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Introduction to Casio Pro Trek Watches  

The masculine and hefty Casio Pro Trek is the brand’s most adventure forward timepiece, designed with those who love to hike, run and sail in the world’s most remote areas.  

With built-in GPS, it’s not easier than ever to head into the back of beyond without a phone, allowing total disconnection without fear of running into serious danger. In fact, the Casio Pro Trek is big on both tech and aesthetics, with this watch benefitting from truly first rate, macsuline good looks.  

One of the main features of the Casio Pro Trek is the 1.32 inch two layer screen that sits beautifully in the watch face. Highly responsive, this is a colour display that brings a sense of luxury and modernity to this timepiece, a signature of Casio. As an outdoor adventure watch, battery life is paramount and the Casio Pro Trek packs a huge power saving capability.  

Great Features on the Casio Pro Trek  

There are three large controls on the side of the watch, one each for tool, power and app features, and they are all super simple to locate and highly responsive without being easy to trigger accidentally. What’s more, they provide yet another aesthetic flourish to the timepiece.  

Rugged and durable in the extreme, the Casio Pro Trek puts these two features at the forefront of its operation. The watch comes with military grade levels of protection and is water resistant to 50 meters, so swimming and rain activities are a cinch.  

Quality design and a simple to use map feature mean the Pro Trek can be pre-configured and used in tandem with GPS data to keep an eye on the user zone. Boasting button guards, a protective bezel and sleek side buttons that bring ease of use and ruggedness, the Pro Trek is quite simply the perfect partner to head off into the wilds alongside.   

Clearly, the Casio Pro Trek from Casio is a truly excellent outdoors watch, built to last but also as good looking as anything else in the category. The built in GPS makes it easy to traverse even the most remote areas using the awesome colour displays. What’s more, aesthetic prowess of this watch make it a wonderful day to day choice for all kinds of man, so the Casio Pro Trek is much more than just an extreme sports or adventure watch per se.

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Lloyd Stevens
Casio Pro Trek Watches
Casio's smartwatch is one that comes in extra handy. The affordable Casio Pro Trek collection is the perfect watch for outdoor fans. The watches are ready and set to go with a GPS, moment setter, location memory and many more useful features. It's also water resistant so that you don't have to worry about it when you're out on your adventures!
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