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Chanel Watches – The Epitome of Luxury 

Founded in 1909 by Gabriel ‘Coco’ Chanel, the brand Chanel was originally a millinery shop in Paris. It was not long before her products started to gain attention and became popular among women of fashion. 

In the following years, Chanel had expanded and was producing sportswear and fashionable garments for women. In the shortest span of time, Chanel watches had managed to win the hearts of many women with its irresistible designs. According to The Harper’s Bazaar magazine in the years 1915 and 1917 recognized the House of Chanel stating that “The garments from the House of Chanel were on the list of every buyer.” 

Fast forward to 2019 and you can find Chanel watches for Women & Men. 

About Chanel Wristwatches 

The first collection of watches that was unveiled by the House of Chanel was in 1987. The Premier watch instantly became a symbol of femininity. Carrying on the elements of elegance and grace that was cooperated into every item from Chanel, the Premier watch reflected the true roots of the Maison. 

The finesse from years upon years of experience of crafting fine jewellery translates into the Chanel wristwatch division. All collections made by the Maison are unique, contemporary yet astonishingly timeless. The Philosophy that Chanel’s wristwatch division follows is “to give time a unique allure.” 

Capture this unique allure Chanel has created by browsing our new & used Chanel watches for Women & Men. 

Incredible Chanel Watch Collections 

The Maison has released many collections of the years, each with a distinct idea and theme; the first one being the Premier from 1987. The Premier bought a new concept to the watchmaking industry. In 2000 the J12 collection was revealed to the world. With the innovative use of ceramic, it became the center of attention. 

2012 bought the Mademoiselle Privé collection which was a stunning example of fine jewellery and the watchmaking craft combined. Following this was the BOYFRIEND watch that was released in 2015. The watches from this collection were purposely designed in popular masculine designs. However, this line was targeted towards females. This collection was released with the intent of removing the lines between Chanel watches for women & men, widening horizons for both. 

These are only few outstanding collections that the Maison features. Even today in 2018 the House of Chanel continues to inspire and win the hearts of many with their timeless luxury watches that are crafted with great precision and delicacy. 

Chanel Watches for Women 

Premiére Rock H5313 

The PREMIÈRE ROCK H5313 is a stunning piece of work. The dial an is crafted from white mother of pearl with adds a really adds the elegance to the entire piece. The shape of the case is that of an octagon. This is a common feature between all the Premier watches. The material utilized for the case of the watch is steel. 

However, the showstopper is the strap. The strap is made up of a triple row chain bracelet made of steel, intertwined with leather in a beautiful shade of red. This piece features a high precision quartz movement and is water resistant up to 30m. With its elegant design, this watch is perfect for both daywear and nightwear. It is sure to add a refreshing pop of color to your attire with the red leather that adds so much to the entire piece. 

J12 Moon Phase J12 H3405 

The Moon Phase is a true masterpiece from the J12 collection. The first component that catches the eye in this piece is the brilliant case and dial. The case is made from a pure white high-tech ceramic as well as steel. On top sits a bezel with a total of 54 brilliant cut diamonds, 1.42 carat each. The dial features an opaline glass with guilloche work and 63 brilliant cut diamonds, 3.42 carat each. It also is equipped with an aventurine counter. 

Mirroring the white from the dial and case the strap also comes in a stark white color. It is a high-tech ceramic bracelet that is secured by a steel triple folding buckle. The movement of the watch is mechanical with a self-winding mechanism. It is up to 50m water resistant. 

Mademoiselle Privé H4583 

The H4583 is one of the most intricately crafted pieces you will set your eyes on. The dial is a pitch-black circle dial with a very beautiful miniature, sculpted in gold adorning it. The dial also includes 50 brilliant cut diamonds that add to the luxurious look of the timepiece. The look is carried forward with the case. The case is an 18K beige gold case with a total of 617 diamonds snow set into it. The alligator strap compliments the dial in terms of color as it is also black in color. The buckle on the strap is also 18K beige gold. It is a folding buckle set with 80 brilliant cut diamonds. 

The black color really enhances the entire design as the gold and diamonds shine more brightly against it. The movement of the watch is a mechanical movement with a self-winding mechanism. This piece is up to 30m water resistant.

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