All Gucci watches are Swiss-made 

To spot a fake Gucci watch, the devil is in the details, and this means counterfeit sellers often have the upper hand. Every year, more and more fake Gucci watches enter the market. They are resold as second hand timepieces. Lucky and experienced counterfeit sellers may even sell them as brand new. 

All authentic Gucci Horsebit watches have a ‘Swiss-made’ label on its dial. This is to assure the wearer of the quality and legitimacy of each watch. However, these are not always found in the same corner. 

Sometimes, the ‘Swiss-made’ label can be found at the bottom of the watch face. Other times, it is positioned on the side by Gucci. Either way, it should be there. If it is not, then you do not have a real Gucci Horsebit watch. 

As a Swiss-made watch, Gucci Horsebit watches should also have heft to them. They are made of stainless steel and gold, so it is also very important to hold your ‘new’ Gucci Horsebit watch before you buy them. Counterfeits tend to be made with lesser materials, making them lighter. 


If you are planning to get a Gucci Horsebit watch for a “very cheap” price, chances are you are not getting a genuine piece. The cheapest Gucci Horsebit watch available costs around $650 USD, while its most expensive piece can be double this price (the Ref. YA140506 with a diamond-set bezel costs $1,140 USD). 

Of course, there are Gucci watches that come with a discount,  depending on the condition of the watch. This, however, rarely goes beyond 35% of the original price. 

Serial Number and Certificate of Authenticity

Gucci Horsebit watches, like all luxury watches, come with a certificate of authenticity. This certificate verifies your watch as a work of its own, coming complete with a unique serial number. While these certificates verify the authenticity of your watches, counterfeits can still be produced.  

Be sure to double-check your “certificates” for additional details. No certificate of authenticity exists with just a brand name and brand logo. These should be a crest and other markings. You can see the size and style of the Gucci crest on the Gucci website,  so be sure to check that against the timepiece you’re hoping to buy.

Mistakes in the Dial 

A Gucci Horsebit dial is clean. Its background color and indices complement each other, and it has nothing on it other than hour markers and hands. This makes for a very contemporary sense of style. However, this makes it very easy to copy too. 

The glass is still half full though. Due to the Gucci Horsebit’s clean and very precise look, any mistakes on the dial can be identified immediately. All you have to do is compare it to the original watch on the website, or even bring it to your nearest Gucci store to have it examined. 

Dial mistakes are often visible in the the hour markers. Are they a mix of Roman numerals and stick indices? Does the Gucci logo replace the 3 o’clock marker? Are they the same color as the bracelet? Learn about the watch you want and ask these questions accordingly. 

Also remember that Gucci watches are made of the highest quality. If you are using a brand new one, mistakes in ticking should never occur. A watch should never go too fast or too slow; the beauty of horology is in the balance of details. 

Gucci Horsebit: The Stylish Companion

The Gucci Horsebit collection upholds the style philosophy and values of Aldo Gucci from 1950. Priced at around $650 USD to $1,200 USD, Gucci Horsebit watches offer cultural and material value to its users.

No matter what their style-sense may be, there is nothing quite as unique and classic as a Gucci accessory. For those looking to get into horology, the Gucci Horsebit is a great place to start.

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