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Gucci: A Timekeeping Accessory for the Modern Consumer

Gucci has been associated with the watchmaking industry since the 1970s, with the introduction of its Model 2000 watch. Since then, the brand has debuted several collections that reflect its artistic style and watchmaking expertise. From the casual appeal of the Gucci G-Timeless to the robust design of the Gucci Dive men’s watches, Gucci has proved that it is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Fast forward to 2019 when Gucci introduced the Gucci Grip at Baselworld 2019, a unisex watch inspired by a skateboard’s grip tape. This timepiece features an unconventional dial that somewhat resembles a weighing scale, with only three windows that display the hour, minute, and date. Despite its unique appearance, however, this watch is a true crowd-favorite and is the perfect watch for those who appreciate vintage-looking watches with an eye-catching design.

Price List at a Glance: Most Popular Gucci Grip Watches

Gucci Grip Ladies’ Watch YA157403$1,079 USD
  • 35mm yellow gold PVD case with engraved interlocking Gs
  • Gold dial with hour and minute window
  • Ronda quartz movement
  • Date window at 6 o’clock
  • Yellow gold PVD bracelet with engraved interlocking Gs
Gucci Grip Men’s Watch YA157301$1,179 USD
  • 40mm stainless steel case
  • Ronda quartz movement
  • Black dial with hour and minute window 
  • Chronograph
  • Black rubber strap
Gucci Grip Ladies’ Watch YA157412$999 USD
  • 38mm stainless steel case 
  • Silver dial with hour and minute window
  • Ronda quartz movement
  • Date window at 6 o’clock
  • Green alligator strap
Gucci Grip Unisex Watch YA157401$949 USD
  • 35mm steel case with engraved interlocking Gs
  • Silver dial with hour and minute window
  • Ronda quartz movement
  • Date window at 6 o’clock
  • Steel bracelet with engraved interlocking Gs
Gucci Grip Men’s Watch YA157413$2,050 USD
  • 38mm yellow gold PVD case
  • Yellow gold dial with hour and minute window
  • Ronda quartz movement
  • Date window at 6 o’clock
  • Bordeaux alligator strap
Gucci Grip Men’s Watch YA157302$1,800 USD
  • 40mm stainless steel case
  • Silver dial with tachymeter and hour and minute window
  • Ronda quartz movement
  • Chronograph function
  • Steel bracelet
Gucci Grip Unisex Watch YA157437$1,800 USD
  • 38mm stainless steel case with with engraved interlocking Gs
  • Blue superluminova enamel
  • Swiss Made Ronda 1006 quartz movement
  • Hour and minute window
Gucci Grip Ladies’ Watch YA157504$1,450 USD
  • 27mm stainless steel case
  • Sapphire glass with anti reflective coating
  • Swiss Made ETA 282.002 quartz movement
  • Hour and minute window
  • Transparent light blue recycled rubber strap
Gucci Grip Men’s Watch YA157304$1,650 USD
  • 40mm stainless steel case
  • Green and red dial with hour and minute window
  • Chronograph function
  • Ronda 5001 quartz movement
  • Green and red nylon strap
Disney x Gucci Grip Ladies’ Watch YA157307$1,800 USD
  • 40mm stainless steel case
  • Anthracite and yellow gold PVD dial
  • Yellow gold PVD window with hour and minute window
  • Chronograph function with Mickey Mouse counterweight
  • Steel bracelet with engraved interlocking Gs

How Much is a Gucci Grip Watch?

Despite coming from a well-known luxury brand, Gucci Grip watches are actually relatively affordable. 

The Gucci Grip YA157401 is a simple yet striking 38mm watch that has a stainless steel case with interlocking Gs on its case. It has three windows to display the date, minute, and the hour, and features a steel bracelet with matching interlocking Gs engraved on it. You can get this model for $949 USD. A 35mm gold version of the watch is also available. The Gucci Grip YA157403 has a number of similar features, but instead features a yellow gold PVD-coated case and bracelet. This model however, is also more expensive, at $1,079 USD. 

If straightforward and simple dials are on your list, then the Gucci Grip YA157411 is perfect for you. This unisex watch has a plain yellow gold PVD-coated case with apertures for the hour, minute, and date indicators. Its brown leather strap completes its subtle look. The Gucci watch retails for $1,149 USD. 

For watch enthusiasts looking for a more complicated version of the Grip, Gucci released several versions of the watch complete with a chronometer function and a tachymeter. The Gucci Grip YA157304 is a beautiful Gucci timepiece that comes with a green and red dial which displays the chronograph, tachymeter, and hour and minute windows. It comes with a matching green and red nylon strap which contains recycled polyester. This watch costs $1,650 USD. On the other hand, the Gucci Grip YA157301 possesses the same features and complications, but it has a simple, suave black dial and a rubber strap instead. It is priced at $1,179 USD and is one of the more affordable luxury watches to come with a chronometer.

Although these Gucci Grip watches with chronometers all come in slightly larger 40mm cases, their designs and looks still remain ideal for both men and women to wear.

New Gucci Grip (2020 or 2021) Models

In 2020, Gucci released a series of new Grip watches, which featured new functions and complications. The newer Gucci Grip watches now feature a chronograph function and tachymeter. In particular, the Gucci Grip YA157301 boasts a tachymeter and a chronograph on its black dial. On the other hand, the Gucci Grip YA157302 has a silver dial and a stainless steel bracelet, as opposed to a rubber strap. A limited edition Disney-inspired design of the Gucci Grip is also available, with a Mickey Mouse counterweight at the 6 o’clock marker.

Aside from these models, Gucci also released several limited edition models for the Grip. A version of the three-window watch was released exclusively on Gucci's Japanese website, featuring a plain gold dial with “Gucci” written in Katakana below the hour and minute windows. Completing the look is the yellow gold stainless steel bracelet engraved with Gucci’s signature interlocking Gs. 

In 2021, Gucci revealed new designs for its Grip watches at the annual Watches and Wonders fair. Conceptualized by Alessandro Michele, these new Grip designs are the brand’s entry into the high watchmaking industry. The Gucci Grip Sapphire is a collection of four models that comes in four translucent colors: clear, blue, pink, and green. The case of the Gucci Grip Sapphire is made entirely out of sapphire crystal, and the contrasting hues on the minute and hour windows give the watch a luxuriously playful touch. 

Another new design recently launched by the Italian fashion brand is the Gucci Grip Gold which features stones like malachite, tiger’s eye and black falcon’s eye. Baguette-cut diamonds embedded within the case and lugs complete the timepiece’s look. Depending on the model, the strap is either made of gold or is a leather alligator strap which matches the color of the dial.

Gucci Grip's History and Design Details

Gucci Grip watches are relatively new to the industry, only introduced in 2019. The collection was mainly inspired by skateboarding, with its snug fit around the wrist, reminiscent of how sneakers stick to the grip tape of a skateboard. At the time of its initial release, there were only four designs available. All Grip watches have a rounded square case and dials that feature three windows which resemble weighing scales. The windows indicate the hour, minute and date. In addition, these Gucci Grip watches are powered by Ronda quartz movements and are water resistant up to depths of 30 meters. The case sizes of newer models can range from as small as 27mm to 40mm, but these Gucci watches are all unisex and cater to both men and women. 

One particularly outstanding Grip design has a yellow gold PVD-coated case with a matching yellow gold bracelet that is engraved with two interlocking Gs. Meanwhile, another edition has the same design and engraving, but the case and bracelet are made from stainless steel instead. For those who prefer a clean and vintage-looking aesthetic, two versions with a plain dial are also available. One model has a yellow gold PVD-coated case, which is matched with a Bordeaux calf leather strap, and the other boasts a clean stainless steel case matched with a green calf leather strap.

A year after its initial launch, Gucci released new versions of the Grip, this time, adding a chronograph and tachymeter. While previous Grip designs have had the hour and minute windows on the upper part of the dial, these new watches have shifted these apertures to the right-hand side of the dial. New designs and materials have also been introduced in the following releases, with newer collections featuring gemstones like onyx, malachite, black falcon’s eye, and tiger’s eye. 

In 2021, Gucci entered the world of high watchmaking and released new editions of its watches with luxurious improvements. Designed by creative director Alessandro Michele, these new Gucci watches are adorned with various jewels and upgrades.

Gucci Grip Watches — Are They a Good Investment?

While watches from other luxury watchmakers are considered good investments, Gucci watches in particular are still up for debate. Gucci Grip watches are powered by Ronda quartz movements, but generally speaking, watches that feature quality in-house movements tend to be better in the long run. Avid watch enthusiasts also note that those looking to purchase Gucci watches generally buy them for their brand value and not for their functions or complications. 

That being said, if you are a fan of designer items and you want to flaunt having a luxury watch adorning your wrist, then Gucci Grip watches are a good choice. After all, not all watches have to be about the intricate complications behind it. Simply buying a watch because it looks nice or pretty is reason enough to buy one, and the trendy stylishness of the Gucci Grip certainly satisfies that. However, if you are looking for a sturdy watch that you can pass off as an heirloom, then it might be best to look for other brands which have more in-depth technical expertise.

Gucci Grip: The Stylish Statement Piece

Gucci Grip continues the legacy of the Italian luxury brand’s creativity and innovation. Its straightforward and unique design is a refreshing take on unisex watches. This watch contains the most practical and essential timekeeping information that you might need, although there are some models that also feature a tachymeter and a chronograph. While it may not be the best timepiece for long-term investments, its relatively affordable price makes it a worthwhile purchase for fans of luxury brands.

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