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New Emporio Armani Watches

Emporio Armani Watches: A Collection of Fine Italian Timepieces

Ever since its first launch in the early ‘80s, Emporio Armani has continuously provided its patrons with luxury goods that reflect Giorgio Armani’s stylistic vision and aesthetic. Its products have a distinct elegance that exudes the reputation of the Giorgio Armani brand.

Among the clothing and accessories the company produces, the watches are some of the most popular as each watch offers a unique trait perfect for every occasion and purpose. For example, an Emporio Armani chronograph watch, like the Emporio Armani Classic Chronograph Black Dial Men's Watch, has a built-in stopwatch function that’s beneficial for sports enthusiasts or for anyone who wants a simple yet multi-functional watch.

Emporio Armani teems with luxury fashion watches to choose from. Most Emporio Armani watches for men come with stainless steel or leather bands to suit your black-tie needs. Meanwhile, Emporio Armani ladies’ watches come with a variety of designs that are exquisitely made to blend no matter what your taste is.

How much do Emporio Armani watches cost?

ModelPrice (approximate)SizeFeatures
Delta Chronograph Leather Men's Watch$189 USD46mm 
  • Stainless steel case, mineral crystal, 100m water resistance, calfskin leather band
Classic Chronograph Men's Watch$149 USD43mm
  • Stainless steel case, mineral crystal, 50m water resistance, leather band
Automatic Skeleton Leather Men’s Watch$359 USD43mm 
  • Stainless steel case, mineral crystal, 30m water resistance, leather band
Retro Quartz Leather Men's Watch$159 USD40mm
  • Stainless steel case, mineral crystal, 50m water resistance, leather band
Alpha Stainless Steel Quartz Men's Watch$159 USD38mm 
  • Stainless steel case, 30m water resistance, calfskin leather band
Gianni T-Bar Quartz Ladies Watch$179 USD32mm
  • Stainless steel case, mineral crystal, 30m water resistance, stainless steel band
Kappa White Mother of Pearl Dial Leather Ladies Watch$129 USD 32mm 
  • Stainless steel case, 30m water resistance, calfskin leather band
Automatic Silver Dial Ladies Watch$289 USD34mm 
  • Stainless steel case, mineral crystal, 50m water resistance, stainless steel band
Quartz Silver Dial Ladies Watch$139 USD32mm 
  • Stainless steel case, mineral crystal, without indexes, 30m water resistance, leather band
Chiara Quartz Stainless Steel Ladies Watch$119 USD28mm
  • Stainless steel case, 50m water resistance, geometric indexes, calfskin leather band


Emporio Armani’s Watch Collections

From the Emporio Armani watch prices that we listed above, it’s evident that these watches have a wide variety of exquisite designs and types for men and women. Each Emporio Armani watch has a unique design that Giorgio Armani himself expertly curated and styled, which makes it all the more appealing for those who are loyal enthusiasts of the Giorgio Armani brand. Hence, we’ve categorized and recommended some of the innovative and excellent quality watches that they have to offer.

Prices for the Emporio Armani Dress Watches: Minimalist Timepieces For Every Style

When it comes to design and style, the Emporio Armani dress watches should be part of your collection. These are one of the most versatile watches in the Emporio Armani collection that offers a lot of varied designs, types, and materials for their watches. Finding a dress watch that will suit you is not a problem since these types of watches are minimal in design so that they can blend and match with your formal wear. These watches are usually affordable since it appeals more to the everyday professional. 

For instance, we have the Alpha Stainless Steel Quartz Blue Dial Men's Watch that is perfect for those formal attires. It comes in a round case that’s made from stainless steel. It also has a calfskin leather band that’s versatile and smooth to the skin. In terms of details, the color is in a shade of blue with geometric indexes giving it subtle dimensions on the dial.

On the other hand, the Emporio Armani ladies’ watches collection has a variety of exquisite designs. The Gianni T-Bar, for instance, is beautiful in color and design. It is aesthetically pleasing to look at with its rose gold tone and white-colored dials. The round case matches the roman numeral indexes for a smooth and elegant flow made from stainless steel. Powered by a quartz movement, this type of ladies’ watch is priced at $179 USD. 

There are other Emporio Armani dress watches for both men and women that are equally as elegant. Dress watches are meant to be minimalist in terms of design and feel so that it matches with the user’s personality. 

Prices for the Emporio Armani Automatic: Your Everyday Classic Watches

If you’re looking for something that’s a little more on the conservative side of Emporio Armani watches, then an automatic mechanical watch is another option. For these watches, you might want to try the Automatic Skeletal Dial Men's Watch, which sells for $359 USD. It comes with luminous rose gold-toned dial hands and indexes. It also has a leather strap for a supple fit. As expected from its name, it has a skeletal dial that provides a view of the mechanical movement.

Another similar watch is the Luigi Automatic Silver Dial Men's Watch, priced at $309 USD. It has a rose gold-tone stainless steel construction that’s incredibly elegant in itself. The color perfectly watches the leather strap it comes with. These two are part of the Emporio Armani Automatic watch collection which is on the pricier side since it is more complex in terms of its mechanics and designs. 

Automatic watches are self-winding watches, which makes them easier for the wearer to use. In other words, manually winding the watches every now and then is unnecessary. That is why you have these types of watches from the Emporio Armani collection to give you an option for a watch design that is more complex yet elegant to wear. 

Prices for the Emporio Armani Chronograph: The Sports Enthusiasts’ Watch 

The Emporio Armani Chronograph watch collection is for every sports enthusiast or for those who are interested in multifunctionality. When buying an Emporio Armani chronograph watch, the prices can vary depending on the size and material of the watch. Chronograph watches from the brand can range from $149 USD to $340 USD. The pricier ones like the Chronograph Pale Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Watch measures 43mm in diameter. It also has a cream dial with pale gold-tone stick indexes, paired with a stainless steel bracelet.

An Emporio Armani chronograph watch comes in a variety of sizes and colors that you can choose from, but it’s typical for these watches to have a stopwatch feature, multifunctionality, and complex mechanisms. The main focus, however, is the chronograph’s ability to also track events at the same time. These are ideal watches for those who are looking for a sportier type of watch.

Prices for the Emporio Armani Smartwatches: An Innovative Response to Modern Technology 

Emporio Armani recently released a smartwatch collection that is said to contain the aesthetics of an iconic Armani brand, and advanced technological features that are similar to a touchscreen phone. An Emporio Armani smartwatch contains apps that will help with daily activities and work.

For instance, the Smartwatch 3 Matte Silver is a 44.5mm watch that is personalized for the wearer. It uses the Wear OS by Google technology and comes Bluetooth-enabled, which means that it is compatible with any modern-day smartphone. It has a stainless steel component. So, this newly upgraded Emporio Armani smartwatch collection allows you to access your phone’s contents into your watch. This makes hectic schedules easier to navigate for the wearer. They also come in different colors like black, blue, and gold. For these smartwatches, the price is fixed at $375 USD. 

Emporio Armani’s Milestones and Innovations

For Giorgio Armani, the expansion of his main Armani brand into a variety of sub-brands is an achievement and milestone in itself. The brand has really grown into its own fashion industry that sets the standard for other luxury brands. From clothes, accessories, and sunglasses to perfumes, beauty, home interiors, hotels, and floral decors, it’s amazing how Giorgio Armani’s continuous innovative ideas have shaken the fashion world to its core. He has truly left his mark in the fashion scene with his artistic sense. 

Emporio Armani has been in the fashion industry since the 1980s and has continued to flourish. It’s said that Giorgio Armani’s business is a classic success story that has gained him a lot of admirers. He sets himself apart with his brilliant watch designs, which gives them a personality of their own. His talent lies in the way he meticulously pays attention to each of the design details of his Emporio Armani watches for men and Emporio Armani ladies’ watches. From the simple and elegant designs of a dress watch to the complexity of an Emporio Armani chronograph watch, it’s clear why the brand is making a name for itself. 

Emporio Armani Through the Years

As a sub-brand, Emporio Armani is said to be the mid-tier brand among the Armani Group. It is the ‘bridge’ that connects the other two distinguished Armani brands: the more exclusive and high-end Giorgio Armani, and the premium Armani Exchange which is relatively affordable and available for all. With that, compared to other luxury watch brands, the Emporio Armani watch collections are in mid-range watches. 

Furthermore, after its grand opening in Milan, Italy in the early 1980s, Emporio Armani has provided its customers with “ready-to-wear” collections that bear the features of an Armani runway collection. Emporio Armani targets young professionals, and this is reflective of the products they sell which highlight the modern traits and trends.

We can see that through the watch collections it releases yearly. You can see that the watch designs get more complex and innovative, especially with their current smartwatches which offer a whole variety of multifunctionality. 

Over the years, it is clear that Emporio Armani has shown to its avid consumers that it has the ability to innovate its watch designs and function. It is truly a brand that is worth mentioning in the hall of watch fame. 

Over the years, the Emporio Armani watches have established themselves as a brand with excellent quality products. That is because it carries with it the Giorgio Armani brand name which has a big reputation in the fashion industry. The Emporio Armani watches continue to produce a variety of high-quality watches. Emporio Armani watches are often compared with Boss or Gucci, and other well-known fashion brands like Michael Kors.

A lot of avid Armani consumers have praised the brand for its design and functionality. They are satisfied with the reputation of the brand, which gives the Emporio Armani watches a sense of their own significance and excellence. 

Five Reasons to Buy an Emporio Armani watch

1. Minimalist and Elegant. What is not to love about Emporio Armani’s collection of dress watches? Emporio Armani is known for its minimalist and elegant dress watches that you can mix and match with your formal wear. They have a lot of available and affordable designs that you can choose from. With the Armani brand in its name, Emporio Armani watches are the perfect accessory to complete the look. 

2. Multifunctionality and Versatility. The multifunctionality of the Emporio Armani chronograph watch makes use of the whole watch’s capabilities. As we mentioned, chronograph watches are really convenient and helpful for those who want to track time for a variety of activities. An Emporio Armani chronograph watch combines both function and design into one which makes it such an iconic timepiece for you to try. 

3. Relatively Affordable. Emporio Armani watches are more affordable than your usual luxury brands. Yes, there are watches in the collection that are very expensive. However, there are watches that you can buy within your budget which are as equally elegant and minimalistic as the other designs. Similar to other fashion watch brands, Emporio Armani is among those that are considered within the ‘relatively affordable’ category. Compared to other luxury brands like Rolex or Omega, Emporio Armani leans toward affordable luxury that you can indulge in. 

4. Good Quality Watches. Aside from being affordable, these watches also have good quality. It’s the perfect watch that suits your needs. Emporio Armani has a lot of beautiful designs that live up to its reputation. While these watches are not as complex and complicated as other brands’ products, Emporio Armani watches are just as accurate as most mechanical watches.

5. The Armani Brand Reputation. There are people who buy Emporio Armani watches for its name. Armani collectors praise the brand and are satisfied with what they have purchased.The overall reputation of the Armani brand is reflected in the Emporio Armani watches. Giorgio Armani’s attention to detail and his long-standing reputation in the field make the Emporio Armani watch brand stand out the most. 

Emporio Armani Watches: Fashionable Yet Innovative 

With its parent brand, Giorgio Armani, you can expect a lot of greatness in quality in the Emporio Armani watch collection. It is the perfect blend of luxury and beauty that you can afford. With the number of designs and types that they have — from the classic dress watches to their innovative smartwatches — Emporio Armani watches go on to be must-haves for every fashion enthusiast.

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