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Chaumet: A Perfect Harmony of Jewelry and Watches

Chaumet has a long history of providing excellent luxury jewelry for the rich and famous. The company, established in Paris, has made a name for itself in the industry of fine jewelry. However, like many other fashion brands, Chaumet found it sensible to begin their very own watch line. The company has since begun producing timepieces that run on powerful movements made by ETA, a Swiss-based company that manufactures high-quality calibers 

Chaumet also adds their own spice to the equation by giving their watches classy and glamorous designs. That includes the use of a plethora of luxury materials such as gold and diamonds. Today, Chaumet is known for its collections such as the feminine Joséphine, the classy diver Class One, and the masculine Dandy. The French jewelry manufacturer also produces artisan watches such as the Rondes de Nuit and the Éclosion de Chaumet.

Reasons to Buy a Chaumet Watches

When you buy luxury timepieces like a Chaumet watch, you are getting a lot more than just a fashion accessory. While it is true that they are stunning and fashionable watches, they are also incredibly functional. So, we have put together a list of reasons why a watch from this French jewelry manufacturer is a great choice for the next addition to your collection. It could, perhaps, be the best piece you will ever invest your money in!

  • 1. Chaumet is a well-known name in the fashion industry and they create only high-quality pieces. They have been in the industry for almost 250 years, and have literal centuries of experience to fall back on.
  • 2. The company boasts very intricate designs, making the watches not only functional but also beautiful. Chaumet watch designs range from classic romanticism to art deco pieces. They truly are works of art.
  • 3. Their watches are typically made from steel or gold, and are embellished with diamonds or other precious stones. These make them good investment pieces.
  • 4. Chaumet also employs the help of ETA for the reliable automatic Swiss movements in their watches. Even their quartz movements are made from Switzerland.
  • 5. Aside from being trendy, their watches are also incredibly functional. For instance, the Chaumet Class One is a decent diver watch with 100 meters or 330 feet of water resistance.

Chaumet Watch Prices

Chaumet has been at the forefront of providing luxury jewelry to patrons all over the world. The company specializes in creating elegant timepieces crafted from precious materials. You can find watches that are made from gold or steel. Other materials Chaumet uses for these watches include diamonds, sapphire, rubies, and more. The use of these materials is the main reason why the prices of Chaumet timepieces tend to fall on the more expensive side of the spectrum. However, these materials are extremely valuable, and are known to appreciate over time, making Chaumet watches the ultimate investment pieces.


Price (approximate)

Key Features

Chaumet Hortensia Creative Complication W20199-BC2

$98,999 USD

  • 41 mm diamond-set white gold case
  • 30 m/100 ft water resistance
  • Automatic Swiss-made movement
  • Alligator leather strap with white gold deployment buckle
Chaumet Joséphine "Rondes De Nuit" W13110-01BM

$75,200 USD

  • 24 mm 18-carat white gold hand-paved with 347 brilliant-cut diamonds
  • 30 m/100 ft water resistance
  • Bezel set with 129 brilliant-cut diamonds
  • Swiss quartz movement
  • Black powdered satin strap with 18-carat white gold pin buckle paved with 18 brilliant-cut diamonds
Chaumet Chronograph Dandy XL W11891-30E

$18,999 USD

  • 40 mm white gold case
  • 30 m/100 ft water resistance
  • Automatic Swiss-made movement
  • Stainless steel brushed bracelet with polished Bayadère
Chaumet Dandy Arty Open Face W18892-40B

$18,399 USD

  • 40 mm rose gold case
  • Open face dial design
  • 30 m/100 ft water resistance
  • Automatic Swiss-made movement
  • Limited edition
Chaumet Hortensia W20120-05D

$14,699 USD

  • 31 mm polished rhodium-plated white gold
  • Bezel set with 55 diamonds
  • Crown set with 121 diamonds
  • Swiss quartz movement
  • Floral pattern, mother-of-pearl dial
  • Canvas satin strap with 18K rhodium-plated white-gold pin buckle set with 19 diamonds
Chaumet Joséphine Aigrette W85166-001

$8,563 USD

  • 27.30 x 20.20mm 18-carat rose gold case
  • 30 m/100 ft water resistance
  • 1 brilliant-cut diamond at 12 o’clock
  • Swiss quartz movement
Chaumet Class One W17321-33P

$7,799 USD

  • 33 mm gold case
  • Diamond-set bezel
  • Leather strap
Chaumet Class One W17382-38L

$7,499 USD

  • 39 mm gold case
  • Diamond-set bezel
  • 100 m/330 ft water resistance
  • Diamond markers and Arabic numerals on green dial 
  • Automatic Swiss-made movement
Chaumet Class One W1762A-33I

$6,899 USD

  • 33 mm stainless steel case
  • Diamond set bezel
  • Arabic numerals and diamond markers
  • Stainless steel bracelet
Chaumet Dandy GT W11083-20N

$6,239 USD

  • 39 mm yellow gold case
  • Black calfskin leather strap with yellow-gold buckle
  • Automatic Swiss-made movement

Chaumet Watch Collections

Chaumet Class One

As you can expect from Chaumet, they truly deliver when it comes to the aesthetics of a watch, creating timepieces perfect for fashion enthusiasts. However, they do not sacrifice function, even with such designs. Enter the Chaumet Class One collection. This is a collection of incredibly stunning steel or gold watches made for diving. As much as they look pretty for your next executive meeting, these watches also work great for weekend trips to the coast.

Class One was launched in 1998. Not only was it the first diving watch created by the fashion house, but it was also the first diving watch to be produced by any jeweler in Vendôme. So, in more ways than one, the Class One is a truly iconic watch in itself. This collection features watches with 100 meters of water resistance.

The Class One collection is part of Chaumet’s efforts to provide men and women with glamorous and functional watches. They typically come with polished and satin-finished steel bracelets or rubber straps in either black or white. You can also find straps made from black technical fabric that provide the utmost comfort. The dial of the Class One is stunningly lacquered, and some models even come with diamond-set bezels. Each Class One watch functions with a Swiss quartz movement so you do not have to worry about the reliability of its timekeeping.

How Much is a Chaumet Class One Watch?

In terms of the prices of Chaumet Class One watches, you will find that most of them are stainless steel watches that cost around $5,000 USD. For that price, you can get a watch with a notched unidirectional rotating bezel that is set with 20 brilliant-cut diamonds. For $5,200 USD, you can get a brand new Class One watch with 6 crenels set with 36 exquisite diamonds. The gold and full-diamond Class One models, on the other hand, are naturally more expensive.  The rose gold Class One Ref. W17321-33P, for instance, is priced at $7,799 USD

Chaumet Dandy

Every watchmaker has at least one line of stunning dress watches for men. Chaumet has the Dandy collection to fill in that role with refined selections for men. If you are looking for a good Chaumet men’s watch, this is a good place to begin. It features everything the brand represents as a luxury jewelry company without having to sacrifice the masculinity of each design. They are perfect for every single important event of a man’s life. Whether it is for a wedding, a dressy cocktail party, or even an executive meeting, with the Chaumet Dandy, you will surely leave a mark on everyone in the room.

This collection was launched in 2003. The inspiration for the Dandy is the most famous men of that generation. As its name suggests, it incorporates the flair of dandies from the worlds of art, fashion, and literature. In 2012, Chaumet launched the limited edition Dandy Arty, a watch with an inset counter for hours, minutes, and seconds. It displays incredible balance on a watch.

As for the design of the Dandy, the shape of the case echoes the Regent diamond, a piece chosen by Napoleon Bonaparte himself. It was set on his consular sword by none other than Chaumet itself. In the later collections to be discussed, you will find that this fashion brand truly has an affiliation with the French royals.

Overall, the Dandy’s design takes you back to the heydays of art deco in the 1920s. The watch comes in either gold or steel cases, accompanied by a variety of straps and bracelets. It can be a polished and satin-finished steel bracelet or an alligator leather bracelet. Chaumet Dandy watches also have automatic Swiss mechanical movements at their heart for more refined timekeeping. For added flair, you can also find clean lines on the watch along with colorful stripes that decorate the dial.

How Much is a Chaumet Dandy Watch?

Depending on the materials used and the model of the watch, the prices for Chaumet Dandy watches vary. You can find the most basic models at $5,900 USD in retail. For such a price, you can bring home a straightforward stainless steel Dandy with a leather strap. However, if you want a little more dazzle to your watch, you can opt for a gold model, which can cost around $6,699 USD. As you would expect, variants with diamonds, such as the Dandy Ref. W11170-20M, cost a lot more, at $14,699 USD or higher. 

The Dandy Arty costs a tad less, at $11,399 USD for the most basic models. However, if you decide on an open work model (those with the movement exposed and visible through the dial), it will cost you more, around $18,399 USD. Chronograph iterations in gold also cost around the same price range.

Chaumet Hortensia

The origin of the Chaumet Hortensia collection goes as far back as the 1800s. Hortensia is another name for the hydrangea flower. The fashion house took inspiration from hortensias in creating a collection of fine jewelry and watches made as a tribute to Empress Josephine. The Empress was a radiant woman whose passion revolved around flowers and gardens. This is why, when you look at a Hortensia watch, you can easily understand why it looks like a bouquet of blooming hydrangeas. According to Chaumet, the hydrangea reminded Empress Joséphine of her daughter’s first name.

Hortensia is one of Chaumet’s lines of jewelry watches. Made to match with other jewelry pieces from the Hortensia line, they are intricately designed and studded with diamonds on the bezel. Some particularly lavish renditions even have diamonds on the dial and bracelet.

The designs for the Chaumet Hortensia vary from small, delicate timepieces to regularly-sized watches studded to perfection. However, what unifies the watches in this collection is the bouquet of hydrangea flowers on each dial.

How Much is a Chaumet Hortensia Watch?

The most expensive Chaumet Hortensia watch is the Creative Complication iteration, which costs a whopping $98,999 USD. The exorbitant price is due to the pavé design of the watch. That means that you can find diamonds on the bezel of the watch as well as its lugs. It has a mother-of-pearl dial, which is also diamond-set. The strap is made from alligator leather while the case and buckle all come in white gold. That said, you do not need to worry, because this is not the benchmark of Hortensia watch prices.

Indeed you can find much friendlier prices at $14,699 USD for a white gold watch that is also diamond-set. The most affordable Hortensia watches you can get your hands on are the Hortensia Eden models. They cost around $6,000 USD, with slight variations depending on the retailer. These 21.5mm watches are made to be worn as both jewelry accessories and timekeepers.

Chaumet Joséphine

Chaumet claims that Empress Joséphine was its first great client. As the history books suggest, she was a strong-willed woman that became a sovereign in the name of love. In a way, the empress was a fashion trendsetter in her own right, as she invented a style that combined refined elegance with lightness. This aesthetic is exactly what inspires the Chaumet Joséphine collection.

As for the Chaumet Joséphine watch collection, they are pear-shaped timepieces with incredibly refined designs. Most of the watches in this collection are made from white gold or rose gold. A lot of Joséphine models come embellished with diamonds all over — on the bezel, the dial, the bracelet, and even the clasp. The Chaumet Joséphine is truly the definition of glitz and glamor without having to sacrifice simplicity.

The simplest Joséphine design you can find is one which has a single diamond at the 12 o’clock position on the dial. Meanwhile, the most glamorous design comes with diamonds all over — the Joséphine Rondes de Nuit. Another iconic model is an iteration of the Rondes de Nuit, but with a bejeweled pear shape covering the dial of the watch. This version is also known as the Joséphine Secret Watch.

How Much is a Chaumet Joséphine Watch?

The most basic model, the Chaumet Joséphine Aigrette with a quartz movement, costs around $8,650 USD. Meanwhile, if you want to splurge on a diamond-studded piece, you would need to spend a lot more to bring home a Joséphine Rondes de Nuit timepiece. It is so expensive that the price is typically not displayed for people to see. In order to purchase one, you would have to contact the retailer directly.

Chaumet Boléro

Chaumet Boléro is one of Chaumet’s newest collections. According to the fashion house, this collection embodies what they do best. It is round, elegant, and has a harmonious aesthetic to it. The watches from this collection all come in luxurious gold. They feature gold mesh bracelets to embrace the wrist in a snug fit. The face of the Chaumet Boléro is rather simple, with a case in yellow gold or rose gold. You can also find a daring dial in either clean white or striking black. The small 30mm models are powered with a Swiss movement. Meanwhile, the larger 36mm Boléro models have self-winding Swiss movements inside.

Various inspirations led to the creation of the Chaumet Boléro. One of the main inspirations is the Latin music bolero, which is defined by its powerful chords. People often dance to this music full of passion and love. Of course, the watch’s name also refers to the Ravel’s Boléro, an absolute masterpiece of classical music. It’s a unique composition that stands out due to the crescendo and repetitions in the chords. Bolero also refers to the ballet, which is popular for its sensual staging. 

Finally, the Boléro is also inspired by the very first watch created by Maison Chaumet. It was a gold bracelet watch studded with emeralds and pearls. This timepiece was first crafted in 1811 by the founder of the company, Marie-Étienne Nitot, for the Princess Augusta of Bavaria, the daughter-in-law of Empress Joséphine.

With such a rich history, it is no wonder why the Chaumet Boléro easily became a favorite among patrons of the brand.

How Much is a Chaumet Bolero Watch?

A Chaumet Boléro costs around $22,495 USD in retail. This is for a simple yellow gold version with a clean white dial. The rose gold models with either a black or white dial come at more expensive prices, retailing at around $28,195 USD.

History of Chaumet Watches

Chaumet only bears the name of 1/2 of its founders, Joseph Chaumet. However, there was another person in the equation who was deeply involved in the fashion brand’s founding. Marie-Étienne Nitot was the one who opened up the jewelry maison in Paris. She first opened a fine jewelry shop in 1780 at rue Saint-Honoré. This shop made a name for itself and in 1804, Nitot became the imperial jewelers to Napoleon and Joséphine.

In 1815, Jean-Baptiste Fossil and his son Jules took over the company from Nitot. When Jules Fossin had to resign as he did not have an heir, he transferred ownership of the business to Prosper Morel, the son of an associate. Morel’s daughter married a man named Joseph Chaumet in 1875. Thus, the name of the business we know of today as Chaumet came to be.

Chaumet became a place where bonafide aristocrats, royalty, and the nouveau riche of North and South America could splurge on fine jewelry. Although Chaumet also sold watches, which had movements manufactured in Switzerland, these watches were made under the manufacturers’ names. Notable brands such as Vacheron Constantin and Jaeger LeCoultre are some of the manufacturers that supplied Chaumet with movements.

The name Chaumet would only appear on the dial of the watch in 1995, after it was acquired by LVMH. The very first watch under Chaumet’s name  was the Khesis watch, which featured a classic elegant cuff with a square face. From there, the French jewelry brand launched more cocktail watches. In 1998, they launched their iconic Class One collection. This was the first-ever dive watch designed by a jeweler, making it a truly milestone timepiece for the watch industry. Of course, it was only called a dive watch due to the 100 meters of water resistance it possessed. However, seeing such a smart combination of glamor and function in a designer watch was new at the time.

With such a powerful introduction to the watch industry, Chaumet continued to release impactful timepieces. One of the most iconic designs they came up with is the Colombes Creative Complication, launched in 2017. It is a unique handless watch that shows off two revolving diamond-studded doves against a starry sky. As the brand continues to innovate, more and more people are beginning to find watches just for them from the fashion house. That includes the Dandy for the men and the Joséphine for the women.

Chaumet’s Innovations & Milestones

The company has a long list of innovations that have made them an iconic name in the fashion industry. The luxury goods manufacturer’s most prominent achievement has to be landing the role of official maison to provide Napoleon and Joséphine with their pieces of jewelry. One of their oldest creations is the keepsake box of the Marquise of Lawestine, which dates back to 1789. They also studded Napoleon’s coronation sword with a 140-carat stone called the Regent diamond.

From there, the company has had numerous milestones in the jewelry department. However, their most prominent creation in the watch department is the Class One. They also launched the Joséphine range as a tribute to their very first muse. Chaumet takes pride in their watches as they are crafted with great care and effort. They are all exceptional in a way that makes them stand out in the industry.

Up Close with Chaumet’s Jewellery Watches

Chaumet, being a manufacturer of fine jewelry, also crafts incredible jewelry watches. These are delicately-sized watches that easily double as both gorgeous accessories and functional timekeepers. The Chaumet Joséphine collection is part of this series. Other collections from this catalog of watches include the Bee My Love collection and the L'Épi de Blé collection. The Bee My Love collection features Empress Joséphine’s love for everything botanical. It comes with honeycomb-shaped details that make them incredibly adorable yet still refined. Meanwhile, the L'Épi de Blé collection features watches with gem-studded covers over the dial.

Famous People Wearing Chaumet

As a world-famous luxury goods provider, various big names have been seen sporting Chaumet jewelry everywhere.

Inglourious Basterds star Diane Kruger was seen in Chaumet jewelry at the 74th annual Cannes Film Festival. She wore a stunning Nuages d’Or pair of earrings and ring and a Soleil Glorieux ring from the Les Ciels de Chaumet high jewelry collection.

Chinese superstar Angelababy is also one of the patrons of Chaumet. She is constantly seen wearing beautiful designs from the brand on her Instagram and during events.

Korean superstars Krystal Jung and Song Hye Kyo also became muses of the brand. Jung has been seen with a Chaumet Joséphine watch on her Instagram while Song has sported the Bee My Love collection for her newest campaign.

The Glitz and Glamor of Chaumet

Chaumet, for the past 250 years, has been a leader in creating glamorous fashion pieces. The company has truly changed the luxury goods industry. Whether it is a piece of jewelry, a watch, or both, all Chaumet pieces are stunning and iconic. With their history of providing timepieces for royalty and aristocrats, you can only have high expectations for the brand. To buy luxury watches is a true privilege and you would want to exercise such privilege on a brand with the right mileage. If you need a timepiece for a special event in your life or if you are looking for a great investment watch, then a timekeeper from Chaumet would always be a wonderful choice.

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