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Franck Muller Luxury Watches

Franck Muller Watches - A Piece for Everyone

Franck Muller is a watchmaker and a native of Switzerland. His brand is named after him, and he is the mastermind and craftsman behind the beautiful watches the company offers.

Why Choose A Franck Muller Watch?

Franck Muller watches are gorgeous timepieces that are designed by Franck himself and enhanced with a modern touch; this is added to watch styles whose inspiration has been taken from the 1930s. Traditional Swiss watch manufacturing is applied to create these ethereal watches that have been worn by many celebrities to date including Demi Moore, Elton John, 50 Cent, Lil Uzi Vert and José Mourinho. Their slogan justifies their creations: “Master of Complications” as each piece even though created with a modern touch is self-winding or needs to be manually operated. Their watches, therefore, give a classic feel to the wearer. Some of their very popular designs include Revolution2, Revolution3, Color Dreams, and Crazy Hours.

An array of watches Franck Muller offers an array of exquisite and elegant watches to pick from. There is a total of four categories to choose from namely; Men’s, Women’s, Grand Complications and New models which all further divide into sub-collections and subcategories. Each timepiece is unique on its own, and Haute Horlogerie is definitely what you will see when you hold one. In case you’re wondering what that means, then let us define it for you. It literally means ‘high art of watch-making' which certainly is what each piece portrays. Choose a watch unique to your taste and style without worrying about its elegance and class; symbols which Franck watches are widely known for.

The Dream Watch for Men

There are five gorgeous collections designed specifically for men. The Franck Muller men collection includes Cintree Curvex, Long Island, Master Square, Round, and Vanguard. Each of the collections has a variety of models to choose from.

Cintree Curvex

Designed with a signature style, known as the ‘cintree curvex,’ a recognizable silhouette is found in all of their watches that add to the class and beauty of each piece. These watches have a curved body with smooth contours and eye-catching dials. There are currently 4 pieces in each, further sub-collections of the Cintree Curvex. The four sub-collections are Skeleton, Chronograph, Perpetual Calendar, and Grande Date.

Long Island

The watches in this collection have a touch of the art deco style-architecture style of Long Island. The pieces in this collection, therefore, have robust rectangular bodies with arched numerals. There are currently eight watches in this collection.

Master Square

The time-pieces in this collection are a symbolization of harmony and balance and are also inspired by the Art Deco movement. As the name suggests, the watch bodies are solid squares that are an added attraction to all watch lovers. The collection consists of 8 watches.


The classic round, Franck Muller watch has three further sub-collections named Skeleton, Tourbillon and Tourbillon invisible-set baguette diamonds. Each collection has a unique charm and consists of a total of 16 watches with eight watches for Skeleton and four watches each for Tourbillon and Tourbillon invisible-set baguette diamonds.


Vanguard has seven further sub-collections each. These are Classical, Tourbillon, Grande Date, Skeleton, Yachting, Camouflage, and Gravity. There are four watches in each of these sub-collections with a whopping total of twenty-eight watches to choose from. The watches in this collection are made with a clean design and have unique aesthetics. The numerals are hand polished, and the dial and crown are notable features.

A Collection for Women

Similar to men, there is a whole collection created for women specifically. There are eight collections available for women:
· Cintree Curvex, 12 designs in total
· Galet, 8 designs in total
· Heart, 8 designs in total
· Infinity, 8 designs in total
· Long Island, 8 designs in total
· Master Square, 8 designs in total
· Round, 12 designs in total
· Vanguard Lady, 12 designs in total

There are a total of 72 designs to select from which is assurance of the fact that, no matter what your taste, Frank Muller has got you covered. Each collection consists of elegant and exquisitely designed watches that will surely leave you blown away at its beauty! So, whether you’re looking to gift a watch, or you just want to treat yourself, Franck Muller can cater to your requirement with ease!

Looking for Franck Muller watches for sale? There is no denying that Franck Muller watch prices are consistent with the quality of their products. The beautifully designed watches are worth your money and time! The prices vary for each piece, but there is definitely a range to choose from according to your budget. There is a watch for everyone.

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