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Casio Lineage Watches for Sale

Get to Know Casio Lineage Watches  

Casio is renowned across the globe for the quality of its watch design and the technology that goes into every single model. Indeed, this Japanese watch company has frequently managed to blend current trends with timeless styling to create wildly popular items that have sold millions across the globe.  

Coming in a 39mm size, this is not the largest of watches and this again speaks to the restrained cool that wearers of the lineage can expect. What’s more, this size caters to all wrists and even makes the Lineage a unisex offering. With a titanium case and bracelet that serves to make the Casio Lineage lightweight and easy to hold on the wrist, the Casio Lineage bezel tends to boast a brushed and polished look. The titanium case sides are gorgeously styled, whilst the solar and radio control bring a modern element of technology to this family. 

Useful Features on the Casio Lineage  

A super cool feature of the Casio Lineage is the inclusion of 40 time zones that accompany 5 alarms and a 60 minutes stopwatch to create a seriously cool wristwatch. What’s more, the Casio Lineage model has an LED backlit display as well as an anti scratch sapphire crystal glass cove. Luminous hands add to the practicality of this watch, whilst the Casio Lineage continues to stay elegant even with so much technology involved.  Casio’s Atomic models have gained renown for their highly accurate time telling ability. Utilising the electron transition frequency of atoms, these watches remain extraordinarily accurate and precise. Thanks to the ingenuity of Casio’s watch engineers, the Casio Lineage benefits from this high end feature too.  

Top Precision With Casio Watches  

Atomic watches make sure that your watch stays super precise at all times, with some figures suggesting an error rate of one second per hundreds thousand years! With the Casio Lineage, the brand has combined tech knowhow with aesthetic perfection to create a rugged and masculine timepiece that nonetheless remains elegant and flexible enough to be worn in a wide range of circumstances.  

Whether in Europe, North America or Japan or even in the far flung regions of Canada, Central America and China - the Lineage watch will remain set to the local time. This is because these watches benefit from Radio technology to receive the right signal no matter where you might be. Another cool feature is that in many countries, the Lineage watch is also able to set itself automatically to summer and winter time.  

All in all, the Casio Lineage is a hugely versatile watch that is as elegant as it is high spec. With radio and atomic technology, this small watch packs a lot into its slight frame and wearers love the sleek stainless steel bracelet and case. In fact, the Lineage has become something of a cult favourite among Casio aficionados, so it is no wonder the watch remains so popular today across the globe.

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