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Chanel J12: An Icon in the Making

Chanel may have tested the waters in watchmaking with the debut of its Première Collection in 1987, but it wasn’t until 1999 that the French luxury brand would launch one of its most iconic watches: the Chanel J12.

Designed by Jacques Hélleu, the Chanel J12 watch effortlessly blends masculine complications with feminine aesthetics such as jewels. It was apparently inspired by the J-Class yachts and sports cars, which Hélleu loved. Additionally, what makes a J12 watch stand out is its color options, only available in black and white, as well as its use of ceramic. But despite its limited color scheme, its design and function choices are limitless, with some models having quirky charms and colorful sapphires around its bezel. For a unisex watch, the J12 Chanel watch is an exceptional timepiece, a must-have for anyone who wants a clean-looking and sporty luxury watch.

Prices at a Glance: Most Popular Chanel J12 Watches

If you want to know how much a Chanel J12 watch is, here’s a handy guide. The table includes the model and price (in US Dollars) as well as its unique features. This is helpful especially if you’re not sure which Chanel J12 ladies’or men’s watch you want to buy.




Chanel J12 White Watch H5700$6,200 USD
  • White ceramic and steel case
  • 38mm case
  • Self-winding mechanical movement
  • 200m water resistance
  • Date display
Chanel J12 Paradoxe Watch H6515$9,100 USD
  • White and black ceramic and steel case
  • 38mm case
  • Self-winding mechanical movement
  • 50m water resistance
  • Date display
Chanel J12 Chronograph Watch H0940$9,400 USD
  • Black ceramic and steel case
  • Self-winding mechanical movement
  • 200m water resistance
  • Date display
  • Chronograph
Chanel J12 Moonphase Watch H3404$7,900 USD
  • White ceramic and steel case
  • Self-winding mechanical movement
  • 100m water resistance
  • Moon phase indicator
  • Satin-finished opaline glass dial
Chanel J12 Flying Tourbillon Watch H4563$147,700 USD
  • 18K beige gold bezel
  • Manual-winding mechanical movement
  • 50m water resistance
  • White mother-of-pearl dial set with brilliant-cut diamonds
  • Flying tourbillon
Chanel J12 Chronograph Watch H2009$10,500 USD
  • White ceramic and steel case
  • Self-winding mechanical movement
  • Small seconds
  • Chronograph
  • Diamond-set hour indicator
Chanel MademoiselleJ12 Acte II Watch H6479$25,450 USD
  • Black ceramic and white gold case
  • 18K white gold lacquered Coco charm with 1 brilliant-cut diamond
  • 18K white gold bezel
  • High precision quartz movement
  • Baguette-cut diamond hour indicator
Chanel J12 Electro Dream Watch H6826$87,200 USD
  • White ceramic and 18K white gold case
  • 18K white gold bezel set with rainbow-colored sapphires
  • Baguette-cut rainbow-colored sapphires hour indicator
  • High precision quartz movement
  • 50m water resistance
Chanel J12 Diamond Bezel Watch H6526$15,100 USD
  • Black ceramic and steel case
  • Self-winding mechanical movement
  • Steel bezel set with brilliant-cut diamonds
  • Diamond hour indicators
  • Date display
Chanel J12·XS High Jewelry Watch H4937$123,100
  • 18K white gold case set with brilliant-cut diamonds
  • High precision quartz movement
  • White gold bezel set with brilliant-cut diamonds
  • 18K white gold dial set with brilliant-cut diamonds 
  • 30m water resistance


How much does a Chanel J12 watch cost?

With 50 watches in its arsenal, a Chanel J12 watch can cost you from $4,000 USD to more than $147,700 USD. For an entry-level J12 Chanel watch, the Chanel J12 Quartz H0682 is a perfect example, with a 33mm black ceramic and steel case and a date display. It is also one of the more affordable watches in the collection, retailing at $3,829 USD. Another entry-level watch is the Chanel J12 H5700, priced at $6,200 USD. It runs on a Caliber 12.1 automatic movement, developed by the same manufacturer behind Tudor Watches.

Although these Chanel watches come in two colors, there are also variants that combine the two colors. The Chanel J12 Paradoxe Watch H6500, priced at $192,600 USD, features a black ceramic and white gold case set with baguette-cut diamonds. On the other hand, the Chanel J12 Pink Blush Watch H6755 has a white ceramic case and strap with light pink highlights on its hour indicators and watch hands. This watch retails at $5,700 USD.

Of course, Chanel watches don’t fall when incorporating complications with its luxurious aesthetic. The Chanel J12 Skeleton Flying Tourbillon Watch H4562 boasts a white gold bezel and an openwork dial complete with a white gold tourbillon set with brilliant-cut diamonds. So how much is this impressive Chanel watch? Retailing for more than $238,000 USD, this is one of the most expensive timepieces in the collection.

Aside from complications, the J12 watches also feature intricate jewelry work. The Chanel J12 Electro Dream Watches have rainbow-colored baguette-cut diamonds on their hour indicators and around their bezel. Depending on the model, these Chanel watches can cost you $87,200 USD to $110,000 USD.

New 2020 Chanel J12 Models

In 2020, Chanel launched different limited-edition watches for the J12. One of the limited-edition models is the Chanel J12 X-Ray H6249, boasting a sapphire-on-sapphire case and bracelet with a white gold bezel and baguette-cut diamonds. The timepiece was limited to only 12 pieces and sold for $626,000 USD. A more affordable watch, the Chanel J12.20 H6476, has a white ceramic and steel case along with rhodium coated symbols and illustrations on its bezel and dial.

One of the newer models is the Chanel J12 Mademoiselle Act 2, with only 20 pieces produced. The watch features a white case and bracelet similar to other J12 Chanel watches, but what sets it apart is the Coco Chanel charm attached to the crown, embellished with a brilliant-cut diamond and its diamond-set hour indicators. Chanel’s Electro Dream Watches are also a new release from the collection, with its rainbow-studded bezel and dial as its main feature.

From quirky charms to colorful stones, Chanel watchmakers learned how to incorporate new design innovations that still respect the traditional elements of the J12.

Chanel J12's History and Design Details

The Chanel J12 watch made its debut in late 1999 and was the brainchild of Jacques Hélleu, the artistic director for the brand. The inspiration came from J-Class yachts and racing cars, both of which Hélleu took an interest in. When it was launched, the J12 watch took the horology industry by storm because of its unisex appeal. It combined the mechanically complex and large size of men’s watches and the elegant and bejeweled appearance of women’s watches. 

One unique feature of J12 watches is their use of ceramic. While most watches tend to be made from steel, titanium, and other metals, Chanel J12 watches are made from ceramic. At the time when there was a distinction between men’s and women’s watches, the J12 was a refreshing development.

Over the years, new complications and design upgrades would be added. Initially released in an all-black motif, a white version of the watch was launched in 2003. In 2005, Chanel introduced a hand-wound mechanical tourbillon movement at the launch of the limited-edition J12 Tourbillon. Since then, Chanel would add complications and other features to the new J12 watches. Some designs included moon phases, chronographs, and tourbillons, usually seen in men’s watches. 

Reasons to Buy a Chanel J12 Watch

Most people are hesitant (and even discouraged) to purchase a luxury watch whether as an investment or as arm candy. However, there are still reasons why you should add a Chanel J12 to your watch collection.

1. Ceramic Material

Unlike most watches, the Chanel J12 comes in a highly resistant ceramic. Combined with a studier metal like steel, the watch is more heat- and scratch-resistant.

2. Unisex

What makes these J12 watches stand out is their unisex design. The watch successfully combined features of men’s and women’s watches so it appeals to both genders.

3. Range of Design

From simple and straightforward black-and-white watches, a J12 Chanel watch can offer different designs. These range from diamond and sapphire-set bezels, mother-of-pearl, dial, and even a whole watch decked in diamonds. In addition, other models also come in a leather cuff.

4. Complications

The addition of complications like a flying tourbillon, chronograph, and moon phase solidified the J12’s position as more than just a “fashion watch”. 

Famous Patrons of the Chanel J12 Watch

Since its launch late in the 1990s, the Chanel J12 watch became one of the brand’s most famous watch collections. Although the J12 Chanel watch is a favorite among female celebrities, it has also been worn by male celebrities. For the poster of the film Cosmopolis, actor Robert Pattinson wore a black Chanel J12 Chromatic Classic. Nonetheless, here’s a list of celebrities and public figures who have been spotted wearing the Chanel watch.

Anna Kournikova

While most tennis players and athletes opt for sports watches, others like Anna Kournikova prefer a mix of both luxury and sports watches. The Russian-American tennis star has been spotted with a white J12 watch on a beach trip and other off-court sightings.

Emma Watson

The Harry Potter star is also a known fan of the famous Chanel watch, wearing a black J12. Another time she wore a Chanel J12 watch, it had diamonds encrusted on its bezel, fitting for the young and sophisticated actress.

Hillary Clinton 

When she was still the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton already wore a ceramic white Chanel J12. From press photos and conferences, the former First Lady donned a diamond-set J12.

Lily-Rose Depp 

As one of the new faces of the Chanel watch, Depp has been spotted on several occasions wearing the J12. At one instance, she wore a black ceramic watch complete with a date display and a grooved bezel for a sleek and elegant look.

Chanel J12: Trendy Unisex Watches

Simple, unisex, and iconic — these are words that would best describe the Chanel J12. Its ceramic-and-steel build coupled with its Caliber 12.1 automatic movement and additional complications mark Chanel’s success in merging haute couture and horology.

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