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Citizen Attesa: A Lifetime on Our Wrists

With the Citizen Attesa, Citizen has not just created environmentally-friendly, solar-powered watches. More than that, the Attesa collection brings with it innovative technological functions given by World Time. World Time not only allows you to see a wide variety of different time zones, but it also gives you the ability to customize your preferred city. With the Citizen Attesa, you will find telling the time incredibly convenient even as you shuttle between countries. This collection is proof that the brand has continuously developed innovative technologies that cater to the needs of the people, producing timepieces that are profound and timeless. 

Made by smart designers and experienced manufacturers, Citizen Attesa consistently proves the importance of having a state-of-the-art timepiece wrapped around your wrist.

Price at a Glance: Best-selling Citizen Attesa Watches


PRICE (approximate)



Eco-Drive Chronograph CA4390-55E

$389 USD
  • Titanium case 41mm
  • sapphire crystal glass
  • quartz (solar) movement


Eco-Drive Radio Clock CB1070-56E

$569 USD
  • titanium stainless steel 40mm
  • sapphire crystal glass
  • quartz (solar) movement
  • Perpetual calendar
  • water-resistant


Eco-Drive Radio Clock AT9096-57E

$1,029 USD
  • Super titanium
  • sapphire glass
  • Solar-powered movement


Eco-Drive Chronograph CA4394-54E

$499 USD
  • Super titanium
  • sapphire glass
  • Solar-powered movement


Citizen Attesa Eco-Drive AT6050-54E

$509 USD
  • Titanium case
  • sapphire crystal glass
  • Luminous hands and dial
  • quartz movement


Attesa Eco Drive CC3010-51E

$1,429 USD
  • perpetual calendar
  • world time function
  • automatic needle corrector
  • light level indicator


Attesa Eco Drive GPS CC9070-56H

$2,009 USD

  • Silver titanium
  • Silver-toned hands


Eco-Drive Satellite Wave-GPS CC9015-54E

$1,709 USD
  • stainless steel
  • 540 days of power reserve
  • water-resistant to 10 bars
Eco-Drive Radio 30th anniversary limited AT8165-51E

$1,119 USD

  • super titanium
  • water-resistant to 10 bars.


Eco-Drive Radio Time Signal AT9097-54E

$1,269 USD

  • solar quartz movement
  • Antimagnetic
  • water resistant

How much does a Citizen Attesa watch cost?

Citizen Attesa Ref. CC4004

The Citizen Attesa Ref. CC4004 comes with a durable titanium case and a sapphire crystal glass that protects the dial from any scratches. This men’s chronograph watch has a black dial and a date window. Just like the other Attesa models, it possesses a solar quartz movement, which means that you can charge it with the help of any light source, be it artificial or real sunlight. For the price of $1,669 USD, it includes functions like dual time, a full auto-calendar, an antimagnetic feature, and Satellite Wave GPS.

Citizen Attesa Ref. AT8165

This 44mm eco-drive watch case is made up of super titanium. The Citizen Attesa Ref. AT8165 has a beautiful black dial that features an analog display with three subdials and a date window at the 3 o’clock position. This radio-controlled watch gives you precise timekeeping without the need to change batteries, and is also water-resistant up to 100m. You can get this limited edition piece at a price of  $1,119 USD.

Citizen Attesa Ref. CB1070 

This simple and classic 40mm Citizen Attesa Ref. CB1070 is made from hard titanium and stainless steel. The watch has a sleek dial with an analog display which is protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. It comes with a black and silver, grey, or white band. Its luminous hands and markers allow you to tell the time even in the dark. This timepiece is also 100m water resistant. It also features a power reserve indicator, perpetual calendar, and atomic radio control. This timepiece starts at around $569 USD.

Citizen Attesa Ref. CC9075 

Coming in at a size of 43.5mm, the Citizen Attesa Ref. CC9075 is made from super titanium. This chronograph timepiece has its date window at the 4 o’clock position. It is 

100m water resistant and also comes with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal that gives the watch better readability. Running on Satellite Wave GPS, this Citizen Attesa watch costs around $1,909 USD.

Citizen Attesa Ref. AT6050-54L

This $569 USD timepiece will stun you with its beautiful blue dial rimmed with a lighter blue hue and adorned with silver-tone indices. The simplicity of the Citizen Attesa Ref. AT6050-54L’s dial highlights the day and date aperture which is placed at the 3 o’clock position. If you want something neat yet elegant, the Citizen Attesa Ref. AT6050-54L with its professional stainless steel bracelet will match your style.

Citizen Attesa’s World Time and Eco-Drive Technology

The most winning feature of all Attesa watches is, without a doubt, the World Time technology. World Time technology involves a rotating bezel on the watch that shows 24 time zones from various major cities. The approximate time of all these cities is identified with the use of the rotating bezel or dial ring. It may seem like a complicated mechanism, but once you know exactly how to use the dial ring, it is actually very simple to use. 

To know the time difference between two cities, you firstly have to change the current time on your watch to a 24-hour format. Then, using the rotating bezel, adjust the name of the city you are in to the 24-hour format, current time. This will synchronize your watch’s time to the exact time of the city you are currently in. Then, simply look for the city whose time you wish to know on the dial ring and compare the two.

Citizen Attesa watches are also famous for being environmentally-friendly, as they come with Citizen’s special Eco-Drive technology. Eco-Drive technology uses energy from any kind of light source, whether fake or natural, to charge the watch. If there’s no light available, the Eco-Drive watches will stop functioning and hibernate. However, the internal quartz movement installed in the watch will still work and continue to effectively track the time. If the watch recognizes light, the hands will immediately move to their correct hours, minutes, and seconds and continue to keep accurate time. 

Citizen Attesa's History and Design 

Given the environmental crisis in 1973, companies around the world searched for alternatives on how to make products with the use of clean energy. The need for a clean energy alternative was the inspiration for Citizen’s first light-powered watch. This technology was named Eco-Drive. With the use of this technology, a timepiece can convert light into energy to power itself. As a result, the watch can run for months, even in darkness, without any need to repeatedly change batteries. This useful function is prominent in most Citizen Attesa watches. 

Another major feature that was introduced in Attesa is the World Time technology. World Time ensures that its owners can live a dynamic and productive lifestyle. With World Time, you can track the time of several cities around the world. Citizen Attesa’s smart pricing also means that you can pick up all these intriguing perks at extremely affordable prices.

Reasons to Buy Citizen Attesa Watches

1. It’s the perfect watch for travelers.

Since Citizen Attesa watches are powered with World Time technology, it gives busy travelers an easy way to check the different time zones of several countries all at once. It makes their traveling experience more convenient without having to double-check the time of one country against another. Citizen Attesa watches are also made with high-quality materials such as Super Titanium for optimal durability, so if you’re a frequent traveler who prefers active outdoor activities, then this is the perfect watch for you.

2. It’s eco-friendly.

Citizen Attesa uses Eco-Drive technology to achieve their goal: making watches that would never need a new battery. This is because the lithium batteries that charge most watches can be extremely damaging to the environment when disposed of. This is because lithium batteries take many years to smolder, and in the process of this, all the toxic chemicals released pollute the air and contribute significantly to global warming. Thus, creating solar-powered watches like the Citizen Attesa makes an enormous difference to the environment. 

Citizen Attesa, powered by Eco-Drive, makes use of a readily available source of energy - the sun. As such, using a Citizen Attesa timepiece greatly reduces our carbon footprint and cuts down on our greenhouse gas emissions. 

3. It’s affordable.

Considering how sustainable, innovative, and environmentally friendly, Citizen Attesa watches are, it’s almost surprising how affordable it is compared to other luxury watches on the market. You cannot deny that the founders of Citizen had a very discerning eye, for Citizen Attesa timepieces are truly revolutionary watches made for the average consumer. 

Be in Two Places at Once With Citizen Attesa.

The longevity, functions, and durability of Citizen Attesa make it possible for all businessmen and frequent fliers to have an extremely productive control of time. This collection, powered by World Time and Eco-Drive technology, offers us comprehensive features such as the display of time for various cities around the world. Without a doubt, the Citizen Attesa is a true game-changer in the watchmaking industry.

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