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Get to Know Casio Oceanus Watches  

Whilst, the Casio G-Shock developed a cult following among watch connoisseurs, the Casio Oceanus family has provided some stiff in house competition.   

Aside from boasting the high end abilities the Casio Oceanus watches tempt watch lovers with their stunning sheen. The aesthetic grace given off by the family of Casio Oceanus solar watches serve to endear themselves to of all groups of car enthusiast. The Casio Oceanus singles itself out from other mechanical timepieces in many ways. Dissimilarly to other mechanical watches, the Casio Oceanus has a way of setting the time with only GPS technology. In addition, there are other micromotors placed inside the Casio Oceanus to help it functioning on the inside.  

Each of the new styles within the Casio Oceanus family boasts an analogue watch face. Whilst the older model was said to have been equipped with the analogue and digital styled combined. In fact, in order to use the special functioning of dials for stopwatch, seconds, the day of the week and hours, each of these models is blessed with independent motors on the internal side of things. In fact, this is the premier model to give 5 motor technology together with the brand’s atomic solar technology.   

The Oceanus timepieces are ideal to use during a range of outdoor expeditions in continents across the entire globe. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the Casio atomic watches are able to synchronise according to the time styles of these continents.  

Durability With Casio Watches  

In addition, to give users a better style of Casio watch, they are blessed with sapphire crystal and titanium cases. This means that the watches are more resistant to scratches and they look amazing. Although the performance of these watches is extremely high, the examples of Casio Oceanus watches are able to support auto synchronising anywhere on the globe.  

The Casio Oceanus variety holds a range of the highest level robust watch models around. The watches that come under the Casio Oceanus family include the Casio Oceanus OCW-T600 watch series which is among the most minimal models from the Oceanus family. Indeed, these timepieces have the ability to resist water up to 100 meters and they are also able to show the time in up to 29 varied world time zones. Then there is the Casio Oceanus Cachalot OCW-P1000-1AJF series, which is essentially one of the brand’s finest marine options intended for below water sports. With a signature rotating bezel and a yacht timer chronograph, these are classically styled and much loved.    

The Oceanus 700 series has an elegant analogue dial face that does not rely on any LCD screen. In contrast to other Casio Oceanus watches, it is home to a sub dial to show the current state of ocean tides in the time zone at that moment. Indeed, it is the only Oceanus iteration that boasts such an element. 

Finally, the Oceanus 1000 Series "Manta" is one of the priciest pieces from the Oceanus family. Unveiled on June 1, 2007, this Casio timepiece has a sapphire crystal face and MULTI-BAND 5 capability. In addition, this watch does not have a tide meter as it is thinner than both the 700 and 600 Oceanus family of watches.

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