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Fossil: The Perfect Everyday Timepiece

Fossil belongs to the Fossil Group Inc. where ”Fashion Meets Technology. Purpose Means Impact''. With the goal of providing watches that will complement any style, mood, and way of life, Fossil created fashionable yet quality and affordable watches. They have a number of collections to choose from, such as the Fossil Townsman, Fossil Minimalist, and Fossil Grant, just to name a few. Whether you want a sleek and minimalist watch for everyday use, an elegant and dressy accessory for formal events, or a cool and edgy timepiece for elevated looks, Fossil has got you covered.

How much is a Fossil watch?

Fossil FB-01Three-Hand White Ceramic Watch$219.00 USD35mmQuartz, ceramic strap, 100m (10 ATM) water resistance, stainless steel case, two pusher fold over clasp closure, fsl engrave me option
Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch HR FB-01 Black Stainless Steel$215.00 USD44mmCompatibility: Android™ 5.0+, iOS 12.0+,  bluetooth smart enabled, 16MB, 30m (3 ATM) water resistance, 7 notifications, 9 functions
Fossil Everett Three-Hand Date Stainless Steel Watch$149.00 USD42mmQuartz, stainless steel strap, 50m (5 ATM) water resistance, fsl engrave me option
Fossil Bronson Twist Smoke Stainless Steel Watch$219.00 USD50mmMechanical twist, stainless steel case and strap, 50m (5 ATM) water resistance
Fossil Townsman 48mm Automatic Amber Leather Watch$249.00 USD48mmAutomatic, leather strap, 50m (5 ATM) water resistance, stainless steel case
Fossil Townsman 44mm Chronograph Brown Leather Watch$159.00 USD44mmQuartz chronograph, leather strap, stainless steel case, fsl engrave me option
Fossil Neutra Automatic Two-Tone Stainless Steel Watch$249.00 USD44mmAutomatic, stainless steel strap and case,  2 pusher fold over clasp closure, 50m (5 ATM) water resistance
Fossil Scarlette Micro Three-Hand Date Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Watch$129.00 USD28mmQuartz, stainless steel strap and case, 50m (5 ATM) water resistance, fsl engrave me option
Fossil Carlie Mini Automatic Rose Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Mesh Watch$189.00 USD28mmAutomatic, stainless steel mesh strap, stainless steel case, safety mesh buckle closure, 50m (5 ATM) water resistance
Fossil Garrett Chronograph Silver-Tone Stainless Steel Watch$139.00 USD44mmChronograph, stainless steel strap and case, single pusher foldover clasp closure, 100m (10 ATM) water resistance, fsl engrave me option
Fossil Bronson Chronograph Smoke Stainless Steel Watch$169.00 USD50mmChronograph, stainless steel strap and case, 50m (5 ATM) water resistance, fsl engrave me option
Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch Jacqueline Navy Leather$155.00 USD36mmCompatibility: Android™ 5.0+, iOS 12.0+, bluetooth smart enabled, up to 6 months battery life, stores up to 2 weeks of data between syncs, 50m (5 ATM) water resistance, 5 functions, 7 notifications
Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch HR Charter Rose Gold-Tone Stainless Steel$215.00 USD42mmCompatibility: Android™ 5.0+, iOS 12.0+,  2+ weeks battery life, 16MB, 30m (3 ATM) water resistance, charge time 50 min to 80%, bluetooth smart enabled,  7 notifications, 9 functions
Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch Neutra Whiskey Leather$155.00 USD44mmCompatibility: Android™ 5.0+, iOS 12.0+, up to 6 months battery life,  stores up to 2 weeks of data between syncs, 50m (5 ATM) water resistance, 5 functions, 7 notifications
Fossil Gabby Three-Hand Date Rose Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Watch$129.00 USD34mmQuartz, stainless steel strap and case, bracelet deployant closure, 50m (5 ATM) water resistance,  fsl engrave me option 


Fossil Watches’ Collections

Prices for the Fossil Townsman: Classic Dress Watches

The two words that always come up when talking about Fossil’s Townsman Collection are elegant and classic. Maybe that is why this collection is among the popular ones when it comes to Fossil watches. The ‘60s inspired timepieces, available in both quartz and automatic self-winding movements, mostly come with a 3-hand dial with Roman numerals. You can choose between a leather strap for a more timeless look or a stainless strap if you want a more modern look. The price range for this collections is around $159.00 USD to $279.00 USD.

The Townsman Automatic Light Brown Leather Watch features a sophisticated navy blue dial that goes well with the brown genuine leather strap with a strap buckle closure. The 48mm automatic watch has a water resistance of 50m and is priced at $249.00 USD. Pair it with a matching brown belt and shoes for an effortlessly put together outfit.

On the other hand, the Townsman Automatic Black Stainless Steel Watch features a black dial with a black stainless steel strap with a single pusher foldover clasp closure. Just like the first one, this 44mm watch also has a water resistance of 50m and runs on an automatic movement. Get this piece for $279.00 USD and pair it with neutral colored outfits such black, grey or white or with a black colored leather jacket for a sporty look.

Prices for the Fossil FB-Line: Watches For Water Sports Enthusiasts

An interesting fact about Fossil’s FB-Line is that although it is inspired by diving timepieces, it is actually not meant to be used for diving in deep waters since that kind of sport requires at least 200m or 20 ATM, and this line only has 100m or 10 ATM. This level of ATM is only fit for snorkeling in shallow waters, sailing or hanging out in the pool. Another feature it has is the glow in the dark hands that diving watches have to navigate around the depths of the ocean. You can get a timepiece from this line for around $129.00 to $219.00 USD. However, limited editions can cost up to $329.00 USD.

If you want to score a Rolex-looking watch, go for Fossil’s FB-01 Three-Hand Date Stainless Steel Watch. It resembles the look of the Rolex Submariner for a much lower price of just $129.00 USD. The 42mm watch has a quartz movement, stainless steel case and strap, and a single pusher foldover clasp closure. 

Prices for the Fossil Hybrid Smartwatches

Unlike other brands that have digital watches with plain cases attached to plain straps, Fossil created theirs as if it is an analog watch but is actually digital in reality. Instead of having a black screen unless touched, the Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch has an always-on analog face that features the classic look of their timepieces. Unless you mention it, people won’t be able to notice that what you have on your wrist is actually more than just a regular watch. You might be wondering what the purpose of buying a smartwatch that looks like a regular watch with a traditional clock face is. Well, this type of watch is suited for those people who want the look of a timeless and traditional watch but with the features of a smartwatch. It is as simple as that. If you are interested to buy, it will cost you more or less $175.00 USD to $215.00 USD.

The Hybrid Smartwatch HR Collider Black Silicone is a Fossil watch perfect for men who want a timepiece that is not only good to look at but also fits with their lifestyle. You can use it for work because of its sleek look or when working out because of its silicone strap. This 42mm smartwatch has a 16MB storage and is compatible with Android™ 5.0+, iOS 12.0+. It is fast charging and has functions like activity tracker, heart rate tracking, visualized workout routes and etc. Priced at $195.00, you will definitely get what you are paying for.

For all the females out there, the Hybrid Smartwatch HR Charter Rose Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Mesh is the ideal day to night timepiece. Its rose gold color is a chic element to add to your office look yet still has enough casual vibe because of the stainless steel mesh strap that will look perfect for your girl’s night out outfit. This 42mm smartwatch has the same features as the Hybrid Smartwatch HR Collider Black Silicone but is priced at $215.00 USD.

Prices for the Fossil The Minimalist Watches

If you are more into formal outfits, the Fossil Minimalist Collection is for you. Based on the name itself, the line is simple and straightforward with its slim cases and barely decorated dials. Without bold embellishments, it is easily readable and easy on the eyes. In addition, all have 5 ATM water resistance and quartz movements. However, you have to take note that the dials in this collection have fairly big faces measuring at 44mm compared to the dress watches in other brands. Although mostly sold with leather straps, timepieces with stainless steel straps are also available. The cheapest price of this watch would be around $119.00 USD.

Just because the collection is minimalist, that does not mean it is only limited to neutral colors. For a more elevated yet still minimalist look, check out The Minimalist Three-Hand Navy Leather Watch. This $119.00 USD timepiece features a blue dial, a blue leather strap and a gold case which looks very chic and modern together. Pair it with any shade of blue colored long sleeved shirt or blazer for a masculine and luxurious look. If you want to use it for a casual outfit, a pair of blue jeans and white shirt with this timepiece will definitely upgrade the plain ensemble. 

Prices for the Fossil Grant Watches: Your Sporty-Elegant Choice

The Fossil Grant Collection is easily recognizable because of its chronograph function. It is basically a built-in stopwatch feature and can be controlled using two pushers located on the right side of the watch. All have roman numerals and a 5 ATM water resistance. You can choose between a leather or stainless steel for the strap and a regular timepiece or a smartwatch. A piece of Fossil’s Grant will cost $129.00 USD to $169.00 USD.

The most popular models are the watches with blue dials, brown leather straps, and stainless steel cases. The combination of blue and brown,no matter the shades, are always a classic since it can be easily dressed up or dressed down.

The Grant Chronograph Light Brown Leather Watch has a quartz chronograph function and a blue dial enclosed in a 2-tone stainless steel case. The 44mm watch priced at $149.00 USD is best paired with a blue suit and brown leather belt and shoes for a formal look or a brown leather jacket paired with jeans for a cool and casual look.

Fossil Watches' Milestones and Innovations

Starting with vintage-looking timepieces, Fossil continued to achieve greater heights as it went along the flow of the ever-changing world of technology. In 2016, Google introduced the digital watch Android Wear 2.0 that was later changed to Wear OS by Google. This gave numerous brands like Fossil the opportunity to enter the world of digital watches.

Fossil doesn’t believe that you have to choose between style and functionality. With their wearable devices, you can now elevate your look with the convenience of keeping you connected to your daily needs. You can make and take calls, send texts, monitor your heart rate and activity tracking, set reminders, check the weather and so much more. Overtime, they released more digital watches with different styles, colors, materials, features and compatibilities with both Android and iOs. You will surely be able to find a digital watch fit for you.

Reasons to Buy a Fossil Watch

If you are looking for a fashion watch then Fossil is one of the best in the market. Listed below are the reasons why you should go for a Fossil watch.

1. Value For Money - The main reason why the brand was born was because Kartsotis and his brother wanted to offer quality yet affordable and fashionable watches in the market. During the 1980s, you could either choose between a reliable yet expensive watch or opt for a cheaper one that breaks in a few uses. Value for money was one of the key factors of the success of the brand, it is their niche, which is why it is loved by the masses up to this day.  

2. Fashion Meets Function - Fossil believes that you do not have to sacrifice the look of a timepiece for function. For the brand, you can have the best of both worlds- a fashionable watch and handy device that can help you with your everyday lives. This is most prevalent in their wide array of smartwatches but can also be seen in the regular timepieces. Although the brand is not big on flashy embellishments, they level up your style with their sleek, sophisticated , and timeless timepieces.

3. Mastery In Watchmaking - Aside from being known because of their price point, it is good to point out that Fossil is actually quite an expert when it comes to fashion watches. In fact, its company Fossil Group Inc., handles the timepieces of countless known brands such as Burberry and Emporio Armani. If you own a watch from either of these brands, know that it is made by Fossil.

History of Fossil  Watches

Advised by his older brother to sell affordable fashion watches in the US, American entrepreneur Tom Kartsotis contacted manufacturers in Hongkong and collaborated with designer Lynne Stafford to help design the first Fossil watch. In 1983, they released vintage-inspired watches that became a big hit in the masses. With the skyrocketing prices of timepieces, Fossil was able to provide the consumers stylish yet quality watches with desirable price tags that put the brand on the map.

Fortunately, his success did not end there. Karsotis teamed up with French industrial designer, Philippe Starck, which resulted in the creation of the watch line Starck With Fossil. Available in both analog and digital, these simple yet aesthetically pleasing watches contributed in helping the company gain more attention.

In addition, seeing the impact of Swiss-made timepieces in the market, they also created their own line called Fossil Swiss. Unfortunately, this line is no longer produced today. Instead, they bought two Swiss brands called Zodiac and Michele Watch and created a big umbrella company called Fossil Group Inc.

Fossil's Partnership with Other Brands 

The Fossil Group Inc. is home to numerous known companies like Relic, Skagen Denmark, Misfit, WSI and, as mentioned earlier, Zodiac and Michele Watch. And along with these fashion brands, Fossil also designs, manufactures and distributes timepieces for big shot brands like Puma, Burberry, Michael Kors, Diesel, DKNY, Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Emporio Armani, and Armani Exchange.

According to Fossil Group Inc., these companies and their own share the same passion for design, innovation, doing good, and connecting people through time saying “Time to think differently. Time to see the good in every detail. Time to express individuality.Time to make the world greater, together”.

Express Your Individuality with Fossil Watches

There is no need to contemplate between an expensive watch and a cheap inferior watch. If you want a watch that lasts and looks good without breaking the bank, Fossil is a good brand to go for. In addition, the fact that they entered the world of digital watches even if they started with vintage timepieces is a good indication that the brand keeps on innovating and adapting to what will satisfy the masses. Moreover, their partnership with well-known brands mean that they are an expert in what they do and is a brand that is reliable and trustworthy. 

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