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Bulgari Serpenti: Watches with Exotic Elegance

“Exotic’ best describes the beauty that the Bulgari Serpenti displays. The collection’s unique elegance is due to the timepieces’ similarities to the snake. In fact, the watches' dials and cases are typically in the shape of a viper’s head, while the bracelets are shiny spiral bands with snakeskin-like grooves. 

Additionally, Bulgari Serpenti timepieces are as strong as the predator they take inspiration from. These iconic watches from Bulgari can withstand the test of time, for they are made of reinforced and authentic materials, including stainless steel and gold. Some versions even come with a water resistance reaching up to 100 meters.

Prices at a Glance: Most Popular Bulgari Serpenti Watches

ModelPrice (approximate)SizeFeatures
Bulgari Serpenti Seduttori 18K Rose Gold Quartz Ladies’ Watch$21,099 USD33mm
  • Snake scale-inspired spiral rose gold bracelet
  • Diamond-embellished bezel
  • Quartz movement
  • 30m water resistance
Bulgari Serpenti Spiga Quartz Black Dial Ladies’ Watch$7,759 USD35mm
  • Spiral black ceramic bracelet
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire case
  • Diamond-embellished bezel
  • Quartz movement
  • 30m water resistance
Bulgari Serpenti Quartz Blue Dial Diamond Bezel Ladies’ Watch$8,899 USD35mm
  • Spiral stainless steel-rose gold bracelet
  • Diamond-embellished bezel
  • Rose gold indexes
  • Quartz movement
Bulgari Serpenti Quartz Grey Dial Diamond Bezel Ladies’ Watch$5,499 USD27mm
  • Calfskin leather wrap-around strap
  • Lacquered dial
  • 18k diamond-embellished rose gold bezel
  • Quartz movement
  • 50m water resistance
Bulgari Serpenti Seduttori Quartz White Dial Ladies’ Watch$3,399 USD33mm
  • Snake scale-inspired stainless-steel bracelet
  • Quartz movement
  • 50m water resistance
Bulgari Serpenti Black Dial Double Wrap Leather Watch$3,679 USD27mm
  • Interchangeable wrap-around strap
  • Bulgari caliber B033
  • 26,280-hour power reserve
  • Quartz movement
  • 50m water resistance
Bulgari Serpenti Quartz Rubellite Crown Ladies’ Watch$6,359 USD35mm
  • Rubellite on the crown tip
  • Sunray-patterned silver opaline dial
  • Diamond-embellished bezel
  • Spiral stainless-steel bracelet
  • Bulgari caliber B033
  • Quartz movement
  • 100m water resistance
Bulgari Serpenti Spiga Quartz Brown Dial Diamond Bezel Watch$8,729 USD35mm
  • Spiral black ceramic bracelet with rose gold segmentation
  • Diamond-embellished bezel
  • Quartz movement
  • 50m water resistance
Bulgari Serpenti Tubogas Quartz Brown Dial Diamond Bezel Watch$9,899 USD35mm
  • Rubellite on the crown tip
  • Spiral steel-gold bracelet
  • Diamond-embellished bezel
  • Quartz movement
  • 30m water resistance
Bulgari Serpenti Spiga Quartz Lacquered Dial Diamond Bezel Watch$9,499 USD35mm
  • Spiral pearlescent snakeskin-patterned ceramic bracelet
  • 18k rose gold diamond-embellished bezel
  • Quartz movement
  • 30m water resistance


How much is a Bulgari Serpenti watch?

Most Bulgari Serpenti ladies’ watches cost a fortune like other mainstream luxury watches. Patrons will find their purchases worth every penny, though, because of the bold aesthetics and rich heritage that only Serpenti timepieces can provide. Below are Bulgari Serpenti watch prices and best features per series under the collection.

Prices for the Bulgari Serpenti Tubogas Watches

Bulgari Serpenti Tubogas watches are priced depending on the number of spirals they have and the materials they come in. Models with up to two coils in one gold variant are priced between $4,000 USD to $6,000 USD while those that have two to five spirals or more than one type of gold, like the Bulgari Serpenti Tubogas Quartz watch, which can go from $9,000 USD to $15,000 USD. There is a version that goes beyond traditional, the Bulgari Serpenti Tubogas Three Gold, which costs $30,000 USD. The premium price tag on that model is because of the watch’s bracelet coming in yellow, white, and rose gold.

To elaborate more on the design, the Serpenti Tubogas timepieces pay homage to the first snake-inspired Bulgari watch from the 1940s. Like their predecessor, the watches integrate the spiral Tubogas-style bracelets. Tubogas is a flexible segmented gas pipe and is the inspiration behind the timepieces’ unsoldered bands that are formed from interlocked or twisted gold strips. 

Prices for the Bulgari Serpenti Spiga Watches

The Bulgari Serpenti Spiga series comes in a range of prices that are also determined by the bracelet design. The more affordable ceramic versions with horizontal wheat stalk-inspired patterns, like the Bulgari Serpenti Spiga Quartz watch, are quoted from $5,000 USD to $10,000 USD. Other Spiga models with more complex diagonal woven wheat stalk-inspired patterns can cost up to $68,000 USD. The latter is more expensive because the bracelets feature precious gems alternating between the diamond-shaped etchings.

The Serpenti Spiga timepieces, launched in 2014, borrow key design elements from the vintage Serpenti Scaglie watches of 2009. The dials likewise come in sleek materials, such as rose or white gold, or opaline. The only notable difference between the two series is the smoothness of the bracelet edges, and the number and size of diamonds used as embellishments. Specifically, Spiga watches have curvy trims with fewer and smaller diamonds, while Scaglie timepieces have geometrically-cut edges and more and bigger gemstones.

Prices for the Bulgari Serpenti 27 Watches

The Bulgari Serpenti 27 watches are the most affordable models from the collection because of their small dials and leather straps. Minimalistic versions are quoted from $3,000 USD to $5,000 USD, while models enhanced with several precious stones or encased in gold go for nearly $10,000 USD.

The Serpenti 27 timepieces should not be underestimated, though, in terms of functionality. Although these watches are just 27mm in diameter, as the series name suggests, they come with swappable straps such as what’s seen on the Bulgari Serpenti Double Wrap leather. As a result, the timepieces can match different fashion styles.

Prices for the Bulgari Serpenti Seduttori Watches

Launched in 2019, the Bulgari Serpenti Seduttori series is the latest addition to the collection. Timepieces from this collection come in stainless steel or variants of gold, which dictates the pricing. Stainless-steel versions cost between $3,000 USD and $10,000 USD while gold models can be purchased from $20,000 USD to $32,000 USD.

Like the three series discussed above, what’s distinct about the Serpenti Seduttori watches is the bracelet style. The bands are single coils but have hexagonal or oval etched grooves that closely resemble a snake’s scales. Perfectly reflecting the style is one of the most in-demand models from the series, the Bulgari Serpenti Seduttori 18k Rose Gold watch. The inspirations behind the design, according to Bulgari, are the original or first-ever Serpenti watches.

The watches’ dials, on the other hand, are consistent with the whole Serpenti collection. The faces are oval like a snake’s head with bezels lined with diamonds or crowns integrating red, pink, or blue rubellite tips. 

Prices for the Bulgari Serpenti High Jewelry Watches

The most expensive Bulgari Serpenti watches are from the High Jewelry series. These timepieces cost between $20,000 USD and $100,000 USD because of the extravagant designs.

As the series name connotes, Bulgari Serpenti High Jewelry watches can already be worn as jewelry,thanks to their ornate looks. The most intricate variants are golden serpents, hiding watch dials within their jaws and flaunting their bodies encrusted with plenty of gemstones.

Current popular Bulgari Serpenti High Jewelry timepieces are the “Secret Watches” with reference numbers 102616 and 101999. The former is a single-coil rose gold viper with emeralds as eyes and a big round pink tourmaline on the head while the latter is a dual-coil yellow gold serpent with emerald malachite as the eyes and green and white diamond detailing on the body.`

Vintage Bulgari Serpenti — Is it a good investment?

Vintage Bulgari Serpenti watches are certainly good investments for they double up as jewelry. Also, these timepieces can be passed on from generation to generation without losing their value.

The most recommended Serpenti watches to keep as heirlooms or resell are the 1940s-inspired Tubogas models, being among Forbes’ and Vogue’s best picks to invest in. These watches are appealing for collectors because their design has the deepest historical roots out of all models from the collection.

History Behind the Bulgari Serpenti Collection: Evolution of the Snake

Like the serpent they adopt as a motif, Bulgari Serpenti watches have shed their skins over time to evolve into the most beautiful timepieces ever made.

The design milestones through the years have changed the timepiece collection into what it is today. Achievements began in the 1940s when Bulgari released the first Serpenti timepiece. That model was in yellow gold from head to tail, with some scales adorned with diamonds. It showed the world that a snake-inspired watch can be attractive.

The Serpenti Tubogas was introduced next and this series gained a bigger following compared to the initial release. While these early models did not take on the full form of the snake yet, their multi-coiled gas pipe-style bracelets already evoked the elegance of the serpent and were a manufacturing feat. As regards the latter, it was because Tubogas creations did not need to be soldered.

It was from 1950 to 1960 when Bulgari Serpenti timepieces “grew” serpent heads and tails. That helped them become more unconventional and in-demand in the market.

Getting featured in movies boosted the watches’ popularity, too. The most iconic example is when one of the timepieces appeared in the 1963 US film, Cleopatra. The Egyptian queen, played by American actress Elizabeth Taylor, wore a diamond-embellished golden-scaled Bulgari Serpenti watch as part of her signature look. Fans and watch enthusiasts worldwide naturally wanted to follow suit.

In the 1970s, Serpenti watches touted new patterns and colors through etched enamels and more variations of precious gems. Timepiece designs were improved with ease because of the Bulgari manufacturing line’s expansion to Switzerland in 1978. 

Toward the 1990s, the watches emphasized branding, which patrons loved. The Turbogas timepieces, which were highly sought after once more, had the Bulgari brand engraved around the bezel besides just on the dial. 

In the 2000s, Bulgari Serpenti watches further emphasized their snake motif through extended coils. Timepieces were made to entwine the arm more than two times, which worked effectively to make them more seductive.

From 2012 to 2015, the timepieces have become more complex in terms of style. The extravagant High Jewelry releases during the 130th Anniversary and Baselworld launches showcased that. Fans embraced the new designs thanks to the first Bulgari advertisement that had a convincing Cleopatra endorser and a few Oscars ceremony coverages featuring celebrities wearing the watches.

5 Reasons to Buy a Bulgari Serpenti Watch

Bulgari Serpenti watches, whether vintage or modern, are timepieces luxury watch enthusiasts should not pass on buying. There are many perks to owning even one and below are the top five reasons.

1. The watches are high-value investments

Serpenti watches, especially the most embellished versions, are already considered as jewelry. Authentic jewelry, as everyone knows, are safe investments that retain their value no matter how many years go by.

2. The Bulgari Serpenti timepieces stand out

Upon displaying a collection of mainstream jewelry watches from various brands, including a Serpenti model, one would agree that the snake-inspired timepiece stands out. Serpenti watches already have a unique style identity no other luxury watches in the market can imitate. 

3. The watches match Serpenti jewelry and bags

Bulgari is also known to produce Serpenti jewelry and bags. Avid fans of the brand would advise that there is no better match to the said fashion accessories other than Serpenti watches.

4. The timepieces last long

With stainless steel and real gold being the dominant materials used in making Serpenti timepieces, it can be expected that luster and strength are timeless. The watches would not easily fade or corrode through the years.

5. The watches are celebrity-approved

It’s not just Elizabeth Taylor who is a proud fan of Serpenti watches. Even famous celebrities these days love the timepieces. Other examples are American actress Jennifer Lawrence who wore a Serpenti model during an Oscar’s appearance, and Korean actress Seo Ye Ji who was spotted with a Tubogas model on her wrist in the popular K-Drama series It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.

Bulgari Serpenti: A Snake Everyone Will Love to Wear

The Bulgari Serpenti watch collection is adored because the Italian luxury watch brand did well in emphasizing the snake’s elegance over its ferociousness. The collection showcased that through the right placement of precious gems, meticulous engravings, and the extended coil length of each timepiece. Whether one wants an accessory that has minimalistic style references to the serpent or takes the real form of the iconic creature, the collection has the watch for it. Buyers can choose from the Tubogas series if they prefer a refined look or the High Jewelry series for a glamorous snake-themed getup.

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