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More About Cartier Baignoire Watches

All the way back in 1912, Louis Cartier subverted watchmaking convention with the creation of the Cartier Baignoire, a revolutionary oval shaped timepiece that changed women’s watches forever.  

So named due to its similarity to a traditional bathtub, the Baignoire watch is a masterpiece of change and innovation. Indeed, by the 50’s the first style of the Baignoire was slightly altered to include Roman numerals and a more curved design.  

Indeed, the Cartier Baignoire of today is a modernised version that nonetheless remains true to its roots. The update is sees the watch take on a considerably more sophisticated style, with a soft interplay between classic design and curvaceous lines. Certainly, this watch is more streamlined and the silver matte dial makes things altogether for modern. 

Then there’s the bottom cover which seamlessly goes with the dial. and in line with modern watches’s quality standards. Available in pink, yellow or white gold, this most charming of watches is still as unique today as it always was with its highly original oval shape and second to none levels of detail.  

History of Cartier

Cartier is one of the world’s best known luxury items brands, creating everything from jewellery to sunglasses to watches. Louis Cartier himself was a true maverick of design, ripping up the rule book and blazing his own trail in true Parisian style. 

The Baignoire by Cartier is an embodiment of this bold commitment to originality, of staying true to time honoured tradition whilst managing to take an entirely new approach in all aspects. What makes products such as the Baignoire so special is their fearlessness and, of course, their supreme quality.   

By combining a playful sense of style with a deep rooted understanding of design concepts, Cartier has been able, over many years, to carve out a niche for itself as a truly original brand. The Baignoire is a stunning timepiece that has developed a cult following across the globe with women of true elegance. It is no surprise that Cartier continue to sell so many of these legendary timepieces.  

All in all the Cartier Baignoire is a legendary silhouette that has adorned the wrist of many of the world’s most sophisticated and intellectually rigorous females. The unique and highly sophisticated style of this watch speaks volumes as to the type of lady who selects the Cartier Baignoire. 

Indeed, much like the watch itself, she is original, elegant and highly selective, basing her life around the pursuit of excellence and performance of the highest calibre.

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