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New Bulova Oceanographer Watches

Bulova Oceanographer: A Reinvention of A Diving Icon

The Bulova Oceanographer collection serves as a testament to the American watch brand’s expertise in making timepieces of remarkable designs and excellent functionality. While these watches truly deliver on the fronts of eye-striking looks and reliable technology, the Bulova Oceanographer series also reimagined its vintage Oceanographer model by giving it a more contemporary flair — all while keeping most of its original design. For its water resistance properties that reach up to 666 feet (300m) alone, this diver from Bulova proves to be a dependable companion for people who have a penchant for ocean explorations.

Patrons who are looking for austere yet elegant timepieces would find this collection to be versatile and undoubtedly exquisite. Made from first-rate materials, Bulova Oceanographer watches promise durability and of course, the iconic look from their forerunning models. Compared to most luxury watches or diving timepieces, the Bulova Oceanographer also proves to be much more reasonably priced — without sacrificing quality or function.

Prices at a Glance: The Most Popular Bulova Oceanographer Watches






Bulova Oceanographer Stainless Steel Quartz Blue Dial Men's Watch Ref. 96B320

$499 USD


  • Round, stainless steel case
  • Blue dial 
  • Stainless steel bracelet
  • Time and date functions
  • 200m water resistance
  • Automatic movement 
  • 821D calibre 

Bulova Special Edition Oceanographer Automatic Green Dial Men's Watch Ref. 96B322

$559 USD


  • Stainless steel case and bracelet
  • Green dial with a luminescent finish
  • 42-hour power reserve
  • 200m water resistance 
  • Automatic movement

Bulova  Oceanographer Special Edition Devil Diver Ref. 98B320

$816 USD


  • Stainless steel case and bracelet
  • Black dial 
  • Reflection-proof properties
  • Time and date function
  • 200m water resistance
  • Self-winding, mechanical movement

Bulova Oceanographer Men's Archive Series Watch Ref. 96B321

$742 USD


  • Stainless steel case and bracelet
  • Blue dial
  • Orange and blue unidirectional bezel 
  • Time and date function
  • 42-hour power reserve
  • 200m water resistance
  • Self-winding, mechanical movement


How much is a Bulova Oceanographer watch?

Bulova has acquired an esteemed reputation in the field of horology due to its years of experience in watchmaking. This considerable time in the industry allowed the American watch brand to hone its craft and develop notable collections. The Bulova Oceanographer series is but one of the most astounding series offered by the brand. It features eccentric watches that exude timeless beauty and first-rate quality. Their impressive water resistance properties also make them dependable companions for divers or people with a penchant for ocean-related hobbies. In turn, these timepieces prove to be worthwhile investments that are comparably more affordable compared to other brands of similar features.

Price and Features of the Bulova Oceanographer Classic Quartz Watch

If you wish to have a timepiece that delivers both on the fronts of aesthetics and longevity of use, look no further. The remarkable Bulova Oceanographer Stainless Steel Quartz Ref. 96B320 will surely meet your expectations. For an approximate cost of just $499 USD, you can make this timepiece yours. At this affordable price, you can get so much bang for your buck compared to high-end models from other brands that offer more or less the same features you need.

Like its predecessor, the Bulova Oceanographer 96B320 timepiece exhibits the same vintage feel and beauty that easily captures people’s attention. The limelight shines upon this Bulova timepiece’s blue dial with no numeral markers. Luminescent hands and indexes used on this watch also promise not only aesthetic appeal, but also ease of use in dark settings or environments. The Bulova Oceanographer 96B320 watch is also designed with yellow accents and the emblematic Bulova logo. Moreover, its stainless steel case and bracelet with folding clasp buckle exude utter class. With a durable sapphire crystal glass, this timepiece will surely last for a long time, as well.

Notably, this Bulova diver’s watch is a worthy investment due to its durability from the quality materials used to craft it. With an astounding water resistance of up to 200 meters, owners of this watch can enjoy going into water sports and adventures in style. Aside from time, this timepiece also helps determine the date at a flick of the wrist. Bulova’s automatic movement and 821D calibre are also precise — making it a reliable companion for amateur and professional divers.

Price and Features of the Special-Edition Bulova Oceanographer Automatic Watch

The Bulova SpecialEdition Oceanographer Automatic (Ref: 96B322) watch is also a noteworthy member of the American manufacturer’s Oceanographer collection. Notably, Bulova went all-out in crafting a timepiece for divers that embodies the brand’s excellent craftsmanship in producing its first-ever Oceanographer model. More than a determiner of time, this state-of-the-art watch proves to be a high-quality and elegant accessory, as well.

Taking into account the design rooted in the first Oceanographer model’s original look, the Bulova Special-Edition Oceanographer 96B322 watch already serves as a worth-considering purchase. Watch patrons who enjoy a classy, vintage-looking watch with a modern feel to it will certainly find this timepiece to be beautiful. Its green dial with a luminescent finish promises both elegance and comfort. The watch also comes with silver-toned, luminescent hands and indexes in dot format — giving the timepiece more details to love. 

This automatic watch has a round-shaped case made of stainless steel. It also comes with a sleek, solid back case and sapphire crystal glass. These materials promise longevity and ease of use as it is also crafted with a stainless steel band that lets you safely clasp your accessory on the wrist. Among the best aspects of this Special-Edition Bulova timepiece is that it gives you your money’s worth at a price of roughly $559 USD only. The watch also comes with a 42-hour power reserve and a 200-meter water resistance that could easily impress any watch connoisseur or professional diver. 

Price and Features of the Bulova Oceanographer Special-Edition Devil Diver 

An emblematic and well-loved watch, the Bulova Oceanographer Special Edition Devil Diver (Ref: 98B320) also serves as a notable watch from the Bulova Oceanographer series. This self-winding, mechanical watch can be purchased for an estimated price of just $816 USD. While it falls on the more affordable part of the diver’s watch price spectrum, this timepiece is still a force to be reckoned with. Notably, it possesses an impressive water resistance quality that reaches up to 200 meters or 666 feet — making it a great sidekick for diving daredevils.

The Bulova Oceanographer 666 watch certainly appeals to people who are up for adventures and ocean exploration escapades. Longevity of use is assured by this model since its case and bracelet are made of durable stainless steel material. Notably, the Bulova Oceanographer Special Edition 98B320 Devil Diver timepiece is crafted with a sapphire crystal glass and a unidirectional bezel. Aside from time, you can also determine the date from this remarkable wristwatch. 

This special edition Devil Diver timepiece lets you flaunt your exquisite taste in watches with its awe-inspiring design. The highlight of this watch is its sleek-looking black dial. This elegant part is made even more beautiful and easy to use with luminescent markers. In the aspect of convenience, the watch also has anti-reflection properties that help it work efficiently in environments that are not well-lit.

Prices for the Bulova Oceanographer Men's Archive Series

The Bulova Men's Archive Series Watch (Ref: 96B321) is a masterfully made timepiece from the American brand’s collection, as well. It delivers on the aesthetic front as it features a blue dial with luminescent markers. This blue and orange dive watch has a unidirectional bezel and double-curved sapphire crystal glass that has blue anti-reflection properties. These details may resonate with Bulova’s initial Oceanographer models, but they also exude a more up-to-date look. Durability and even class are also promised through the sleek-looking stainless steel bracelet and case that were used to craft this timepiece.

For an approximate price of $742 USD, you can make this work of art your very own and wear it with pride. This affordable cost also allows you to enjoy its features that aren’t limited to date and time functions. Notably, this self-winding mechanical timepiece can last for quite some time due to its 42-hour power reserve. Moreover, it also has an outstanding 666-feet water resistance quality. All in all, this Bulova timepiece proves to be a worthy addition to any impressive watch collection.

Bulova Devil Diver’s Nickname: Its Origin and Roots

Aside from its remarkable aesthetic appeal and incredible features, the Bulova Devil Diver timepiece also holds an iconic nickname that stuck to watch aficionados. As its forerunning model features a rotating bezel that is hell-bent on exhibiting a red and black design, the watch also became an emblematic icon to the American brand. At first glance, it is apparent that these color choices or accents truly resemble the dark look of an inferno. However, the Bulova brand also included a significant watch detail that made the timepiece further resonate with its moniker. 

The American watch manufacturer included a ‘666 feet’ print on the timepiece’s dial — giving it its popular and iconic Devil Diver nickname. Of course, this detail could easily have been a design with unintended purpose but it was actually put there for a reason. The Bulova Oceanographer Devil Diver timepiece can notably function and hold out a water resistance that reaches up to over 200 meters In turn, this emblematic moniker easily became a significant part of the timepiece’s history, roots, and identity.

History Behind the Bulova Oceanographer

In the 1960s, diving explorations quickly became a trend that eventually pushed Bulova to supply timepieces that align with this movement. 1961 became a significant year as the American brand introduced its first-ever waterproof watch to the public. This timepiece easily garnered acclaim for its distinct compressor case that can withstand up to 666 feet — a depth that ventured beyond the standard limit of diving watches at the time.

Due to this unparalleled water resistance quality, many professional and leisure-driven divers turned to Bulova to acquire dependable underwater companions. Since then, the American brand acquired a reputation for crafting precise, aesthetically pleasing, and durable diving watches. As the Bulova Oceanographer series evolved, they featured the emblematic ‘Oceanographer’ dial print, acquired more contemporary details, and obtained more innovative features that patrons have come to love.

Reasons to Buy a Bulova Oceanographer Watch

Whether you intend to purchase a brand new or secondhand Bulova timepiece, you would certainly find it to be a worthwhile investment. The Bulova name alone comes hand in hand with an established reputation in the field of horology. The American watch manufacturer is associated with years of experience in the industry that allowed it to master its craft and garner the acclaim of watch connoisseurs worldwide. Moreover, Bulova cultivated various watch collections that paved the way for the brand to acquire the loyalty and support of many patrons. The Bulova Oceanographer timepieces comprise this remarkable series that helped Bulova make a name for its own.

Aesthetic appeal is one of the evident factors that make this Bulova Diver watch collection acquire an edge against its competitors. The Oceanographer timepieces’ awe-inspiring looks perfectly depict and echo the beauty that its predecessors exhibited. While the original design proves to be iconic, Bulvova further reimagined this emblematic look by giving it a contemporary flair. In turn, each timepiece serves as a work of art that was masterfully made to be admired from the wrist.

Aside from an aesthetic point of view, the Bulova Oceanographer series are made from first-rate materials. In turn, these diver timepieces deliver on the front of durability. Notably, an impressive water resistance quality of up to 100 or even 200 feet can be enjoyed by owners of a watch from this collection. The quality materials also promise durability and longevity of use. In turn, these watches prove to be good investments for the years to come. For a fairly more affordable price, you can also enjoy features from the timepieces of the Bulova Oceanographer that other brands offer. Although you save more money, the quality of these timepieces was not sacrificed. Dependable function, innovative technology, and excellent workmanship were delivered — giving you your money’s worth down to the last penny.

Bulova Oceanographer Collection: The Daredevil Diver’s Companion

Time and time again, the Bulova Watch Company continues to maintain its spot as one of the best timepiece manufacturers due to its groundbreaking technology and austere designs. As the American brand continues to reinvent and innovate the Bulova Oceanographer, many loyal patrons continue to flock to the collection to acquire a legendary diving watch of their own. These masterfully crafted timepieces surely prove to be timeless, beautiful, and reliable diving watches that exhibit Bulova’s penchant for innovation and class.

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